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Ellent translation but also a good selection which above all contains very detailed and interesting introductions and notes with cultural background information to the above all contains very detailed and interesting introductions and notes with cultural background information to the plays included The plays have been arranged in alphabetical order It still seems to be available as a back list item so if you want to read only one book with translations of No plays it should be this one The only negative point is that as usual with Penguin books low grade paper has been used so that my copy published in 1992 now is deep brown in color No or Noh theatre is one of the three traditional forms of Japanese theatre No is easily recognized by the use of stunning masks The footnotes are excellent as is the general introduction Matsukaze Pining Wind is ind of amazing Plus it bears the bizarre linguistic distinction of a pun that actually straddles the translative fence pine carries the same double meaning in the Japanese that it does in English Whoa is what I say to that Oops I should ve updated this as finished ages ago A nice little collection of noh plays easy to dip into the introduction is really useful Pretty good read Much better than seeing Noh drama live Noh performances go on for ever dancing and singing that is unfathomable but for those closest to the genre for ever dancing and singing that is unfathomable but for those closest to the genre plays in this collection 24 in all can be read in about 15 minutes And if you ve read the likes of the Tale of Genji and the Tales of the Heike much of the plays here are continuations of those stories Ever wonder what happened to Atsumori after he was beheaded Well learn about his iller and his ghost in this fun collection of Japanese plays Five stars for the playsFive stars for the information that is included lengthy introduction before each play stage directions during and copious amounts of footnotes General IntroductionList of Terms Used in the Stage DirectionsPlan of the Noh Stage Ama The DiverAtsumoriAya no tsuzumi The Damask DrumChikubu shimaEguchiFuna Benkei Benkei Aboard ShipHagoromo The Feather MantleHanjo Lady HanIzutsu The Well CradleKantanKasuga ryujin The Kasuga Dragon GodKinuta The Fulling BlockKurehaMatsukaze Pining WindNonomiya The Wildwood ShrineSaigyo zakura Saigyo s Cherry TreeSeki dera Komachi Komachi at Seki DeraSemimaru Sumida gawa The Sumida RiverTadanoriTakasagoTatsutaYamamba The Mountain CroneYashima Bibliography and CommentsFootnote. Ld lover and beloved and the power of greed and desire Revered in Japan as a cultural treasure the spiritual and sensuous beauty of these works has been a profound influence for English speaking artists including W B Yeats Ezra Pound and Benjamin Britt. This type of Japanese theatre is intriguing dealing with spirits heartbreak and even hatred Carried out according to strict rules of layout and delivery Noh dramas are entertaining and thoughtful Read my full review here The No repertoire is fantastic and this is a substantial collection of plays It serves as an excellent introduction to the genre a genre that doesn t easily compare to anything in Western literatureNo is at the same time an expression of refined poetic sensibilities psychological insight and ritual engagement It s a dramatic method of coming to terms with the numinous gods demons ghosts and other spirits are the centerpoint of each play You could superficially think of No as Greek drama that centers entirely on the deus ex machina but it s a deus ex machina that does not emphasize the power OF THE NUMINOUS SO MUCH AS IT IS CURIOUS the numinous so much as it is curious the connection between it and the human realm The human element of the play represented in a type of role called the witness always has as much to offer the arriving spirit as the spirit has to offer them even if that gift is simply being an ear or an audience What binds all these elements together is the enduring power of human passion to effect and shape lives No asserts that it extends beyond earth to heaven hell and all places in betweenLike Western Classical music No reuires a bit of practice and patience in order to appreciate but it s worth the effort if you can Afford It There Is it There is enough material in this book to help get you thereThe translations are well done if not outstanding Tyler s numerous notes and introductory passages are interesting but I feel like he does just a little bit too much interpretation for my taste I appreciate historical context but I feel he goes too far into explicating on the meaning of context but I feel he goes too far into explicating on the meaning of plays I like volumes that help establish one s independence as a reader Also way too many footnotesI also think some strange decisions were made in terms of what terms to gloss and which ones not to Arbitrarily we get a list of explanations for stage production terms that are never used in the individual translations of the plays but we do not get a thorough translation of the various script elements that actually do appear in the texts over and overMost surprisingly there is no glossary of mask types Photos would have been totally do. Japanese no theatre or the drama of perfected art' flourished in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries largely through the genius of the dramatist Zeami An intricate fusion of music dance mask costume and language the dramas address many subjects but.

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Able and would have made this volume invaluable but at least a glossary would have been helpful No such luck I honestly don t understand that decision The masks are literally the most iconic aspect of this art Eh there s googleThese are relatively minor complaints it s an excellent volume otherwise and well worth reading I thought I would be into the plays then I was I thought that by reading them I could consume way then if I watched them individually or tried to on youtube and I thought that since they were all continuations or add ons to the literature I already read it would make them far interestingI was wrong I have learned the visual presence is everything it itself might be subtle to the point of madness but it s not replaceable And there is no add on all the plays I read just re hashed a scene re rehashed it from the view point of a villager then there was a reveal of the poorest variety and a re telling sometimes with the monk witness providing release to whatever spirit is in uestionThese were good I m glad I got to experience some of these that I will never see in RL and probably wouldn t be able to watch either since many haven t been performed in a modern probably wouldn t be able to watch either since many haven t been performed in a modern time The plays are culturally and historically important but I have cancelled any other books coming in from the NYPL on the subject In this case I came I experienced and I am done DANCER She whose strangeness so perplexed me I was unable to think her realSurely now will eep her word ATTENDANT AND SERVANTSFor wind through the pines joins flutes blowing limpid notesAll along the streamWhere hands detain the drifting CupsMoonlit Music Pure Across Deep music pure across deep music pure across deep rangesto issei music enter the Mountain Cronewho will be wearing a frightening mask and huge bushy ghost hair probably white as well as a sumptuous costumeCRONEAwesome they are the plunging chasmsAwesome they are the plunging chasmschasms where the Buddhist demons are in relation to Enlightened ones on the mountain topIn charnel grounds demon phantomsScourge their own bones weeping weepingRaging at their past lives deeds In graveyards thankful angel beingsOffer flowers suffused with gladnessAt the bliss of truth attainedNo good and evil are not twoWhy then feel anger why rejoiceAll is if this world before our eyesuick rivers stretch a This is not only an exc. The idea of form is central than meaning and their structure is always ritualized Selected for their literary merit the twenty four plays in this volume dramatize such ideas as the relationship between men and the gods brother and sister parent and chi. .
Japanese No Dramas

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