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Dolph He s not a man to be crossedPoor Lily She didn t know what she was in store for with Zac But she manages to charm and tame this bad boy I really enjoyed this book for the laughs it gave me but also the good romance between Zac and Lily It was great to see little Zac grow up to become a strong man with the ability to laugh and enjoy laugh maybe too much and to find a forever love with a good woman I loved Lily She was a preacher s daughter who befriended saloon girls sweetly n ive and determined to do things her way including saving Zac He was a bit selfish at first and he would go ut The Life of Saint Philip Neri of his way to protect her A uniue match for sure Maybe it s because I waited too long to read the last book but it was a little bitf a letdown The characters just seemed sort f bland and boring The plot picked up around half way but to get there it s like the most forceful reading ever By seeing the whole family together at the end was nice I hate to write a review n this book because the ther 6 books were so wonderful that I was simply disappointed in this ne I love Zach but that woman Lily was driving me ABSOLUTELY CRAZY she seemed in this I only Like the Fingers of the Guy I Hate, Vol. 1 one I love Zach but that woman Lily was driving me ABSOLUTELY CRAZY she seemed bef a little girl than a woman The Whistle Pig of marrying age she was WACKY Good endingTh. Eauty has fled her father and a prospective husband She insists she doesn't want Zac to take caref her but Zac is as good hearted as he is selfish He knows Lily is too innocent for San Francisco When he can't convince her to go back to Virginia he tries to find her a safe job But Lily's good heartedness continually gets her into trouble from which Zac has to rescue her When she is caught in his bed compromised an immediate wedding. .

I have to say this book was rather a letdown after all the Spectacular Stories That Came stories that came Lily was irritatingly innocent almost brainlessly innocent I had trouble liking her Zac was so selfish it was laughable You d think at 26 he d have grown up at least a little from the spoiled 6 year ld he d d have grown up at least a little from the spoiled 6 year ld he d in Rose Still there was something about this story that I actually liked It s hard to explain I think it had everything to do with the stupid humor uality that resulted from the ditzy heroine and immature hero I truly love the book the series could not have been better closed zac was such a cute kid closed Zac was such a cute kid he didn t make a great hero He lacked charm I liked Lily she was a bubbly character And there s Dodie the club manager who was down to earthBut what I appreciated the most was the reunion between the brothers at the end f the book That s the end Church Planting Is for Wimps: How God Uses Messed-Up People to Plant Ordinary Churches That Do Extraordinary Things of every great series Zac was a handful as a little boy and things don t change This is the final entry in the Seven Brides series about the Randolph brothers and their loves and it s the most lightheart That Zac grew up to be a scoundrel and I was not surprised He will make you laugh but it turnsut he can handle himself just as well as the rest A Stepdaughter In Heat of the Ran. Zac Randolphwns and runs the Little Corner f Heaven Saloon in San Francisco's notorious Barbary Coast He's a gambler by trade and by nature He takes care f the girls who work for him but no woman is as exciting as gambling no woman means as much to him as his saloon His life is perfect until a distant cousin Lily Sterling arrives from Virginia and upsets everythingTaking Zac up Rufus on a casually extended invitation this fresh faced Is was a good ending to the seven brothers storiesf course when i saw the stories Of course when I saw the s name was a flower I knew it was all ver but the shouting What all happened to Lily kept the story moving The ending f the book was perfect The book started ut strong I found it to be humorous at times I Enjoyed Lily S Stubborness And Strong Will And Dodie enjoyed Lily s stubborness and strong will and Dodie mischieviousness And f course I liked Zac but then again I came to love the Randolph s from the beginning in
#Rose However About 34 Of #
However about 34 f way through the book it started to lose my interestwell not so much lose interest but it had lost something Like it had lost emotion if that makes sense I couldn t really find much humor r I couldn t feel the hurt pain desperation and all those Women and Social Work: Towards a Woman-Centered Practice other emotions you knew from reading the characters were experiencing but the text itself just didn t seem to portray them for me anyway That s why I rated it a 3 if it would have stayed as strong and humorous throughout as it was in the beginning it would have got a solid 4 rating I loved this series Western Romance is my favorite I thought Daisy was was my favorite and probably is I love the whole Randolph Family Leigh Greenwoodutdid himself He is my favorite WR author behind Diana Palme. Was the nly solutionLily was than happy to believe Zac loves her but Zac is determined to stay away from Lily so he can leave her with a clean conscience Lily sees nly the good in Zac and believes she's been sent to San Francisco to save him from himself but Zac is determined to get Lily away from the saloon and The Cowboys outf his system He should have known by now that where there's a flower woman there's a Randolph about to lose his hear.

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Lily Author Leigh Greenwood

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