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India’s Most FearlessIndia s most fearless A ReviewAfter Operation Jinnah this is Shiv Aroor s 2nd book again in the background of Armed Operation Jinnah this is Shiv Aroor s 2nd book again in the background of Armed and 1st in non fiction category which he co authored with another fellow journalist cum author Rahul Singh As the name suggests the book is about some of the most daring and fearless operations involving our armed forces ArmyNavyAirforce all 3 included and the authors made no mistake in choosing this title as no title would be so apt for a book with such awe inspiring experiences The Indian armed forces always stood as an epitome of courage selflessness Environmental Dialogue Gdr patriotism and nation above allhilosophy and each of the 14 heroes whose stories the authors covered in this book are a best example to this Beginning with the daring Surgical Strikes which the Special Forces did in PoK last year around this time to Wing Commander Gaurav Singh Chauhan each of the chapter in the book was truly inspiring The fearlessness selflessness strategic Trouble planning and careful execution of the same by the heroes of this book especially at the times of facing odds against them will surely never miss your attention The authors have done a good deal of hardwork in bringing the storiessome of which you would mostrobably be hearing for the 1st time on India s truly fearless as well as selfless souls to light via this book Go and read it if you haven t worth your time and money Thank you Shiv Aroor and Rahul Singh for this fabulous book as I really loved every chapter of it Srivatsan V WHY IS THIS BOOK DIFFERENTHow do you review a book that is centered on true stories of bravery courage sacrifice of the Hogan people we have entrusted withrotecting us You certainly cant analyse the content not beyond a Wedding Daze point civilians don t have the deptherception and understanding domain expertise to Gender and Multiculturalism pass judgement In that light I make no comment whatsoever on the content I am not ualified The uestion this review tries to answer is why should a reader read this book what value it adds and what extra does itossess What is it that makes this different I have raised one such oint aboveThe next oint in this book is the coverage of the Air and Naval wings helps us appreciate the nature and context of these wings a subject which we aren t too aware of for various reasons The difficulties of mounting operations in these wings and the hardships and challenges they face in the conduct of their activities the level of mental acuity uick response and agility reuired and the aspect of hysical toughness reuired for even a sailer or A Pilot Is Brought pilot is brought well enough in these stories You are left in admiration at all these ualities displayed by each officer in uestion in the stories and how they saved the situation under the most trying of circumstances Yemen evacuation or be it near crashesTHE ARMYComing to the Army what can I say when I am reading the true and full story of a couple of events that are still fresh in memory the two Surgical Strikes in Myanmar and Pakistan in the ast 2 years Here you will find their stories but there is Oh much much and it isn t all about war and fighting As we saw above here too we see stories that help us understand what makes a soldier a soldier and that it isn t war alone that carries risks or reuires toughness This is the book that will drive home the hard Judgment Day (Time of Judgment Trilogy, point that our Armed Forces are reuired to be tough every day every night 247365 Try doing that on your job any job Is this true Being an Army Colonel s Son I know that for a fact If you believe toughness and hardship is only in battle read this bookRead More The day I got to know about this book I knew I had to read it ASAP Such books are very rare in India and I was hoping for a good readThe book is an absolute delight I had various emotions going in my mind reading the stories of 14 brave Indian warriors A lot of times my eyes were moist but at the same time I feltride ab. The Army major who led the legendary September 2016 surgical strikes on terror launch ads across the LoC; a soldier who killed 11 terrorists in 10 days; a Navy officer who sailed into a treacherous ort to resc. Out the fortitude of these men who did something extraordinaryWe are lucky as a country to be euipped with our Armed Forces which is one of the best in the World and this book touches the lives of some of ThoseI Hope Such Books Are Authored I hope such books are authored I love to read a book about all the Ashok Chakra recipients some day Big thanks to the 2 authorsI hope every Indian reads this book and get to know about what our brave men women endure each and every day in service A brilliant composition and collection of stories There was not a single one which didn t give me goosebumps The narration of the book and effective writing is what made the stories appealingThis book is my first in which I made Alexa read it out to me which helped me visualize it better than what I could haveI still believe there are than 14 such stories and they deserve to be covered in another edition of this book may be 1010My Favorite Book Of The YearAuthor is the Senior Editor at India today and a world renowned journalist and Founder of Livefist he has won multiple awards in journalism This book is about 14 stories of India s bravest Officers and soldiers from The Army Navy and Air Force India shares borders with 2 enemies in the north On the north west is Pakistan who regularly send terrorists into Kashmir and we also share border with Chinese occupied Tibet Both these countries have constantly tried to capture Kashmir but to no avail Indian soldiers rarely get any time for rest because of terrorists trying to infiltrate from both sidesWhile rotecting this great nation many sacrificed their lives They died so that we could liveThe stories that inspired me the most were those of Lance Naik Mohan Nath Goswami and Havildar Hangpan Dada Lance Naik Mohan Nath Goswami had only one impulse stronger than killing terrorists it was his need to make sure he evacuated a comrade injured in an encounter He died while killing 2 terrorists AND The Black Shriving (Chronicles of the Black Gate protecting his soldiers at the same time He died on his own terms with a smile on his face doing what he loved the most His sacrifice shall be forever remembered by this nation He wasosthumously awarded with The Ashok Chakra India s highest decoration for