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Hickory Dickory Dock Other Mother Goose Rhymes (Read)

Hickory Dickory Dock Other Mother Goose RhymesNice classic nursery rhymes It

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always nice pass on a piece of our own childhood to our children Reading Log 2Title Hickory Dickory Dock Other Mother Goose RhymesAuthor James MarshallGenre Nursery Mother Goose RhymesThemes Nursery RhymeMother GooseOpening linesentence Hickory dickory dock the mouse ran up the Awards Received if any None foundAppropriate Grade Birth through Pre SchoolOriginal Summary This is a short board book consisting of about 6 classic Mother Goose rhymes including not limited to Hickory Dickory Beloved rhymes drolly envisioned Old Mother HubbardWent to the cupboardTo fetch her poor dog a bone;But when she got thereThe cupboard wa. Ock Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater Old Mother Hubbard and Little Boy Blue Each rhyme is very short and ranges from about 4 Each rhyme is very short and ranges from about 4 lines each The layout of the book is the rhyme on the left side page and a corresponding drawing on the right side pageOriginal Review This is a great book for very oung children because it is small about 4x3 inches and it is a board book so it will fit in a baby s Tiny Hands Perfectly And hands perfectly and it is a board book so it will fit in a baby s tiny hands perfectly and pages will be durable than regular paper The layout is also great for kids because it allows them to see the rhyme and it s co. S bareAnd so the poor dog had none With deadpan hilarity Marshall has rounded up some of the usual suspects of nursery rhyme notoriety Li.

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and drawings very simple The classic rhymes included in this book serve as a wonderful starting point to introduce babies to rhyme and to wordbook knowledge in generalPossible In Class Use This book would best fit in a pre school or Day Care Facility Since It care facility since it geared toward such a oung age group I would picture mothers or caregivers to read this book to babies while holding the baby in their laps and while allowing the baby to hold and play with it. Ttle Boy Blue Old Mother Hubbard and introduced a supporting cast of cats mice Geese Pigs Dogs And A pigs dogs and a of chickens to join in the fu.