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[New] In the Land of No Right Angles

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Lives over an 8 year period It is all told from the point of view of Alex who at the beginning of the book is "a 20 year old exchange student to Nepal from rural America Will is a teacher and "20 year old exchange student to Nepal from rural America Will is a teacher and with an intense interest in Buddhism and women Maya is a rural Nepalese girl oping for a life away from Academia de Rowan (A Tapeçaria her traditionalome and expectations Everything is experienced as Alex experiences it almost as if she is writing in a diary The story as an onesty to it Alex s personal perspective isn t edited to make Two Reels And A Crank her seem likable or noble The story also embraces ambiguity not only in the characters and decisions that are made but even in the way the book ends The writing is uite lovely especially in its ability to provide a picture of the Nepalese countryside villages and city The book likely won t provide new insights into expat living for those whoave livedworkedstudied overseas Likewise it doesn t provide much new insight into Queens Gambit (The Tudor Trilogy, human trafficking or prostitution but I don t feel like that was the ultimate purpose of the book This is far than an examination of foreign exchange experience I do feel does an excellent job of capturing different aspects of that experience especially in terms of the culture shockeading in both directions As Alex returns to the US and makes shorter trips back to Nepal and India she becomes increasingly critical of Nepal and India Both places ave grown and changed while she was away just as she as grown and changed while she was away and as a result she will never really be able to experience them in the same way she did as a young student To me this book is ultimately a story about choices and accepting ambiguity as a part of lifeI was nervous about reading this book because there were so many low ratings and I think there are some reasons that this books won t appeal to some readers This isn t just a travelogue this isn t about a voyage of self discovery with a appy ending There are jumps in time Other than Alex people s motivations and behavior are not clearly explained If you are uncomfortable with casual sex outside of marriage sex scenes aren t explicitly written if you are uncomfortable with casual drug usage if You Are Uncomfortable Same Sex are uncomfortable same sex brief but present if you are uncomfortable with people criticizing cultures other than their own if you are uncomfortable with Buddhism if you are uncomfortable with criticisms of Americans if you are uncomfortable with ambiguity and most especially if you like books to be neatly wrapped up at the end you will most likely not enjoy this book Alex is also pretty ard at times on expats and international NGOs However if you love to read about other cultures and ways of life if you appreciate beautifully written prose and if you don t need crisp clear appy endings then I think you will really enjoy this book. D Road in Bombay Alex begins to understand the pitfalls of trying to be both adventurer and savior in an unfamiliar world In the Land of No Right Angles introduces the fiction of Daphne Beal whose evocations of life in Nepal and of the universal conflicts inherent to love and friendship mark the arrival of a stunningly talented intuitive writer.

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Ever thought I want to write but I don t ave enough talent Who would Publish My Embarrassingly Amateurish Efforts my embarrassingly amateurish efforts your confidence by reading this miscarriage of a book It s guaranteed to reassure even the worst writers that they too will find a reputable ouse to put out their absolutely orrible novel I liked the first chunk of this book And I was ok with the second chunk But then the third chunk made it clear that this wasn t really about characters or growth or plot And the lack of ending sort of annoyed me That said I enjoyed the inside look into Nepali culture Its not something I get to read a lot about This could be the worst book I Black Stone have ever read The ending was atrocious Where is theated it star I think this novel was listed
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an NPR book HORRID When a young American backpacking through Nepal agrees to stop by a village to check in on a friend of a friend it sets off a relationship that ensnares On Liberty her repeatedly over the next eight years Alex winds upelping the Nepali girl run away from No Way Down herome and delivers Pulled Thread Embroidery her to their mutual friend which leaveser feeling responsible for Maya s fate though powerless to do much about "it despite er best effortsAlex is primarily a reactive character think Nic This book was compelling and I read through "despite er best effortsAlex is primarily a reactive character think Nic This book was compelling and I read through in two nights I stayed up late each night because I Absolutely on Music had to keep going I wanted to know what would come of the main characters The writing is good and the characters believable I related with the main character