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Ed formula This had style and depth for a young adventure reader to really sink his or her teeth into As promised a ripping yarn One of the best books that I have read for this age group Fast #Action Mysterious Spooky And Well Written Not #mysterious spooky and well written Not for boys either Another stellar story by Hobbs Nathan MacAllister is the son of the lighthouse keeper on Tatoosh Island in Washington He witnesses a shipwreck and after hearing of footprints found on the beach and some thefts from the local trading post refuses to believe there were no survivors He spends time with his friend Lighthouse George a Makah fisherman and learns to hunt fish and whale He Also Searches For Clues also searches for clues the missing Spanish gold supposedly hidden in the area Is this what the mysterious hairy man is after Will a ghostly canoe containing a skeleton unlock the key to this story of mystery betrayal and murder There is a boy named Nathan and he lives in a lighthouse at sea His mother is very ill and is not looking good One day Nathan goes to the beach and finds a ship wreaked boat He reports it and finds out that no one finds a survivor from the boat that shipwrecked But that does not explain why he saw footprints in the sand from the boat into the near by cave Ever since he has found the boat he notices so many things in this town that he never saw before Strange things start to happen to Nathan and the peoplethings around him He started to wander if there really was a survivor and won t stop until he gets the proof that he is looking for He starts to tell very few people about all the things he has encountered but still no one believes him He is told not to explore but will not stop until he finds what he is looking for Overall I think that this is a great book if you are interested in mysteries it is very detailed and a very nerve racking book It s interesting and leaves you with suspense throughout the story After my experience of reading the novel Ghost Canoe I would give this book a solid 3 stars It starts out pretty slow at first and as you reach the end it finally get s pretty good It s a bout a young boy named Nathan MacAllister who s Father is the in charge of the lighthouse on an island in the Pacific Later on in the story a ship crashes into the rocks off in Cape Flattery and Nathan and his new friend on in the story a ship crashes into the rocks off in Cape Flattery and Nathan and his new friend George hunt fish and explore looking for clues of the missing vessel Little do they know it there is a lost ancient treasure to be found along with a murderer on the loose This book is terrible It has potential though A boy and his family in the Northwest with a bunch of Native Americans and a greedy dude who will gladly kill you for some Spanish treasure ButIT STILL SUCKS Besides the kid goes fishing EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER It s likeOh la la la look A canoe up in the tree Let s go look at it I wonder what it means Let s go fishinglaterLa la la hey look It s Captain Bim Someone stole your life s savings I had better go fishing then Oh no Kane killed Dolla Bill TO THE CANOESHonestly one of the most pointless annoying and generally tedious books I ve ever read. For clues Alone in the forest Nathan discovers a ghostly canoe and a skeleton that may unlock the mystery of ancient treasure betrayal and murder 2000 2001 Georgia's Picture Storybook Award Georgia's Children's Book Award Masterlist01 02 Land of Enchantment Book Award Masterlist Gr 6 ,

Re are no survivors because there have been footprints on the beach and there have been sightings of a wild hairy man With Nathans new friend Lighthouse George who is part of the local Makah tribe they paddle around to different parts of the island t search for clues on how and why the ship sunk In that process they found a skeleton in a canoe that leads t many uestions that get answeredI thought this was a great book I have a hard time thinking about something bad about this book because there really isn t anything I really like have a hard time thinking about something bad about this book because there really isn t anything I really like in different parts of the book there are parts that leave you wondering how did this happen and who did this for example when the captain washed ashore with a knife stabbed in his heart In the book Nathan is extremely curious and in real life I am like that to If there is something I don t know that I am interested in I want to find out I would definitely recommend this book to a friend and I would rate this book a 910 Will Hobbs Can Write A Great Book CanoeThe blurbs and descriptions for this book certainly make it sound like it has everything you might want for a ripping adventure tale But and I don t mean to be it has everything you might want for a ripping adventure tale But and I don t mean to be wiseguy I ve read lots of blurbs and descriptions for books that didn t deliver Imagine my delight then to report that at least for me this book is better than expected across the board and in every way that mattersThe hero Young Mac is resourceful steadfast observant dependable and adventurous He is everything you could hope for in a boy hero His Mom and Dad are supportive loving reliable competent and unflappable Young