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Read this in the park with some cider and an adult cigarette Made me feel somewhat sleepy dreamy and sensual much like the writing itself I m giving this 5 stars because I like the stories some better than thers love the way they re written and enjoy ANs style f writinglushsensuous and erotic FOR "MY NOTES REALLY Lovely elegant smut Not by far n the level f some f her ther writing though "NOTES REALLY Lovely elegant smut Not by far n the level Baltimore Catechism No. 2 of somef her Mic manual de campanie electorală other writing though found myself identifying in some way with a woman in every single story The stories though perverse and borderingn the surreal at times reveal universalities in all human sexuality and how it links to the psyche and emotion which The Big Book of Maker Skills: Tools Techniques for Building Great Tech Projects oddly enough makes her characters relatable and relieving aspposed to sort f alienating them and
"mak remarkably racy "
Remarkably racy seductive this collection f erotic and intensely passionate tales is uite blunt Written by French born novelist passionate eroticist and short story writer Anais Nin explores the woman s personal voyage f self discovery and physical pleasure It s all right for a woman to be above all human I am a Woman First Of All From first f all from Diary Just Joking of Ana s Nin vol I 1966 Book 18 in the collectionf Penguin Great Loves is a small volume containing eight stories that regard how love can be sensual A naive model whom discovers her sexuality which is reminiscent f when nes understanding Times of Trouble (A Time Travel Anthology) of sexual intercourse is heightened by those events and individuals around us An erotic moonlight encountern a beach is candid and supremely sincere as too is the tale regarding a man who teaches the art BENAAMI of passion in a gypsy caravan This diverse rangef short stories explores the nature f sex and the awakening f desire If you are a fan f erotic fiction then this is a must read although considering how people are pen in a modern world you may find this uite timid Apart from the detailed explicit and vivid descriptions f characters interac. A naive model slowly discovering her sexuality; an erotic moonlight encounter n a bea. ,

CHARACTERS Eros Unbound Penguin Great Loves


Eros Unbound Penguin Great LovesMe a Sacher torte in a light wooden box from Vienna Anais Nin may make a great tasteful erotic gift in general However from what I remember the stories were just OK Very taut if still incredibly stylised although I understand that s to a big degree because the man who commissioned her to write them told her Concentrate Stay on Your Toes, Maggie Adams! on sex Leaveut the poetry Her novels have emotion and needless to say this was hard for Nin to do but she needed the money a dollar a page and while she hated the collector for his taste she argued that her voice and feeling was not totally suppressed which is true The Maja a painter is trying to convince his puritanical wife to pose nude for him 2 stars The Woman n the Dunes Louis wanders into the night and meets a mysterious woman 2 stars Saffron Fay marries a much lder man who idolizes her too much to consummate "the marriage he eventually does so because she smells saffron "marriage he eventually does so because she smells like saffron colored woman 3 star A Model raised in a conservative and sexually repressive environment a young girl takes up modeling 2 stars Hilda and Rango Hilda is used to initiating sex but that all changes Night Train To Cherbourg: A Joszef Kiraly: Gentleman, Vampire Mystery once she meets Rango 2 stars Two Sisters two sister fall for the same man 2 stars Linda her husband isut f town so Linda accepts an invitation to a masked party 2 stars The Ring an Indigenous man and a Peruvian woman f Spanish descent fall in love despite her family s pposition the man wears a ring in a of Spanish descent fall in love despite her family s pposition the man wears a ring in a unfortunate location 2 stars Do not read Marco Polo: A Photographer's Journey on the bus I didn t realise this book comprisedf stories from Delta The Cosmic Internet: Explanations from the Other Side of Venus and Little Birds nor had I connected that these were the erotic stories Anais Nin wrote for her mystery client Whom she hated because he wanted explicit content without anyf the poetry Of the stories included here they were a mixed lot Some were super short and to the point Marketing Aesthetics others were lingering and descriptive I preferred Cent from Fez Anais Nin's stories explore the naturef sex and the awakening f desir. Tions I found that each tale lacked substance and depth to the plot They were bluntly crude and hence why I have given this a lower rating than I initially anticipated just because f the fact that the characters are not explored deeply enough and all is uite vague regarding the background info for each tale Fiction within this genre such as On Dublin Street and Fifty Shades f Grey series is extremely popular due to the combination f detailed storyline together with the sexual nature Oddly Normal of the book Not my cupf tea at all and a genre that I wouldn t want to re visit 25 stars Wasn t uite sure how to take this American Studio Ceramics: Innovation and Identity, 1940 to 1979 one at times It s extremely racy I didn t realize it would be a collectionf erotic stories until I read the author s mini bio in the front cover This book is McNally's Risk onef Slaves of New York only two available at my local library in Penguin s Great Loves series It s my goal to read them all Not sure how I ll track them all down but I ll find a way This This small bookf erotic short stories by the French born American author is "both stirring and captivating Her use Gou: Himetachi No Sengoku Vol. 1 of language to describe desire and passion is unparalleled The couplingf her protagonists and "stirring and captivating Her use Johannes Itten: Das Frühwerk 1907-1919 of language to describe desire and passion is unparalleled The couplingf her protagonists and circumstances leading to their sexual encounters are freshly From Rodin to Plensa: Modern Sculpture at the Meadows Museum original yet tantalizingly familiar There is psychological depth here in untangling the base emotional wantsf companionship desire love and sexual fantasy Each story subtly yet powerfully enforces
"the suspension f "
suspension f allowing the reader to fully explore along with the protagonist the emotional impact Dangerous Beauty of the unfolding scenario Haven t rated because I got this without realising that the stories are in the longer collections Little Birds and Deltaf Venus which I have read The latter was a gift from a 40 something man when I was 21 Sadly not from someone attractive to me shall we say but all the same ne f my favourite gifts ever he also sent. Ch; a man teaching the art f passion in a gypsy caravan; and a woman in love with a

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