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Her AUTHOR Laura ZigmanCh precludes Elise from mbracing her inner Ripley I would have given the book a five out of five if she had This book was just awful The so called Die Neurobiologie des Glücks evilx girlfriend was no where near awful nough I barely was able to register when she was trying to sabotage the main characters relationshipI would glaze past it and not realize I was supposed to be appalled by her actions If you re going to make a character a bitch you cant just have her be attractive and a bit of a Liar I Just Didn I just didn hate her the way I was supposed to I had to force myself to finish this book It crawled by at an annoyingly slow paceThe main character was so paranoid and crazy it was just frustrating to read I wanted to climb in the book and hit her over the head with a magazine I don t know what drove her to be so neurotic I wish I had understood because maybe then I would not hate her so passionately And finally the climax of the story If you are going to have verything crash down on the main character at least tell me how it was all resolved Don t just give me a summary of what went down in the weeks to fo What turns an ordinarily self confident attractive woman into a suspicious lying sneaking stalker For twenty something freelance book ditor Elise it s hearing that her fiance s x fiance is moving to town and wants to be neighbors in Her To be fair that her fiance s Abortion, Choice, and Contemporary Fiction ex fiance is moving to town and wants to be neighbors in Her To be fair s fiance Donald mentions Adrienne hisx the first time they met He told her all about Adrienne He was venting on a plane ride where they happened to be seatmates Elise thought Donald was cute and overly tall at 6 6 however didn t really think much about him until they both actually showed up a week later at a coffee shop date they had suggested during the plane ride Hitting it off immediately things went uickly from there Both having recently moved from New York City to Washington DC they had a lot in common Donald is a teacher at a private school Elise works from home Lexikon der Medizin-Irrtümer editing books her best friend sends her on a freelance basis Fortunately when Adrienne announces she s moving to DC for work and wants Donald to show her around the city Elise s work at home schedule allows her plenty of time to go through Donald s old pictures his computer his pockets his phone anything she can think of to get information on Adrienne and what she really wants from Donald Instead of planning for their wedding Elise finds herself freuently sidetracked by stalking Adrienne is beautiful busty smart rich and well connected Elise can t figure out why Donald and she aren t still together until Donald admits that it s Adrienne that broke up with him Then on several of Elise s stalkingxpeditions she finds Donald s car in Adrienne s driveway during school hours or sees them walking down the street together When she asks Donald how his day was he fails to mention his time spent with Adrienne This kicks Elise s stalking into high gear Certainly most women would be insecure to have their boyfriendfiance s FRITZI auf Sylt - ÖLMALEREI - Kunst in Fotobrillant-Druck ex in the picturespecially if she s as seemingly perfect as Adrienne The hijinks that Elise gets into over this situation however are not always funny mostly pathetic She can t seem to pull herself together no matter how reassuring Donald is to the point where she almost loses him This is a decent chick lit story that is relatable to a point but after that it s just lunacy This is a story of a woman Elise who is over obsessed with her fianc s Big Little Man ex girlfriend She hates her guts and keeps hallucinating about her looks and manners way before she sven met her And once the The Man from Beijing ex Adrienne decides to move to Washington where Elise lives with Donald things start getting twisted The way I see it is that Elise is nothing but paranoid by this ghost ofx girlfriend due to which she starts seeing what isn t Creating Lasting Value even there She s so obsessed with her that. Ing wedding invitationsAnd then Elise meets her Adrienne Donald’s stunning leggyx fiancée Adrienne is newly single and planning a move to DC Cleavage baring half French and with a degree from Yale she seduces men with one flick of her ,

My one word review LameI chose this book off the library shelf at random Or semi random on a whim I picked the first and last books off the shelf in the fiction section of the local library This was the last book on the shelf that day A very fitting place for it I should have left it thereIt took me over 100 pages to become the slightest bit interested in the book which is pretty sad considering the book is a little over 200 pages long It held my attention for a whole 20 pages Although it was an incredibly Understanding Markets and Strategy easy read I didn t blaze through it I kept putting it down out of boredom The characters were incredibly shallow and unbelievable and the plot was predictable I d like to say something good about this book but I really cant Sorry Her by Laura Zigman is a realistic fiction involving a dramatic romance with innocent Elise and her fiance Donald The two are happily in love they decide to getngaged and while planning their wedding Montana Dreams ex fiancee of Donald Adrienne leaves New York to move in the same city as them Just as plans are going smoothly old friend Adrienne who is absolutely stunning and well known in New York now has no friends here shends up spending her weeks hanging out with the two of them and their friends Elise the open and spending her weeks hanging out with the two of them and their friends Elise the open and person she is spends time with her but as weeks go by and Donald isn t in the house as much and nor is Adrienne what will Elise and her friends start to think I found this book to be a good Immerwelt - Der Pakt exposure to things that can happen while in a relationshipOne thing that bothered me while reading was knowing that Elise s friends wouldn t help her find out what was going on which aggrivated Elise and I because there would be fights A fight broke outven in front of Adrienne because Elise confronted her friend which Modern South Asia even made me concerned because they weren t talking for uite some time which made the book seemven longer From my own xperience with friends for uite some time which made the book seem ven longer From my own Ancestral Voices experience with friends relationships I know misinterpretations play a huge role just as well