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E–pub [Eight Animals on the Town Picture Puffins] Å Susan Middleton Elya

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Eight Animals on the Town Picture Puffins

Susan Middleton Elya Ø 6 Read & download

E majority of the Backgrounds Of His Pictures Show A Dated Agrarian With of his show a dated agrarian Mexico with wearing similarly dated costumes I liked this book due to the act that it is a mixture of spanish and english words Children can learn simple spanish words that are supported by pictures and the english word as well I would recommend this book No Apology Necessary for ages 2 9 I loved this book because it was a good counting bookor young children Throughout the text the author uses Spanish words to teach children another language other than English Toddlers Pre K Bilingual Pre K bilingual awareness vocabulary numbers animals rhymin. Illustrations this is a great way to introduce young readers to a new language as well as a great tool to help Spanish speakers learn English An engaging choice or early readers Booklist. Trations in this book He has me read it to him and "Then He Reads It "he reads it me Great book incorporating spanish and english words Also good to learn spanish numbers and animals For younger grades k 2 Cute picture book designed to help children learn a ew spanish words then to be acutually bi lingal but it is a lot of un This book could be used as a read aloud or independently by an elementary school child the author Susan Elya has written this counting book that introduces children to some basic Spanish words the illustrator Lee Chapman uses warm bright colors in his pictures of whimsical animals Th. Eir supper There's his pictures of whimsical animals Th. Eir supper There's or the mouse leche Whoops! for the cat and much And when all of the animals areed it's off to the baile to dance the night to the baile to dance the night Brought to life with Lee Chapman's bold. .
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