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A novel that needs editing as much as this book could use So why the five it is because Terry Mancour is an excellent story teller I am hoping there is a short story a novel that will come out that will explain what happened to Tyndel and Ronald when they went on the mission to the shrine Also I know it is a spoiler but I recommend umping to the end to read the short story there that really introduces Guri He has a small part in this book but it helps to understand them stone singers better in this novel Rarely have I felt so utterly satisfied by a fantasy novel I ve been a huge fan of Terry Mancour s spellmonger series impressed with his prodigious pace of writing publishing the sheer level of detail in his world building obvious depth of his historical research on medieval society constantly increasing my vocabulary understanding of how society was ordered in feudal times It really helps to use the dictionary function on my kindleReading the book description I thought this would be of an adventure story taking Minalan out of his domain of Sevendor putting him on the road for months on the outskirts of the kingdom Not so Duchies politics building defences against the marauding Goblins fighting said Goblins with his child army spreading the Scouting so Duchies politics building defences against the marauding Goblins fighting said Goblins with his child army spreading the Scouting throughout 2 duchies logistically dealing with thousands of refugees towards the end some superb Deus ex machina tantalisingly setting us up for two or three spin off novels as well as the next Spellmonger book Well done Terry thoroughly satisfying Great story lineOnce in a while you come across a book and you can t put it down but it touches you in some way This story deals with the trial and tribulations of moving 2000 refuge children across a continent and the mantle of leadership that our beloved Spellmonger must face These children are orphans and Terry Mancour shows a side of war that people never truly understand That is the number of Orphans a war creates Whenever you hear about an adoption I don t care how disgruntled you are with life you inherently know the good in that action You The Phenomena and Diosemeia of Aratus just can t help but smile because with evil in the world you see and hear everyday itust resonates with your soul That is what the Spellmonger does well adopts these

"Children For A Short While "
for a short while you have to read it to get the wonderful detail. Nger’s children offers is ust too good to pass up Security and the promise of a brighter future lie ust on the other side of the border with the duchy of Castal The problem is that the Duke of Castal Prince Tavard who is also Minalan's titular overlord is dead set against a single Alshari refugee crossing his frontier – and he’s assembled a small army to stop any from doing so With political pressure high and the very gods maneuvering behind the scenes it’s going to take some clever magic some inspired legal maneuvering and some serious effort to pull off this miracle but that’s the kind of ob the Spellmonger does in Journeymage.

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I listened to this one as well as the others in the series Like the other books this one is am packed with interesting dialogue witty banter heated debates friendly ibes However it is missing some crucial elements of a story like any falling action at the end This book is great to listen to as long as it s accompanied by the rest of the series because there is actually little to no story progression For this reason I was close of the series because there is actually little to no story progression For this reason I was close giving it 3 stars It s entertaining and works well for passing the time I wouldn t recommend actually reading a physical copy though I haven t seen a physical copy to any book in this series and I m pretty sure I know the reason for that General OverviewAnother average instalment in the adventures of Minalan the Spellmonger Clearly I bounce off Mr Mancour s writing style somewhat because it is clearly not going to develop The story is good however though this book once feels like I mere stepping stone for the next StyleMr Mancour continues to go over well understood and established pieces of his narrative This is under the clear assumption that his readers are going to forget his rather enjoyable narrative The story is good The characters are colourful and well written But points from previous chapters let alone books are gone over repeatedly It is lazy writingWhich is a true shame because I am loving this series besides It is a witty and enjoyable ride and uite clever at points Some of the narrative ues and leads are easy to spot but that s no bad thing I do not always want a confusing and gripping read after all StoryMinalan is going to need all the help he can get divine or otherwise to complete he promise to the Kasari and safely take their children to safety It is an epic tale and one well suited to the Spellmonger With his companions he leads them to safety as you would expectHowever Minalan grows over this story mainly by realising the world cannot rest on his shoulders I will leave it there for SpoilersJourneymage Much Like High Mage much like High Mage it seems to be setting up for later novels This feels to be its main purpose It ties off a promise from the Protagonist expands to the lore of the world and thats it Its not a bad story because of it Final ThoughtsA staple for the series if nothing dramatic I love the Spellmonger series and Journeymage is a story that Minalan’s Summer Vacation What does the most powerful wizard in the world do after the war is over Despite the hordes of goblins still ready to ravage human lands King Rard has signed a treaty with them so Minalan is forbidden from taking advantage of their weakened state Most would take a well deserved rest over the summer but Minalan and his household are busy repaying a favor owed to the tribal Kasari for their help in the war and the Spellmonger pays his debts So Minalan spends his summer sneaking two thousand Kasari children through enemy lines goblin territory hostile Wilderlords and through some of the roughest territory in the Five. .

Ould only be told in the wonderful universe Terry Mancour has built Having Agreed To Escort agreed to escort children of allies who were timely in their assistance Minalan the Spellmonger turns his considerable arcane resources to the task of keeping a thousands strong march supplied and safe as they cross paths and purposes with hungry goblins defiant feudal lords and even his own lawful sovereign A uniue and beautiful tale and a sterling example of storytelling done right The best of the series so far The author seems to be a brilliant writer in the MagicFantasy genre but the previous books have a really unfortunate and distracting portrayal of sex and women in general This book does better in that regardFor several books women are poorly developed as characters subservient or their primary characteristic is based on the act of having sex sex magic sexually based assassination Some parts include pedophilia I m as male and heterosexual as anyone else but these aspects almost made me put the series down I can t imagine a female reader getting this far in the series It ust keeps on getting betterIt seems I ust can t get enough of Terry Mancour s Spellmonger and this latest work only enforce s thatWe get to see magic and #characters grow a lot we get some answers uestions and good drama with a deft touch of humor # grow a lot we get some answers uestions and good drama with a deft touch of humor also get to see an excellent solution to a very bad war issue but most of all we once again get that easy Mancour narrative in a compelling story that is somehow impossible to put down set in a complex and ever expanding world Don t hesitate read it now Unless you ve never read the series before in which case do yourself a favor and read it all from the beginning Not because you have to but because it s a pleasure to do so I was surprised how much I enjoyed this book compared with the previous few There is a truce and everyone have withdrawn to their own borders to tend to their wounded and to prepare for the future Minalan is wary about the truce but does not get traction with the other nobilities So what does I remain delighted I barely slept while reading this book In spite of working 12 hour shifts I ve spent about 6 or eight hours a day reading I can t really put my finger on why I like this series so much But I am looking forward to I don t think I have ever given a five star rating to. Duchies toward salvation But the Spellmonger soon learns that not even the help of a goddess is going to be sufficient to contend with the realities of the uest Despite his best efforts and some of the most advanced magic seen since the Magocracy the march attracts enemies and far too many friends For when the desperate refugees of the war torn Alshari Wilderlands see the well fed legions of Kasari march by they cannot help but follow even if they have no idea of the destination Any life is better than the hopeless existence they’ve lived avoiding starvation and the goblins’ stewpot And the promise of hope the great march of the Spellmo. ,

Journeymage The Spellmonger #6