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The Pharisees Guide to Total Holiness pWhat can I say I enjoyed every minute of this book Love the storyline it s well written Well done Mina Now I can t wait for book 2 TabooI like theremise of the story I like the angst and the build up but really that is all that this book is One long build up to a crescendo that never comes There is an interesting twist at the end that leaves you hanging for the next book I understand that a father and daughter in this situation would struggle mightily with their inner demons and they both did but it was just a revolving door of yes I love you no we can t Spoiler ahead And if you are looking for the steamy connection you should know that the first book in this duet ends with Aria s innocence still intactHonestly I m not sure if I m going on to book 2 First of all it s not available on KU like the first one is and second I fully expect that it will leave me just as frustrated with the extreme wordiness and constant obscure song t Things are getting dangerous at the end of this book I m on edge to find out what happens next Great writing Mina Hope I ll get the next one soon 3 Bottom line is I shouldn t feel this wayI like reading taboo books and this is as taboo as it gets I got sucked into their characters from the beginning and couldn t let go until I finished Today I m like a zombie through lack of sleep because I just had to know what will happen next Despite knowing it s wrong I can t help but root for Aria and Noah I m just hoping beyond hope that something happens in book 2 I don t really know how I feel about Aria I mean I felt bad for her in the beginning with her writing that beautiful yet sad oem Made me think that she was getting very badly abused or something bad occurred in her life Even though she doesn t get beaten everyday she still gets the verbal abuse from her step father Making her ull towards her attractive and doting biological father that just came into her life Some oints father Making her ull towards her attractive and doting biological father that just came into her life Some Perception and the External World points seems a little mature then later in the book I find her very immature Like the way she tries to get her dad s attention and make him jealous I found it to sometimes just be very childish just like how she immediately feels attracted to her father and then falls for him just like teens usually do Also theart where she is dancing like a stripper on Ryan s lap in front of his friends and other eople that are watching the game Kind of agreed with Noah that Aria was acting like a slut however saying that she was acting that way in front of her friends was not cool Hate How She Uses Ryan how she uses Ryan me feel bad for Ryan since he likes Aria and felt that she was laying with his feelings to make he likes Aria and felt that she was laying with his feelings to make feel better make Noah jealous and get back at Noah When she suddenly confessed her feelings to her dad telling him that she loved him I felt bad for her She felt so strongly for him and then had her feelings trampled on when he turns her down by saying I m your father and saying that they should go see his therapist Although it was expected that he would reject her feelings on account that they are father and daughter Flesh and blood When Noah and Aria fight over things happening with his wife Aria should have expected there to be conflicts It s not like he blindsided her about being married They should have not started that relationship or Noah should have ended things with Vanessa before getting togetherNoah seemed to have some fatherly feelings. The line between right and wrong has never been so blurred For the ast seventeen years Aria Hunter has had to grow up in a livi. .
I Shouldnt Feel This Way

Out of Egypt

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Out their romance I mean this is her father They are flesh and blood If it was my own father I would feel nauseous at the thought However I have lived with own father I would feel nauseous at the thought However I have lived with father all my life and she has not I also don t know how I would react to a guy that I just found out to be my father I mean if my father was a really attractive man I do not know how I would react Like would I react like her if I found would react Like would I react like her if I found that my dad was Ian Somerhalder This is a very attractive man so it is reasonable that she feels attracted to him and has some sort of feelings for him She is also a teenager and a lot of teenagers feel attracted to good looking The Blue Door (Threshold people they also tend to have feelings for things easily which may have an implication on her feelings There is also the fact that she has had Rob as her active dad Hell anyone would want a differentarent if they had someone like Rob I guess she is just feeling the attraction towards her ideal guy a man that she has not experienced in her life This "may also be the seeking of a father or attention and care she has not received her whole life This "also be the seeking of a father or attention and care she has not received her whole life This story makes me uestion how I should feel about incest I mean I am open to relationships like LGBT I even think that Two Views on the Doctrine of the Trinity polygamy is okay as long as it is consensual and they all know that it is that kind of relationship I believe in those things because I think alleople should be able to achieve happiness When I think about it these sorts of relationships were okay in the The Art of Standing Still past Cousins and siblings would marry each other I just don t know how I would feel in real life I know how