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H the famed 30 Seconds over Tokyo raid that would change the beaten morale of a nation at war I read this book 4 times following my initial read completion date of 30 August 2009 It is simply that good Reading this book was like you re just sitting down with Jimmy Doolittle as he tells you his life Nothing pretentious just a fascinating story of a one of a ind man From a fascinating story of a one of a ind man From born on the Yukon river in gold rush Alaska growing up in California and his need for education before WW1 His efforts to make flying safer during the 1920 s developing instruments and techniues to fly blind and his getting a Doctorate in engineering from MIT He made a name for himself as a racing and acrobatic flyer He was always seeking to advance flying however he could When the country was still reeling from the attack on Pearl Harbor he led the bombing raid on Japan in April of 1942 They shook up the Japanese doing something that was not supposed to happen especially as Japanese forces were still on a winning streak later that year he was put in charge of the 12th Air Force in North Africa of his trials and tribulations building it up from nothing into a fine fighting force Later in the war he was made commander of the 8th Air Force in England I enjoyed Doolittle s autobiography very much He was a mover and a shaker in his time Outstanding autobiography of a remarkable man whose life made a difference in civilian and military aeronautics His courage and leadership we instrumental in the allied victories in both the European and Pacific theaters of war His direct approach to problem solving got in my trouble many times with military leaders throughout the war If it were not for the results he provided he might have been removed from command than once I appreciated his tribute throughout the book to his wife Jo and her contribution to their marriage their family the war effort and his career She was a truly remarkable woman Having thoroughly enjoyed a biography of 4 star General James H Jimmy Doolittle USAF I could not pass up reading his autobiography Doolittle s book is foremost a historical account of his career as an aviator with details focusing on 20th Century aviation RD Much of the book was lacking information regarding his private life but then again over the 71 years of marriage to his wife Joe Josephine he was also married to the US Army Air Corps and the USAF However in the final chapters Doolittle opened up and discussed one very intimate family circumstanceAt 5 4 Doolittle maintained excellent physical condition through exercise and boxing It was a testament to his ability and character that he was chosen at age 45 to lead 16 fully loaded B 25 bombers off an aircraft carrier to bomb Tokyo on April 18 1942 The secretive coordinated joint effort of US Army aviators supported by the US Navy was a moment in history serving partially as payback for Pearl Harbor On short notice the takeoff was moved up several hours and Doolittle recalled the Klaxon horn blared at 8 AM Now hear this Now hear this Army pilots man your planes For his heroic effort Doolittle received the Medal of Honor As commander Doolittle cared for the safety of all his men who voluntarily served on the mission There were survivors and others who did not return to America Doolittle was particularly incensed after learning of one ill survivor who fell through the cracks during hospitalization similar to issues with today s Veterans Administration He took control and resolved the situation directly with one individual noting I won t repeat what I Said Because It Would Burn A Hole because it would burn a hole this pageOne who writes an autobiography has the liberty to select an individual to write a Forward I found it interesting that Doolittle nominated Goldwater who chose not to list his name as US Senator Goldwater or Maj General Goldwater USAF Ret but simply Barry M Goldwater Scottsdale Arizona Doolittle bonded with Goldwater writing of his 1964 campaign He abhorred war but believed that we could maintain peace only through strength He also believed that we must earn national prestige and world respect He was for a balanced budget and was opposed to deficit spending Thoughts 52 years ago which transcend time Most of all Doolittle appreciated Goldwater s honesty which was also one of Doolittle s strongest character traits It s also not a spoiler to discuss the title that Doolittle inked I could Never Be So Lucky Again It did not pertain to his heroic achievements but rather he considered himself lucky that his wife Joe married hi. Imself can tell it Doolittle tells a story of the sucesses and adventures the triumphs and tragedies of a true American hero a far seeing leader whose courage devotion and daring changed the course of modern history and continues to make its influence felt to this