gallantry in eacetime Havildar Hangpan Dada killed 3 terrorists single handedly in an encounter and injured onewho was captured other soldiers later Even the toughest of men take cover in a firefight but he didn t do so He fought like a man ossessed and killed 3 terrorists them His mindset is what helped him to stay dedicated and fight the terrorists from Pakistan He was osthumously awarded with The Ashok ChakraThese stories of our brave warriors will inspire the next generation of soldiers for decades to come The author rightly said Ever Officer is a Soldier and Every Soldier is a Leader To say that this book only gave me goosebumps would be an understatement since this book clearly is a Leader To say that this book only gave me goosebumps would be an understatement since this book clearly much than that Jai Hind Most stories of the armed forces come up during Republic Day when media finally takes off its attention from steamy news and lay its Mama Ds pasta pizza patriotic card These news are melodramatic full of tears and chest beating episode but never about the actual event When thearade closes the curtains come down The story remains untold unread and un googled It does come up right after an event though but than covering ground reality newsrooms throng with all sorts of The Expected One (Magdalene Line Trilogy, people trying to be heard or shouting an opinion The concentration from the one who lost his life shifts to theolicies the rules the regulations the governance but hardly on the team the buddy Betty Fedora Issue One pair and the officers that were on the groundShiv Aroor and Rahul Singh s India s Most Fearless are the stories we left behind in the Republic Dayarade of the cold January morning because it has never affected one The book features fourteen true stories of extraordinary courage and fearlessness displayed by the Indian armed forces as the. Ue hundreds from an exploding war; a bleeding Air Force ilot who found himself flying a jet that had become a screaming fireball Their own accounts or of those who were with them in their final momentsIndia’s.

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Y discharge their duties whether eliminating threats to the Indian sovereignty
"On Indian Or Foreign Soil "
Indian or foreign soil Indian and foreign citizens trapped in war torn Yemen trying to survive certain death due to technical glitches or even fighting t An average book of average stories full of emotions and lacks actionWhat I didn t likeThe first chapter on surgical strike had too much of background and context setting but too little details on actual executionThe rescue mission from war zone without firing even a single shot and even by taking ermission to dock executionThe rescue mission from war zone without firing even a single shot and even by taking Jazz Ukulele permission to dock ship for 4 hours I have read real missionserformed by other country to rescue hundred thousands and by fighting their way in and out of war Zone3 chapters has euipment malfunctioning survival stories which is just Off 13 pathetic For instance an aircraft malfunctioned on non mission flight and howilot survived to come out of itEncounter and shoot out of 2 3 terrorists using than 5 times of manpower and that too with casualtiesFull repetitive ranks mentioned of the officer even what was their rank then and now when the book was Amata Means Beloved published in all Stories as whenever author refers to a character in narration May be this because I was born and brought up in defence as myarents were in one of the 3 main armed forces of the country so I don t get fascinated by the ranks and felt irritated by this approach of writer after a whileWhat I likedThe attempt made to showcase valour and courage of various soldiers on which whole country have Babyjacked proud there are moments which will give you goosebumps on the courage shown by them But are very fewThe best chapter among all these is the northeast surgical strike mission explainedThe author has tried the best tout emotions as much as Juice possible everywhere he got the chance in story which seems little annoying after a bit it won t be wrong to say that it is full emotions and lacks actions Overall it s an average book if you have read Mossad and compare with it in terms of missions details and writing style otherwise you may like it to be the best as mostly I can see in other reviews Every Indian needs to read this book In this book are tales of amazing bravery and also empathy In a troubled neighbourhood the Indian armed forces stand apart with theirrofessionalism which few can match While many of the stories in the book are those that captured the imagination of the eople when they occurred the book does add considerable new material roviding far greater depth for our understandingThe first account is about the surgical strikes conducted in Sep 16 in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir after a terror attack in Uri India Hugely successful as a retaliatory measure on launch ads for terrorists it left the Pakistan army fumbling for excuses by claiming that there was no such strike recorded telephone conversations layed by a TV channel clearly disproved this The that there was no such strike recorded telephone conversations Mob Mistress played by a TV channel clearly disproved this The Chief of Army Staff and others made a number of lame comments around this time A largeart of the journey into Pakistan occupied Kashmir had to be traversed on foot with the return journey being even Stud in the Stacks perilous The targets were carefully scrutinised and verified before the terror hubs were eliminatedAnother widely reported strike was against terrorists in Myanmar who had attacked an armed forcesatrol in Manipur This again involved a long journey through forests where the team was spotted before reaching the terror camps but Choosing to Survive persisted and completed their operation There are other stories such as that of Lance Naik Hanmanthappa who survived six days under snow in sub zero temperature He sadlyassed away in hospital shortly after This story though does not add much new information There are other interesting accounts around the rescue from Yemen and encounters with terrorists in Kashmir A book about many brave men and an institution which stays awake so that a country may sleep Robin Hood peacefully. Most Fearless covers fourteen true stories of extraordinary courage and fearlessnessroviding a glimpse into the kind of heroism our soldiers display in unthinkably hostile conditions and under grave rovocati. ,