Mac s Makah fisherman Mom and Dad are supportive loving reliable competent and unflappable Young Mac s Makah fisherman Lighthouse George is uiet skilled dignified and wood and ocean crafty And every one of the good guys has a sense of humor and an understated charmThe tale s setting is romantic and realistic From the lighthouse to the woods to the ocean coast you can smell and feel the salt spray and the spruce This is one of the best located one of the best placed boy s own adventures I ve ever read Set in the 1870 s it would put many adult historical novels to shame There is a lot of background about the indigenous Makahs that is worked unobtrusively into the story which gives the book a bit of cultural heft There s also a lot of fishingThe mystery adventure has ghost canoes a shipwreck a murder treasure a shadowy hidden figure fog foul weather towering cliffs and pinnacles howling storms and a skeleton The mystery is ust the right amount of twisty The action can be riveting and the fog bound lurking and exploring is suspenseful and damp This is legitimate Treasure Island territory And there s a lot of fishingSo OK am I hamming it up a bit Sure But this really did strike me as a crisply written fast paced nicely structured and generously well imagined ripping adventure The history of the Pacific Northwest the dignity of the native people the bonds of friendship and the rich and colorful romance of the wilderness are all presented in clear unadorned prose and with warm feeling This isn t a by the numbers book and it isn t constructed along the lines of some tir. Ing post and glimpses of a wild hairy man convince Nathan that someone is hiding in the remote sea caves along the coast With his new friend Lighthouse George a fisherman from the famed Makah whaling tribe Nathan paddles the fierce waters of the Pacific fishing hunting seals searching. Nathan MacAllister is the fourteen year old son a lighthouse keeper on Tatoosh Island a small body of land the very northwestern tip of the continental United States The year is 1874 when a ship breaks off the rocky side of the nearby Cape Flattery There are no survivors save for some unexplained footprints found on the shore As Nathan explores the island takes care of his sick mother and goes on whale hunting missions with the nearby #native tribe he finds himself racing against time to solve a mystery #tribe he finds himself racing against time to solve a mystery a treasure to find and a killer on the loose he embarks on a Collecting Shakespeare journey he never expected to take He paddles treacherous water narrowly escapes death in a cave and barely avoids the clutches of evil in novel s climax Ghost Canoe is an interesting piece of historical fiction Nathan is a good depiction of a youth s desire for adventure and excitement Many could identify with his desire to get to the bottom of a mystery and discover a treasure even with many doubting him along the way However many young readers may find themselves bored in the slower parts of this novel Some chapters seem to spend a significant amount of time dedicated to events that do not contribute to the plot such as canoeing and whaling While these events may appeal to those who read this as historical fiction it may seem dull to those reading as a mystery novel This book will entertain young readers with an interest in the lives of 19th century Americans WORST BOOK EVER Actually Kite Rider is worsest by a little Ghost Canoe is a total waste of time id rather be sleeping but sadly it was a class book and i had to read it Schools always pick the worst books its like their trying to bore us to death oh wait they are A 7th grade class that I work in is reading this book Most of the students have never spent time on the western side of the Washington state and they are struggling to stay interested in the book My class is mostly low income and minority students who really have no connections to make with a white boy growing up with Makah indians in the Puget Sound We are using this book to help learn about Washington State History Although the students don t really like the book I thought the book was very interesting and had a Lot Of Good Things To of good things to It is a little predictable for me anyways but still a good story It is worth a read for kids who are interested in Washington state and Native Americans as well as adults who enjoy an easy kids book The theme statement in the book Ghost Canoe is that if you don t believe someone about something you should go find out and prove what you believe That is exactly what Nathan McAllister did The book Ghost Canoe takes place in Washington State in a place called Cape Flattery It is a cape that is very rocky and is usually very stormy It has an island The Phenomena and Diosemeia of Aratus just off the shore that is called Tatoosh Island that has a light house that Nathan and his dad run The book is about a 14 year old boy named Nathan McAllister A ship crashesust off the shore and Nathan is told that there are no survivors Nathan does not believe that the. After a sailing ship breaks up on the rocks off Washington's storm tossed Cape Flattery Nathan McAllister the fourteen year old son of the lighthouse keeper refuses to believe the authorities who say there were no survivors Unexplained footprints on a desolate beach a theft at the trad. Ghost Canoe