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At meditation techniues I learned the concept of simultaneity I now understand about relative reality and how the attitude of the people surrounding an ill person can affect their ability to recover or to pass peacefully I was introduced to the concepts of thought forms command therapy and transformational process I learned many great energy exercises that I am able to incorporating into my Healing Touch practiceSometimes I wish he would just get to the how but I would persevere and I was always glad I id Through the narrative Dr Joy would reveal something or clarify Something That I Really that I really learning about A simple title cover and back blurb Ask the Past does not give one the clue that the book is actually one of the most profound books on healing and spirituality out there The author covers so many important topics andoes so with such elegant simplicity Very engaging This is a true must read for those interested in spiritual or new age books. Is experience pushed him to further his explorations into realms of healing involving body energies the chakra system meditation and higher levels of consciousness. .

Joy's WayBig fan of the chakra spread and spiral meditation Enjoyed The Insightful Wisdom Of WB Joy Great Book And If insightful wisdom of WB Joy Great Book And if call me I will show you what I ve learned But it ll cost you Some of this was a bit beyond me when I first read it I m sure it will prove even beneficial upon additional readings As a Healing Touch practitioner this was reuired reading Joy himself admits he is not an author There are some helpful techniues at the end A affirmation of one s helpful techniues at the end A affirmation of one s personal power to heal themselves and act as a conduit of healing energy for others I will read this over and over throughout my life and use it as a reference for my work in healing touch I thoroughly enjoyed this book I Riding Class (Saddle Club, definitely plan on reading it again There were a lot of moments for me in this bookI especially enjoyed hisescription of first learning how to meditate How clumsy it all felt It was as close to what I experienced when I first learned years ago He escribes going to. In 1974 Dr W Brugh Joy Was W Brugh Joy was istinguished and respected member of the Los Angeles medical community In that year he contracted a life threatening isease that cul. .
Medical school and explains so well why some octors can come across cold and empty While others seem like angels on earth He explained wrote through is own transformational journey and what he learned along the way I Felt So Validated As I so validated as I reading this book I think this man was way ahead of his time man was way ahead of his time I m so grateful he wrote this book This book was recommended to me by my therapist who was taught by Dr Brugh Joy After my spiritual awakeningevent I was perplexed and a bit lost as I Didn T Understand What t understand what had just experienced This book helped me to ease into the vast possibilities that we are all capable of and extended my understanding on energy and how it plays a part in our lives Outlines the authors personal transformation and cure from pancreatic cancer Informative material which makes you think about your own human potential and the nature of reality This book was rich with new to me ideas What Short Stories by Roald Dahl did I learn I learned some gre. Minated in an illuminating meditation which caused him to give up his medical practice abruptly Six weeks later heiscovered that his illness was totally cured Th.

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