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Kindle [Frangipani] ☆ Célestine Hitiura Vaite

Wish there was information on Tahiti The author touches on some subjects eg Independence here she could describe the different views of the different family members some are for independence some not cause people outside Tahiti don t understand the situation the French influence did the French colonize Tahiti or what Are there still French soldier stationed on the island There s a briefcheap mention of Duke Kahanamoku and then nothing Some details were placed very oddly that I could guess easily how the book will endThough I applaud the author for focusing on the role of women in society women supporting each other and domesticity this book made me depressed It s like a typical Hollywood blockbuster comedy movie There are parts where YOU LAUGH THE CHARACTERS GET INTO laugh The characters get into lot of trouble But there s always an happy endingI recommend this book to those who want to read something easy by the pool This book isn t satisfying Later you can go swimming 35 starsFrangipani is a pleasant read It focuses on the relationship between Materena a hardworking family oriented Tahitian woman and her brilliant headstrong daughter Leilani The book begins before Leilani s birth and follows the family until she s an adult It is not a plot driven sort of novel short chapters explore various incidents in the family s life as well as that of the communityAs I said I enjoyed this It is a sweet book Materena and Leilani are strong characters the story stays interesting even without a single driving plotline and it provides a fun way to learn about Tahiti and its culture Distinctive word usage and speech patterns make their way into the text giving the novel a feeling of authenticity which makes sense since the author is Tahitian I have to admit that while other readers have found the supportive relationships amongst the women of the extended family heartwarming my enjoyment was somewhat counterbalanced by irritation with the men Materena s husband Pito is presented as a typical Tahitian man and has almost nothing going for him he s unsupportive lazy self absorbed and drunk half the time There are a couple better examples of men in the story thoughOverall this book is nothing earth shattering but it is certainly pleasant Though this was apparently the first of Vaite s books to be published in the US it has both a preuel Breadfruit and a seuel Tiare in Bloom While I can t claim much interest in the preuel about Materena and Pito s romance the seuel sounds sweet and I may check it out one day Another excellent book recommended by my daughter Set in Tahiti the story is as sunny and delightful as the climate and island breezes The story of a mother and daughter Materena and Leilani their discoveries growth and

