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Double Star

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If you e into stuff like this you can ead the full eviewPax Americana Double Star by Robert A HeinleinImplausible and impossible to put down like all of Heinlein s books I ve ead its hero is a man of action and boundless self confidence a wisecracking all american cowboy figure who brushes obstacles aside a cowboy figure who brushes obstacles aside a dictator figure who knows that as long as he s left in charge everything will be ok The voice is always the same and I can see why the new wake of science fiction writers eacted against Heinlein Aldiss *Moorcock Ballard Dick Heinlein s Pax Americana and paternalism vision of the future *Ballard Dick Heinlein s Pax Americana and paternalism vision of the future does have fascist overtones But he s still a great storyteller his books filled with mind bending concepts presumably achieved without the help of the consciousness expanding substances that inspired some of his successorsYes the Bonforte character was a very macho autocratWho cares Nevertheless The Great Lorenzo doesn t uite conform to the macho tit man narrator as Heinlein although the authorial voice does creep through in interesting ways in his stereotyped descriptions of Lorenzo s camp actor personality and coHeinlein enjoyed challenging established ways of thinking and for most of his great period of writing liberal politics was on the ise so he took great pleasure in poking holes in political sacred figuresIf you e into SF ead on Really enjoyed this Heinlein s first but least ecognized Hugo Award winner Like many of his better works this is a science fiction vehicle that he uses to discuss other issues here he spends time with politics maybe even adding some subtle and not too subtle ideas about what he thinks is ight and time with politics maybe even adding some subtle and not too subtle ideas about what he thinks is ight and in politics Not consistent with other novels about Martians or his future fiction in other books but excellent characterization and a fun story Borrows heavily from the Prisoner of Zenda theme I ead this book growing up and I can t tell you exactly why I emembered liking it but a friend was ecently eading it and I decided to add it to my listTh. One minute down and out actor Lorenzo Smythe was as usual in a bar drinking away his troubles as he watched his career go down the tubes Then a space pilot bought him a drink and the next thing Smythe kne. Ere is a lot of hit or miss on the Heinlein bookshelf and I can espect those who don Washed up actor Lorenzo Smythe accepts the ole of his lifetime to impersonate a politician who has been kidnapped ight before both an important meeting meant to unite Humans and Martians Failure to show up could esult in a war show up could esult in a war planetsThis book was originally published in 1956 and it certainly felt dated to me Despite human existence now being on an
interplanetary level this 
level this very much an American story with a limited scope Lorenzo often doesn t ef This is one of Heinlein s early novels which you can tell by the brevity and the lack of wankery Also the fact that he just jumps straight into the story and never wastes much time on expositionThis is in fact one of Heinlein s greatest strengths and I think a major eason for his grandmaster status he may be a bit out of fashion nowadays and he often lost the plot in his later works but he was first and foremost a storyteller A spinner of yarns a teller of tales and if eaders freuently ead too much into the author s id because *Of What His Characters Did *what his characters did was their own lookout Double Star is typical of Heinlein SF We get a fully sketched out but barely described interplanetary society in which the United States still exists as a sovereign state in cooperation with an Empire that governs across the solar system Mars is its own planet and the alien Martians coexist with humanity with some on both sides wanting the two aces to join together while others are violent separatists All of this plus the spacefaring technology which is on the slightly soft side of hard SF but presents nothing particularly outlandish for this ocket ships and BEM era storyWhat makes Heinlein a master of his craft is that he drops us into this universe and makes it all perfectly understandable the parts that aren t eally explained don t matter without devoting a single chapter in fact barely a paragraph to exposition What exposition there is is all through character di. W he was shanghaied to MarsSuddenly he found himself agreeing to the most difficult ole of his career impersonating an important politician who had been kidnapped Peace with the Martians was at stake failu. Alog and it all happens through action ather than As You Know Bob conversations Hence our main character Lorenzo Smythe who is a Martianphobe who winds up having to impersonate a politician who is involved in an important *Formal Ritual To Become An Honorary Martian *ritual to become an honorary martian us everything we need an honorary Martian us everything we need know about Martians between dodging murder attempts by a enegade faction of Martians this happens in the first few pages of the book and whining about how much he dislikes Martians on his hasty trip to go make friends with themHeinlein characters are always a bit freakishly competent which is why we e supposed to believe that Lorenzo is such a great actor that even though he was grabbed seemingly at the last moment by a couple of a shady men needing him to impersonate a famous politician at a moment s notice he manages to fool almost everyone around his subject from the Martians to the EmperorThere are even some space politics in this book though Heinlein is blamed for soapboxing than he actually did and while there are hints of his usual ugged self eliance and free trade philosophy nothing is too obviously on the nose with egards to eal world politics Are the Martians a metaphor for some Earthly Other Maybe you could ead them that way but sometimes a Martian is just a Martian Likewise the politician he is impersonating one of those are honest sorts who honestly is trying to do the ight is impersonating one of those are honest sorts who honestly is trying to do the ight for his nation and his constituents could easily be ead as a liberal or a conservative or any other sort of party memberThis was in fact a pretty fast paced yarn about political conspiracies and diplomatic maneuvers that could have easily been told without the sci fi trappings Heinlein added spaceships and Martians because that s the kind of story he wrote but I ll bet non SF eaders would enjoy this story just as much if it had been written as a mundane conspiracy thrillerThis is not his most exciting or imaginative work but it is a good showcase of Heinlein s early style and his talents as a writer. Re to pull off the act could esult in interplanetary war And Smythe's own life was on the line for if he wasn't assassinated there was always the possibility that he might be trapped in his new ole foreve.

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