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PDF [Finally Fallen The Dark Angels #3]

Finally Fallen The Dark Angels #3

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N s rape flashbacks and freakouts Not to mention them trying to find a common ground for what they felt they could handle sexuallyI found myself getting xtremely pissed off over what transpired within Dusty s family His mother and her religious views not to mention her what will people think of me view News flash lady who cares its not about you I LOVED that Dusty being true to himself and his family took both his brothers in and MADE LOVED that being true to himself and his family took both his brothers in and MADE work His consulting Justin on this issue showed just another facet of how much Dusty loves JustinThe love these two men share is well displayed and clearly comes across This in my opinion is another great addition to this series The Dark Angels is a rock band that is Evolution As Entropy easy to love as a group or individuallyWell done Z You have another slam dunk My Friend Congrats Dusty Book was Awesome Him and Justin were so sweet and understanding withach other Catching up with the other guys in the band was great as well Truly hope Dusty brothers have their own story It a must This is my favorite book in the series so far I really loved the Dusty and Justin together and appreciated how slowly their Sexual Relationship Built Between relationship built between I also appreciated the intense love and respect they had for one another throughout the bookAnother thing I really liked was the deep love and friendship between all of the members of the band I liked the way they support and looked out for one anotherI hope there will be stories written about these characters I really hope both Dusty s brothers and Andrew will all get there own story cough Zack and Andrew together cough Again kind of a let down I do love Dusty he s been a doll throughout the series There was uite a bit of repetition but I liked both MCs Dusty was an asshole in the beginning but he redeemed himself throughout the story His patience and care towards Justin was beautiful Dusty is well rid of his psycho sanctimonious mother and gets custody of both his brothers Loved the new characters introduced. Ly paired with men Dusty can’t be gay A night in a club brings him face to face with the woman of his dreams J is articulate well read witty and smart How could Dusty not finally fallJ didn’t mean to deceive Dusty; he introduced himself as Justin after all REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCE475 StarsDusty is the only Dark Angel left to find true love but boy it s a difficult task He is the least comfortable member of the band when it comes to talking about feelings sex and relationships He is not attracted to gender particularly but the individual personality He may give Angel and the boy s grief about their relationships but under all his grouchiness and subterfuge he is lonely and uite sad With a very religious mother making vile comments and threats he would never be able to admit being attracted to a man His brothers are the most important people in his life and he will do nothing to risk important people in his life and he will do nothing to risk relationship with themOnly Dusty would find the love of his life just as he is leaving the country for months on tour After spending hours talking to J about anything and Forging Gay Identities everything and a rushed grope in Dusty and Justin are FABULOUSThroughout this book you really get to see another side to Dusty Davis He s always been the joker teaser and playful member of the band not to say the others aren t that way as well But Dusty has always been the one thatveryone went to when they needed We saw this clearly when Josh was on his drinking binge in Tied Together Well now its Dusty s turn to be the one needingSPOILER ALERTThis was clearly seen when after months of Forbidden History emails phone calls letters and whatnots with J Dusty finally comes face to face with his loveJustin His reaction to Justin being J was heart felt His confusion at what was happening and how he turned to his band mates for answers was very telling of the strong relationship they all have withach other His lashing out at Justin when Fiche Blian ag Fás everything dawned on him was hard core and very apparent that he was hurting This scene has me feeling hurt for the loss and confusion Dusty was feelingFrom there themotions were strongly displayed as Dusty and Justin tried to go on with their lives separately To no availThis couple like all others had their issues Dusty being a man love virgin Justi. What’s the use of being a rock legend if you have no one to share the fame and fortune with Not that Dusty Davis is looking He’s content taking care of himself his bandmates and his rambunctious younger brothersAnd while the rest of The Dark Angels are happi.