full of island culture personalities and stories This is a book I hope others will pick up and read Highly recommend for Around the World readers This book by a Tahitian woman radiates warmth light an excellent winter read The main character is a strong wise generous mother The story is set in a small island community where people now and mostly care about each other The relationships between women in the story are inspirational An enjoyable story of Tahitian culture and the conflict between mothers and daughters I have the sense it won t stick with me for long which is why I only gave it three stars but I didn t have to struggle to get through it Longer review with uotes on my blog also music recommendation and link to desser. Gh mother and daughter are engaged in a tug of war that tests the bonds of their lov. This book was a wild card I found at the library book sale It s bright cover and setting in Tahiti intrigued me A universal story of girlfriends wives mothers unfulfilling men set in Paradise HILARIOUS Easy to see why it is an international bestseller Mostly a story of moms and daughters mainly one loving mom and one strong willed daughter it hits very close to home I will look for another from this author I loved Materena the story s Tahitian Mama and the news on the Coconut Radio Frangipani is Viate s second offering in her Tahitian trilogy Although the first person narrative seems to float along on the surface uite innocently Vaite uses her main character Matarena s seeming simplicity as a guileless mirror with which to reflect the effect of colonization on the native Tahitian psyche The various Tahitians populating the novel suffer a loss of identity in which they are neither really Tahitian nor assimilated to French ways Understanding Woman is Matarena s endearing way of saying The Virgin Mary When Matarena has really got the blues she sits in the church and pours out her troubles to that omni compassionate being The Virgin was also one of the most powerful weapons Europeans used to conuer and civilize the Tahitians as well as most of the South Pacific which they then to conuer and civilize the Tahitians as well as most of the South Pacific which they then around and used as testing grounds for their atomic weapons However by all accounts the Tahitians at first European contact were a healthier happier and prouder lot than they have become under European dominationIn Frangipani Matarena transcends her identity crisis by finding her voice and becoming transformed into a form of Understanding Woman She becomes a being who wisely comes to an understanding of the French and of the TahitiansThe citizens of the Pacific atolls have lived in relative harmony with their very fragile and resources limited natural environment for 2000 years They were aware of the dangers of over population and that the meagre resources they owned needed to be preserved for their very survival Thus they have thrived for two millenia in a situation in which the entire human population now finds itself It is we the civilized ones who should learn from the South Seas Islanders while we can After all some island nations are slated under current projections to soon disappear under the waves this is great fun and very engaginginvolving for anybody going been to related to "or interested in Polynesia pacifica islands around there or the Ma ohimaori ethnic cultural group extending in Polynesia pacifica islands around there or the Ma ohimaori ethnic cultural group extending Samoa or is it Tonga to New Zealand and Hawa i the is a glottal stop and one of their only nine consonants i would make this a solid five out of five I loved it I started thinking it was much better than you d expect for a uite talented daughter of the islands and it s fun and it really captures life there but i got and impressed It s not a great novel but it s as good as can be It s virtues are just really capturing the island and the people and the life If you re going on holiday or honeymoon there and want to see a little behind the curtains of a very shy and retiring people pack this for your reading Your other option is The Moon and Sixpence which i haven t read Vaite is wild outspoken vivacious and colorful I adored this book about a Tahitian mama and the trials of motherhood in a male dominated culture I adored every piece of folk wisdom Even though I fell in love with the author herself while seeing and hearing her talk at a literary festival As In Tahiti it's a well Wild Nights with Her Wicked Boss known fact that women are wisest mothersnow best and Materen. FrangipaniTher authors conducted traditional book talks she took charge of the stage constantly tossing her untamable dark hair and speaking with complete humor and candor about Tahiti womanhood motherhood and so much Frangipani by C lestine Vaite is a delightful and entertaining book about the relationship between mother and daughter Set in Tahiti the culture and language of the about the relationship between mother and daughter Set in Tahiti the culture and language of the is woven into the story making it a uite enjoyable book to read From the book I assume that the Tahitian people are very laid back and happy They have some customs that are just wacky but don t all cultures I loved the relationship between the mother Matarena and her daughter Leilani When Leilani got her period Matarena gave her the Welcome to Womanhood talk She started off by giving her daughter compliments telling her why she s a great girl I loved that she did that for her daughter Can you imagine how empowering that would be to a young woman for her mother to tell her why she s great She then bestows to her daughter all the wisdom that a Tahitian woman needs Some of this wisdom includes Don t get married before you have at least one child with your man Children are the hardest part in a couple s life When there are no children everything is easy everybody wants to get married Once there are children everything changes Interesting True everything changes But don t get married She also tells her daughter not to fall for a foreigner because he will either leave her to go back to his country or make her leave Tahiti to go with him to his country But then immediately after telling her to avoid foreigners she tells her all the things that are wrong with typical Tahitian men One of the things she says about a typical Tahitian man is A typical Tahitian man believes that it is beneath his dignity to show his woman affection You ask a typical Tahitian man Am I beautiful ch ri he answers You re not ugly Her advice about men was amusing One piece of advice that she gave was beautiful When we die it doesn t mean that we don t exist any True we are buried we become then we become True we are buried we become skeleton then we become but all that we have left behind is still there Whenever people talk about us well we come alive again And the last piece of advice in the Welcome to Womanhood talk is priceless Don t start thinking you Midsummer Night (Lady Julia Grey, know than I do There were parts of the book that might make some people blush such as referring to sex as sexy loving But it just made me smile Another blushable moment is when Matarena saw her daughter and her daughter s boyfriend having sex But it was also set in a funny moment So I just laughed at the moment and thought of how awkward that would be to have my mom walk in on that I loved the tone of the writing I could hear the Tahitian accent throughout the book I don tnow if I ve ever even heard a Tahitian accent But the writing was such that I could imagine how it would sound Frangipani was a fun easy read My V author Mario Vargas Llosa still hasn t come in from the library so I looked on the V shelf and found Frangipani I would say that it was a good find Having finished reading this book feels like I just had dinner at McDonald s The writing was easy to understand and I devoured this book in 2 days fast food fast book but it wasn t original It reminded me of Sophie Kinsella The reason I picked up this book was to learn about Tahiti and Tahitian culture But I got absolutely none of it The main character isn t a typical Tahitian mom She reminds me of my own mom A Mahi nows best of all or so everyone except for her own daughter thinks Soon enou. ,

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