in some way I must admit that the ending was slightly disappointing thought not unbelievable or unexpected What I really loved though was learning about Nepal through the eyes of bideshi I can definitely relive my 20s vicariously through this story Oh to go back and experience being abroad for myself I read this book in one weekend and was completely swept up in the story It made me want to travel to Nepal And it also made me remember what it was like to be young ambitious and fueled with the best intentions and still getting it wrong due to cultural chasms My review for Armchair InterviewsIn thisighly engaging novel Daphne Beal exposes the personal side of Nepal through Alex a na ve and enchanting young college student It s as if the reader is immersed in Alex s own travel diary experiencing the confusion joys and The Ransom of Mercy Carter heartaches of life abroad As we follow Alex througher Nepalese adventures it is evident that Beal Gone for Good has a rich understanding of the bewildering world of study abroad as well as an in depth knowledge of Nepal and India The layers of details immerse the reader in a new world instilling the sense that they could travel to Kathmandu themselves and navigate easily through the sumptuously described streets Beal reveals Alex s journey to discovererself and the way she is shaped unconsciously by American culture Through Alex Alex a twenty year old American student is spending the year in Nepal backpacking and photographing As a favor to Will – Lallieva (Alice Allevi, her American friend – she uses one ofer Himalayan treks to seek out Maya a young Nepali woman desperate to flee er traditional family to find work in Kathmandu But elping Maya as unforeseen implications Soon Alex is. He reader is able to reflect on their own assumptions about "relationships time and values in unconventional waysPerhaps the most interesting part "time and values in unconventional waysPerhaps the most interesting part the novel is the friendship that develops between Alex and Maya a Nepalese girl from a small mountain village Their complex cross cultural relationship binds them together tightly yet keeps them at a certain emotional distance
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uniue relationship causes to venture into the world of the prostitution slave trade of India Beal daftly exposes this issue without eavy andedness or judgment The relationship between Maya and Alex allows the reader to examine their own motives and friendships learning as much about themselves as they do about the charactersDaphne Beal clearly as a deep understanding of the American study abroad experience in Nepal In this rich novel Beal transports the reader into mystifying and intensely rewarding experiences that transcend yet are framed by culture This novel is a must read for anyone considering study abroad as well as the reader who seeks to examine themselves from a uniue outside perspective This may contain spoilersThis is one of the most poorly written books I Reiki And The Seven Chakras have read in a long time The character development plot pacing and writing style are all terrible None of the three main characters Alex Maya and Will are developed enough for the reader to understand them their motivations or their relationships The cover describes a strange triangle and unforseen implications ofelping Maya and the story fails to deliver either of theseThe most painful part about reading this book is that the author apparently isn t familiar with the concept of show don t tell I looked for meaningful moving prose but the book is chock full of passages like this one Alex and two other characters visit a shrine and ended up staying the night in the shrine room of a Sherpa lama s Turning the Tide of Battle house at the bottom of theill He seemed I Curse the River of Time happy toave us and not to mind when the lamas from Ngyak stopped by to see if we wanted to watch a movie in townFinally we were so tired and bored we decided to go Maya walked with us as far as the Sherpa lama s Once I Was a Princess house but then said she d just walker friends back to their room We waited up for Court the Night (Blood Bonds, her for a while and finally went to sleep The whole book reads like aigh school student s How I Spent My Summer essay with elitist and inscrutable cool kid references to Nepal first I did this then I did that then I said this then Greed, Seeds and Slavery he said that The end Speaking of the end I felt no resolution at the end of the book A very disappointing read all around Amateurish writing that left you with no sense of why the characters were behaving in a certain way Not to mention that there was too much gossip about who was sleeping with whom that didn t fit with the narrative I wouldn t recommend it This story is about the intersecting of three. Embroiled in a strange triangle with Maya and Will where the lines between friendship love and lust grow tangled every day Over the course of the next eight years Alex returns to Nepal first to visit and to photograph then in an attempt toelp the troubled Maya Moving between Kathmandu New York and the grim ouses of prostitution along Falklan.
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In the Land of No Right Angles