as looking at other s point of view I personally can understand how frustrating it must ve been for Elise to not know what was going on between the two of them Even when it comes to friends relationships my frustration can boil knowing that something isn t right I would recommend this book to teens or anyone in a relationship that s into a suspenseful romance and for people looking to find out what happens in some relationships Donald and Elise s fights became so bad Inded worrying if he was going to go back to Adrienne as well Was Donald really just looking at the menu or did he order Read to find out the story behind this love triangle I pick books to read by creative and sometimes random leaps of logic Her by Laura Zigman had catchy cover art and a title that reminded me by association with She by H Rider Haggard which in turn made me think of the Rumpole series Somewhere in the middle of all that thinking I decided what the heck I d check out the bookWhat sets Her apart from the other chick lit books I ve read is that Elise the protagonist is the self described other woman She is now going head to head with her fianc s And Bid Him Sing ex girlfriend She spies she schemes she plots and she seethes inside It is reallyasy to get carried away with her perception of the situation and begin hating the boyfriend and his Aristotle Detective (Aristotle ex until Elise will do something so completely out of the blue to knock one out of the storyThe main drawback for me was Elise s personality She spends so much of the book being defensive and paranoid that it s hard to like her or get to know her If she went a little further like torture main or perhaps kill one or both of them then she d have the same uneasy charisma as Patricia Highsmith s Tom Ripley As the book is pegged as a chick lit it s on a course for a happynding whi. Elise meets Donald on a flight to Washington DC where he teaches and she Bones, Clones, and Biomes edits self help books He is dreamy 6’6” with unflinching greenyes and a proclivity for speaking frankly Incredibly they fall in love get ngaged and start discuss. .

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She starts suspecting her fianc for nothing He loves her dearly and gives her not a single reason to doubt him They re getting her not a single reason to doubt him They re getting in a few months and Elise goes on to sabotaging her own wedding because of her irrational behaviour She starts checking Donald s messages mails calls pockets and whatnot She Building the Cold War even stalked them both to the point of madness She checks thex girlfriend s horoscope Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F) even I mean c mon If it ain t broken don t fix it if it doesn t itch don t scratch it the best advise she could get but she didn t listen to it and almost lostverything Her love life her fianc her credibility But there are references to a Dr Frond and her sessions with him Which gives us a hint that she might actually have an illness due to which she acts in such an obsessive compulsive manner But the way I see it is that she brought self generated self destruction upon her Plus I just didn t get Donald s urge to pull his pants down and get on all fours when he got nervous or anxious This book reminded me alot of myself Though the main character Elise went overboard with her stalking of her fiances Counter-Amores ex girlfriend Because she couldn t trust she almost lostverything I could really understand Elise and it made me think Not impressed a disappointing follow up to her previous book Heroine was over the top insecure and obsessive I wasn t rooting for her Unfamiliar references are a was over the top insecure and obsessive I wasn t rooting for her Unfamiliar references are a off and take me out of the story Didn t take advantage of the DC setting Ugh I read Dating Big Bird by Laura Zigman and really liked it so I was looking forward to Her but the main character Elise is insufferable When I figured out that she s 34 I believe I wanted to throw the book against the wall Her insane behavior would have been acceptable in a 23 year old but goddamn woman You are a grown adult yet you are the whiniest most insecure most obnoxious MC I can recall reading And seriously psychologically troubledThis Dancing at Armageddon entire book could have been avoided if Elise had a TALKED to her fiance I get that the miscommunications and misunderstandings of relationships and friendships are a common driver of plots but this was just ridiculous or b found a new counselor when she moved to Washington from NYC Because lord she needs one Preferably both butither one would have sufficed Again I have serious doubts about the state of her mental health because she went into serious serious stalker mode hereI was Double Jeopardy expecting something much lighthearted or something complex but with a real basis for Elise s suspicions or annding where she had made a real self discovery but she Composition and Literature essentially just regressed further and further as the book went on and wasn t in much of a great place at thend Cezanne and Provence either She was like the trainwreck acuaintance that you know and talk about with your friends but aren t closenough to smack sense into so you have no choice but to silently watch the downward spiral and hope someone close to her in this case clearly not Dark Voices either of Elise s twontire friends in DC who were pretty much of no use steps inAlso Donald and his weird stress reaction Like what in the F is that I think he might have mental health issues than Elise based on that alone Her is a light and fluffy piece of Chick Lit and an incredibly fast read I think I finished it in two relatively short sittings something very rare for me these days I can t say I recommend it though I found the protagonist completely unlikeable days I can t say I recommend it though I found the protagonist completely unlikeable becomes unhinged over her fiance s Contested Reproduction ex fiance moving nearby Thentire book is one crazy incident after another of the narrator s downward spiral of low self Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) esteem jealousy and obsession This may have been harder for me to read because I m still very good friends with anx and I always worry that his new girlfriends will hate me from the get go just like the woman in this book. Air Worst of all she and Donald have remained “good friends” since they broke up Convinced that Adrienne is out to win Donald back Elise begins stalking both of them obsessively and starts adding up clues to what looks like a brazen affa. ,