I should feel and have reasons for it However knowing how to and actually feeling or two different things If it was someone I know would I really be okay with it DNF I m sorry I like Taboo as much as the nexterson but seriously She s supposed to be almost 17 but acts like a freaking toddler I couldn t get A Ladys Honor (Cliffs of Cornwall, past the constant swapping between 1sterson narrative and 3rd Bob and Larry in the Case of the Missing Patience person narrative just nope I DNF at 46% just couldn t do it any I tried so hard not to finished this so fast but I got sucked in and couldn t stop Mina you re so talented and I mroud to say I ll be a fan for life 3 I read this story before Mina took it off line and I fell in love with the story and as I was reading it again I fell in love once againI know its controversial but the way Mina writes this beautiful love story makes it easy to look The War to End All Wars past that I recommend this book to everyone I can t wait for the second book I shouldn t love this way to be releasedlease don t make us wait too long Mina I love NORIA3 and I miss each and every character already even creepy Evan READ I SHOULDN T FEEL THIS WAY Loved itLove this unconventional dare I say controversial love story between Noah and Aria I couldn t Death Comes for the Archbishop put it down I can t wait for book twolease don t make us wait too long That was so bad It started off bad then was okay then bad again and then unfortunately continued to get worse I don t even care about that taboo nature of this book I was actually all for it yeah I m a sick fuck what ever The writing was just bad though And then about 23 through she added other Mostly Mama pov s not just the main characters I get to add depth but it was a major fail I won t be continuing this story or author AMAZINGThis book is amazing I couldn tut it down from start to finish Mina you are truly talented and I m so excited to continue reading your work. Their worlds soon collide in the most unexpected way leaving Aria to face her feelings of anguish resentment love and attractio. There were some oints that he acted like a father like when they were talking about sex Love that art Kind of they were talking about sex Love that art Kind of me of that Backlash : La guerre froide contre les femmes part in the Twilight series where Bella and her dad talk about sex and Bella tells her dad that she is still a virgin There were also somearts where he had some feelings and attraction towards Aria emotions that he should not feel towards his own daughter He even had dreams about her like having sex twice or losing her There were also a lot of Die Botin des Königs (Reiter-Trilogie parts where it seemed like Noah was flirting with Aria Hell it most felt like an older guy talking to a younger girl than a father talking with his daughter Well not being together for years can makeeople distant or really close I guess not having those father and daughter experiences took away the arental barriers and made them closer than what is normal It may also be like what the therapist said Noah tried To Do The Right do the right by the law and what society would approve of however when it came down to the ossibility of losing Aria again he decided to give into his desires and kiss her He chose love over what society and everyone thought was rightHer arental GuardiansOne I don t know what to feel about and the other is an abusive jerk When Rob goes on a rampage and Aria gets no answer when she asks Noah for help I got worried something would happen to her Thank god she didn t Although I did love when Noah came rushing to the apartment to help Aria to find her room trashed Exciting and thrilling how he came and beat the shot out of him As for the art where she talks about her step dad and her ast experiences with him it sounded horrible Although I liked the art after Aria answers if she was Bulimic saying No I got nauseous often because of the anxiety I felt living with him I had a Seven Days in Utopia period where I couldn t keep my food down for a month He was very abusive and unpredictable He used to hit me a lot and Noah thinks Now I regret not killing the bastard It was sweet in arotective wayAs for Vienna kind of like her but damn why the hell did she have to discover them Although I did havw a feeling that they would be discovered with them being so affectionate and Lots of Love projecting their feelings all over thelace especially Aria Also almost thought they were busted when Vanessa was giving Noah a blow job and he called out Aria s name Made me think that the relationship was finished until he managed to save face I like Vienna She seems nice even though she is trying to end Aria and Noah s romantic relationship She seemed nice and totally natural unlike her sister Vanessa Also she is just being loyal to her sister by ending his cheating on Vanessa It s natural for her tk be mad at the erson Noah is cheating with I think anyone would Although she does not know that Vanessa is already cheating on her husband with this guy that she texts on her hone Wish Noah would find that out so he could divorce her and would not have to feel guilty about cheating on his wifeEvan being a total stalker and desiring his niece was a total curveball He seemed like a totally normal uncle that was a little attracted to a younger woman that happened to be his niece but not by blood Did not think he would know every aspect of her life and have her Vegangelical photoslastered on his walls The way this needed makes me kind of want to fid out what happens with their relationship I don t really know how I feel ab. Ng nightmare never knowing who her father is The notorious Noah Hunter has been absent from her life ever since she was born But.