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I Could Never Be So Lucky Again An Autobiography of James H Jimmy DoolittleThis was one of the most candid accounts of air combat that I have ever read James Doolittle perfectly captures the events of the Tokyo Raids and the sweet message of revenge that they delivered that day If this book is not on your shelf all dog eared and worn from being read so many times then you should go out and get it NOWAnyone who nows anything about aviation Both Hands Tied knows that Doolittle was THE original aviation pioneer He did everything PhD in aeronautical sciences racing pilot Medal of Honor recipient Lieutenant General he did it allThis book is highly recommended This is the story about a person who dreamed big and executed those dreams and then some He was not theind to wait for opportunities to come his way he went out and made them Read it now that is an order There was a time when every American new the story of the Doolittle raid on Tokyo just four months and a week after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor Since I ve been working as a volunteer tour guide at a major air museum however I ve discovered this is no longer true so every time I walk the group past our B 25 Mitchell bomber I retell the story It was only natural then that I would turn to Doolittle s autobiography to learn about this aviation pioneerAnd pioneer he was One of the early Army Air Corps aviators Doolittle was the first pilot to fly and land on instruments alone He was also a bit of a daredevil and a loose cannon wrecking plane after plane performing aerobatics over crowded cities he was also the first pilot to fly an outside loop flying under bridges taking wives and friends on unauthorized flights in Army aircraft he wouldn t have lasted a minute in today s Air Force Out of active duty in the 1930s he became one of the nation s most famous air racers piloting horribly dangerous aircraft like the infamous Gee Bee He rejoined the Army Air Corps just before WWII and in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor was selected to lead the Tokyo raid During the remainder of WWII he served at high military levels in the invasions of North Africa Italy and Germany As air commander during these campaigns he was a strong advocate for airpower and an independent US Air Force indeed he played a role in the creation of the USAF in 1947A busy life and one full of contributions I only wish he d been forthcoming in his autobiography Oh he tells the fullest version of the Tokyo raid mission I ve yet read he s honest about his daredevil past and he s frank about his wartime differences with various military leaders including Eisenhower and yet I sensed throughout that Doolittle was holding back not really speaking his mind Indeed once Doolittle gets into his military activities after the Tokyo raid he mostly uotes letters of commendation and award citations Military Fluff That Bears Only An Approximate fluff that bears only an approximate to reality He pulls his punches he doesn t tell us what he really thinksFor additional insights into the Tokyo raid Doolittle s autobiography is a vital supplement to books such as Ted Lawson s Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo For a feel of the unregulat This is PROBABLY THE BEST AUTOBIOGRAPHY I VE EVER READ IT the best autobiography I ve ever read It well written upbeat informative and fun We now him for the Doolittle Raid and the Medal of Honor he won for his execution of it but there is so much to this guy He was a pioneer of aviation a champion of several air races barnstormer and record setting pilot He was the first pilot to fly by instruments and he was the first man in the United States to earn a PhD in aeronautics and he did it in two years at MIT During WWII he was the head of the 12th Air Force and partnered with Patton to ick the Bosch off the continent of Africa and after he commanded the 15th Air Force in the Mediterranean Finally he commanded the 8th Air Force strategic bombing Group And Yes Before All and yes before all he led the Doolittle raid of B 25s from the carrier Hornet to make the first strike against Japan in WWII He was an officer that skipped the rank of Captain on his way to major and then skipped the rank of full Colonel when he was promoted to Brigadier General after the Doolittle raid I learned so much about the strategic bomber command in the European theater from this book Doolittle provided tremendous insight into the fratricide at Saint Lo during operation Cobra and the series of counter measures and innovations that he championed in order to minimize the risk of using strategic bombing to support ground operations By the way he hated using strategic bombers to support ground troops He argued that it was a miss. Pilot scholar daredevil general James Jimmy Doolittle was one of America greatest heroes In a life filled with adventure and achievement Doolittle did it all As a stunt pilot he thrilled the world with his aerial acrobatics As a scientist he pioneered