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Lilac Peabody and Charlie ChasePeabody empowers children to solve their own problems and then disappears "once they have achieved their is the third four "they achieved their aimsThis is the third four novels which all follow the same group of children within a school environment Each novel centres on one of the children but it is Lilac’s continuing presence that is the all important link between the four children It The third title in this sparkling new series for

younger readers from 
readers from creator of Angels UnlimitedLilac Peabody is a small and shimmery little alien being "Who Flits Around Helping "flits around helping and tackles any challenge presented Sometimes she’s an intergalactic party planner at others a cosmic beachcomber But always a friend to any child that needs her Lilac.

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S to Lilac that the children reveal their true vulnerable selvesCharlie Chase is a joker He is a popular confident boy but he has a shameful secret "He can hardly read He would much rather play football computer games #Or Make Everyone Laugh #make everyone laugh the things that "can hardly READ HE WOULD MUCH RATHER PLAY FOOTBALL COMPUTER GAMES He would much rather play football computer games make everyone laugh all the things that easily to him He is Lilac’s biggest challenge so far but she and Charlie win through in the end.

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