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(E–pub New) In Another Place Not Here

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The first part of this novel IS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE POETIC IN absolutely incredible poetic in the sense of a word that is too often limited to being lyrical What is most about Brand s writing is how She Employs Logical Rhetorical Forms And Devices employs logical rhetorical forms and evices ways I ve never seen Her writing is also poetical in the sense that you want to read each passage over again The result is The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel difficult but unusually rewarding You need to let yourself flow along with the current of the prose not trying to understand everything or put it all together That s better left for another reading But I found the second part of the novel when the focus shifts from one character to another not nearly as good The second character is not as interesting but important Brand changes the style of the prose with the change of character aecision I would ordinarily welcome but it felt like falling Pilgrimage (1920) down a hillside to me The writing is still excellent but I frankly wish the novel would have ended that the two parts would have been published separately as novellas even though they relate to one another For readers unaccustomed to the Black Caribbean vernacular that begins Dionne Brand s 1996 novel In Another Place Not Here like me there s a bit of an initial hurdle to leap over to sink into this book But trust me it s worth it and sink in you trulyo Brand is an exhilarating poet and although this is a novel it s Shapely Ankle Preferrd definitely a poet s novel There is something many things in facteliciously seductive about the language which rolls rises falls and flows its way throughout the narrative like a riversee the rest of my review at Wow This is so beautifully written and so politically inspiring Love and struggle the first half of this book is prose poetry written in what i can best Sword at Sunset describe as trinidadian english because that is the island english i ve heard that most closely approximates the language of this book maybe it s another island certainly it s another island many of the localities have french names ion t think localities in trinidad have french namesstill it Acclaimed by Adrienne Rich as fierce sensuous a work of great beauty and moral imagination In Another Place Not Here tells of two contemporary Caribbean women who find brief refuge Who is family Entwined with the stories of these two Caribbean women lovers who are found and lost to one another to themselves and to the land on which they standI was there with the characters in the place between the covers They thought that the time would come when they would live they would get a chance to be what they saw that was part of the hope that kept them But ghostly ghostly this hope sucking their jaws into lemon seed kiwi heart skeletons ghostly this hope sucking their jaws into lemon seed kiwi heart skeletons pawpaw green banana stalk Dionne Brand In Another Place Not HereIf a favourite poet writes a novel I m probably going to read it especially when the poet is Dionne Brand I m writing this review very soon after reading Brand s non fiction book A Map to the Door of No Return and I m seeing her experiences and thoughts on immigration identity the Fair Play (Zephyr Ranch diaspora colonialism etc in that bookisplayed in this book Prior to this I only read a Few Volumes Of Her Poems In Prose Form She Is volumes of her poems in prose form she is remarkable and this is a beautiful intricate book It id take me a while to get used to the language but once I got into the flow of things it was wonderfulThis book is set in Ontario Canada a This is challenging reading but so worth it Somehow she crosses time and space in this work that offers two separate life narratives of two women who loved each other It s just an incredible work that I will read again In Another Place Not Here is written in such an achingly gorgeous fashion that if approached with sensitivity and a willingness to immerse yourself into the world provided which you must in order to finish it will leave you heartbroken but transformed Brand poetically and philosophically writes of love abandonment resistance the emotional liberation and trauma of immigration global perceptions of blackness within and without of the Cronache della famiglia Wapshot disapora exploitation and the ever elusive elsewhere It is an riveting read but not an easy one Nevertheless it is worthwhile It will leave you saddened but soft and reflective I know this a novel I ll revisit Artfully crafted emotionallyense. N woman in constant flight who has returned to her island birthplace with hopes of revolution Their tumultuous story moves between city and island past and future fantasy and reality.

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The caribbean and life is hell and two women love each other but life is hell and something happens to one of them and the other goes to canada to look for her life is hell because it s brutalized by 500 years of slavery and 500 years of exploitation and the island is a prison but also home and life is lived in the The Temple of the Golden Pavilion dark shadow of trauma brand sescription of elizete s life in canada is amazing and if you have left your land any land at all to move to a north american city you will know exactly what she is talking about this is true even if you are coming from another first world country though your life will probably have been infinitely better as far as material conditions are concerned the second part is also prose poetry but it s in standard canadian english and the poetry is less surrealistic this part belongs to elizete s lover and it too The Secret Life of Birds describes hell and Verlia s efforts at making it better by joining a black power movement and trying to organize black people in canada and the caribbean only to be uashed mercilessly by the US propped localictatorships you can read Book For The Story for the story you ll be happy you The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering did you can read this book the language and you ll be happy youid you can read this book for the hell and you ll be happy you New Penguin Cookery Book did but you have to be into all three if you are not this book will be hard i found it amazing and now i want to read everything this woman has written It has taken me so long to finish this but it was so necessary Definitely a researchives on voice an authentic one undistilled But it was so fitting Trinidad and Canada and blackness Whereo we begin I like her style Brand concocts the Caribbean in rich images You attempt to follow the word s choreography as they Wrong Pong dance away from you unsure how you ended up on theance floor in the first place She Dealmakers Guide To Commercial Real Estate drops you in the midst The story slips by and I tried to regain my bearingsBut she is telling our stories mostly heard seldom written How grandmas smell blood for legitimacy how elders watch your face and know who and. N each other on an island in the midst of political uprising Elizetereaming of running to another place to escape the harshness of her aily life on the island meets Verlia an urba. .
In Another Place Not Here