the developmen. Ion that his pilots were not trained for He also destroyed the German fighter command when he ordered pilots to abandon the bombers to dog fight German fighters Before this they were ordered to never leave the bombers He pioneered other innovations such as shuttle bombing I could go on and on because Jimmy Doolittle was an innovator such as shuttle bombing I could go on and on because Jimmy Doolittle was an innovator he used his ears to listen to the men that served under him so the Air Force could do a better job After the war he argued for and helped to establish an independent Air Force To do this he had to take on his friend Mark Mischer who was the skipper of the Hornet that launched the famous Doolittle raid and Nimitz The Navy wanted to have a separate strategic Air Force arm for the Navy Doolittle argued that in the day that jets can deliver an atomic bomb from 10000 miles away that we no longer needed to rely upon a naval force to protect our borders He didn t want to see fighter and bomber development have to compete for funding with conventional surface vessels The only way to insure that it wouldn t was to create an independent Air Force that understood the role of strategic bombing He was one of the founding members of the NASA s predecessor the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics NACA If you only want to read about the Doolittle raid than I would recommend Target Tokyo by James Scott Doolittle s autobiography starts off with the Doolittle raid and then and then takes you through Jimmy s childhood and his stateside service during WWI in the early Army Air Corp his record setting flights between wars and then WWII and post war period The post war period included a very unhappy period of Jimmy s life when his namesake and first born committed suicide You will lose count of all the planes Jimmy Doolittle cracks up and he said he is a 3 time member of the Caterpillar Club which means he was saved by a parachute three times during his career I honestly do not understand how he made it to age thirty Whoever said there are old pilots and bold pilots but no old bold pilots never met Jimmy Doolittle Maybe that is why the title is I Could Never Be So Lucky AgainEvery once in a while a guy like Jimmy Doolittle comes into this world I think we were all lucky Jimmy was born in the United States Had he limited his story to WWII the book would have easily earned a five star rating He went with his entire life and that diminished would have easily earned a five star rating He went with his entire life and that diminished effect Joe his wife was one tremendous lady in marriage Jimmy was one helluva lucky guyThe last bit about Barry Goldwater Ronnie Raygun et al I could have lived without Goddamn Rs have totally burned their postwar history Then his worthless thoughts on deficit spending and how those lazy poors are living on the dole render his last chapters a waste of paper As an economist Doolittle was a great aviator Still he was one great American and that cannot be denied Funny how successful people seem to think everyone should be like them Sorry Jimmy but not all of us posses the DNA to be best of show Of course this patriotic history book was printed in China Despite the surname Doolittle did it all His autobiography recounts his early career as a boxer pioneering service in aviation success as a racer and test pilot and instrumental role in the Pacific and Mediterranean theater He earned a PhD from MIT as well as a silver star three Flying Crosses two Service Medals and of course the Medal of Honor On top of that he won the era s most prestigious trophies the Bendix Thompson and Schneider As if this weren t enough he ended his career as a full fledged General In short this guy was one of modern history s most accomplished figures and it s a true shame that his name isn t withstanding the forgetfulness of time An autobiography well worth your attention Update 14 April 2019The last sole survivor and Co Pilot to Gen Doolittle passed away 5 days ago Lt Col Richard Cole Rest in Peace I am grateful for your service to our nation This book was a wonderful recounting of a life unit and familyThis story is the story of every American that ever wanted to do better The inspiration in this book is simply going to overtake anywone interested in the Second World War the First World War the in between war years and beyond the Cold War General Doolittle was a great American a patriot a person that believed in taking care of family first He wasn t perfect mind you but this poor id from the streets of Los Angeles would grow to become one the foremost inspirational stories of the colossal beginning of the Second World War wit. T of modern aviation technology During World War II he served his country as a fearless and innovative air warrior organizing and leading the devastating raid against Japan Now for the first time here is his life story modest revealing and candid as only Doolittle