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Hellraisers A Graphic Biography [E–pub/Pdf]

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Hellraisers A Graphic Biography

review Hellraisers A Graphic Biography

Llection of great drinking stories But like all drinking stories the fun starts to dry up once the liver goes south This graphic presentation of Hellraisers The Inebriated Life and Times of Richard Burton Peter O Toole Richard Harris Oliver Reed is good fun as the hellraising stars appear as Dickens like ghosts yes O Toole is still alive but whatever to relate their tales of wild debauchery Jake does a good job of drawing ach actor from their youthful appearances to their older and well remembered imagesBurton takes us through his meeting with Errol Flynn who introduced him a Hollywood brothel and then on to the Liz Dick years which means pictures of Burton in fur coats and sunglasses Richard Harris shows up as the wild man he really was his hairline receding as the years pass by Oliver Reed is menacing still looking like the Hulk until the nd and then the flamboyant O Toole who saunters through life as though he were still playing the nobleman in THE RULING CLASSHaving worked in Hollywood and seen the so called puritansober stars and producers most of whom were whacked out of their minds on drugs and plastic surgery I have always found the take us as we are alcoholic binges of these four British actors to be far refreshingand honestBook Season Winter just live in the pub. British actors to be far refreshingand honestBook Season Winter just live in the pub. D of the bar alone drinking himself into oblivion He’s joined in turn by Burton Harris Reed and O’Toole who take Martin on tours of their tumultuous childhoods rises to stardom and chaotic personal lives. Gossip makes the world go around and Confirmed True Gossip Is The Best Kind true gossip is the best Kind When It especially when it high profile celebrities The four Irish actors presented here were stage and screen actors xtraordinary Well let s say all but Oliver Reed who never seemed close to breaking through to stardom the way O Toole Harris and Burton did Oliver Reed was also the only one of the group who came from a well to
do family the 
family The of this book is to The Man Without a Face entertain the reader with story after story of these four actors drinking with many other theatrical talents indulged in what can only be described as inappropriate behavior There self destructive behavior in all but O Toole s case resulted in theirarly deaths and the suandering of their talent O Toole said it was marvelous to wake up in the morning and not know what country he was in He is alive today because in his 40s he had to uit drinking or die so he took up smoking and laid off alcohol My favorite of the group is Peter O Toole and my favorite O Toole story is When Peter Finch was working in Ireland in the arly 60s O Toole joined him one night for a drink but the pub refused to serve them because it was after closing time Both stars decided that the only course of action was to buy the pub so they wrote out a cheue for it on the spot The Raise a glass to the story of four of the greatest actors and boozers of all time Richard Burton Richard Harris Peter O’Toole and Oliver Reed This inventive graphic work seamlessly weaves their four biogra. ,
Ollowing morning after realizing what they d done the pair rushed back to the scene of the crime Luckily the landlord
hadn t cashed 
t cashed cheue yet and disaster was averted O Toole and Finch remained on friendly terms with the pub owner and when he The graphic part is OUTSTANDING Worth the price alone The framing story angle makes no sense So it s kind of a draw Should ve just told the stories straightThe art is GREAT though to reiterate The Oliver Reed visuals are specially awesomeCheers 35 rounded up for presenting four peoples life stories in an ntertaining Fashion If I Knew If I knew I was in for I d have skipped it but I don t regret reading it the time taken was my problem The art is rough but it fits the themes moods characters and storiesThis took me many sessions to read so I recommend preparing to read in four sittings one for ach character It s Richard Burton Richard Harris Oliver Reed and Peter O Toole as the ghosts of A Christmas Carol warning Joe Guy about what alcohol is capable of ruining in his life Despite good intentions they still make booze abuse look fun most of the time Despite being Threads Of The Shroud entirely dialogue and inner monologue there are so many time periods scenes and people jammed into this book I recommend the lengthy three page introduction but it s not necessary A co. Phies into one fast paced adventure of drunken binges orgies parties and fun The story begins at a London pub one sorry Christmas and is told through theyes of Martin a wannabe hellraiser sitting at the n. ,