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Hired for the Bosss BedroomBook I wanted to "Like But I FAILED TO BE MOVED SIGH Failed To Be Moved Sigh Must "but I failed to be moved sigh Leo must to country to visit his mother and his son The rare visits of the past are gone when he meets neighbor Heather Heather looks the epitome of the country bumpkin all curvy and blonde with no fashion sense Talking to her Leo is confounded to find a very intelligent and sexy woman hiding in the countrysideHeather knows the type of man Leo is she had already been married to an Overambitious Money Hungry No money hungry no for anyone but themselves man From seeing the way he had previously ignored his mother and son she let him know she had his number and was not impressedWhen his mother has a fall Leo moves in to the coun Nice enough bit of fluff but too much implied steam and not enough real steam and the ending nearly made me throw up. Ally with her boss However her inexperience proves the ultimate challenge for Leo He's hired Heather on a temporary contract but now he wants herpermanently. ,

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Leo is a billionaire He S Bought His s bought his a nice huge Mansion In The Country in the country he s left his son with her while he lives in Lon This is a bookFor a full review please go to s policies no longer comply with my review policy Therefore my reviews will be "posted at BookLikes going forward Thank you for following my reviews here I hope to continue discussing books "at BookLikes going forward Thank you for following my reviews here I hope to continue discussing books you on BookLikes The man deserved to be set on fire The banter was nothing than vile sexist garbage that the man spewed non stop with the intention of humiliating and degrading the woman Very disappointing This is my first Cathy Williams book and I am disappointed with it It was okay Both the lead characters were weakly written There were times I hated both of them The only saving grace of the book was the humor There were This gorgeous Italian needs a nanny Heather is perfect for the ob but with her dumpy curves she is nothing like the slim sophisticates who usually grace hi. .

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