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T which is where I run into a serious issue There isn t any Dissolution is a uick read giving ust the briefest of glimpses into a futuristic world where humans literally have a value Like here s a check now give me my human Because it was so short there simply wasn t enough time to go into detail about how the world became this way The desolation of the world as we know it is hinted at but never fully explored I find myself wondering if there really is to tell or if the beauty is in the blank space allowing the reader to come to their own conclusionsAt the beginning of the story we re introduced to Madeline who seems to have some abnormal bodily reactions going on but I was to know WHY or HOW this happened What s going on Her understanding of the world is shattered in a moment and in the collapse she is forced to run for her life I absolutely love that she is technologically minded able to use ingenious creative thought in her escapeThe story also causes the reader to delve into the painful debate of human worth Who is to say that one person is worth than another based on nothing than a few tests There is something to be said for individuality and we need people to say itAnd now My only hope is that I can send out a plea to the author to divulge some of the secrets behind the story or in an ideal world to write a second storyA copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review DISSOLUTION was an interesting dystopian novella that had great authentic ideas but lacked in detail and execution I really liked the idea of corporations owning its employees and seeing them as assets to be traded and sold However the world building felt incomplete and the characters underdevelopedMadeline has waited her whole life for her Auctioning After 18 years of waiting after countless hours of training she s ready for the next step in her life In her city of Unilox five corporations exist ANRON MERCE HARLIN PERCO and DRAYTH As an asset of ANRON the pharmaceutical company she hopes to be sold to MERCE where she ll be free to build and fix things One of the major problems with the novella is that we don t really know what these corporations do The author doesn t really go into much detail about the individual companies but has a strong disliking for some I don t know if the lack of information was done purposely but either way it leaves the reader confusedThe story spans only a couple of days and it s interesting to see Madeline go from an elite asset to a hunted fugitive and then on to a merciless negotiator I love Madeline s strength and devotion to her parents and boyfriend but her motivations seem to lack foundation Her relationship with her parents seems cold and the details about her relationship with her boyfriend Jake is sketchy The fact that she has to pay to spend time with him is ust bizarre which kind of makes him seem like a escort As an asset of ANRON she learns on what should have been her auctioning day that she will never be able to be sold and will always remain the property of ANRON As an experiment of the medical company she s worth too much to be auctioned but we never really learn what makes her so special She to be auctioned but we never really learn what makes her so special She to have incredible healing abilities and stamina but the author never goes into details about special She to have incredible healing abilities and stamina but the author never goes into details about makes her so incredible why she was never told and the details of her originI love the way the author shows us how corporations are considered legal entities yet are uncaring and cold I guess when you re looking for the ultimate antagonist corporations are probably one of the best and strongest candidates They have many of the rights humans have yet are very hard to hurt or kill When it comes to facing off against ANRON it s difficult to see how Madeline will succeedWhen it comes to description it was hard to follow the details of the action I think the author was trying to be too visual and failed to give us the necessary information to follow the story However some of the descriptions were on par for example the use of implants to stay connected to society and the scene which I will simply call the river scene because I want to avoid spoilersOverall the author had great ideas but as a whole the story lacked information and detail The characters were underdeveloped the action was hard to follow and the world needed building Personally I believed this story would have potential as a detailed novel instead of a novellaThis book has also been reviewed on Tynga s Reviews I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review Madeline has spent her life training and preparing for the day she would be eligible to put herself up for auction at eighteen She wants nothing to escape from Anron Life Limited and being a human lab rat and be purchased by another company called Merce that is technology oriented On the day of the auctions though Maddie finds herself still standing after all of the others have been auctioned off and she s told that she s not on the list Now it comes to light that she was never able to be sold and that Anron owns her outright and now they want to put her to death Dissolution is a rather short read that you can see touches of other dystopian novels such as Divergent Hunger Games and The Giver The teen MC is set to find out where she will be sent the rest of her life and then things go wrong for her at the ceremony In this book Maddie finds herself needing to fight back against the corporations in controlWhat I found with this one that kept me from rating a bit higher is that it has that novella curse to it that I ust found myself wanting a bit out it when done Being so short it was a good enough story but it could have been great if things get expanded and explained with depth than is possible in a novella Overall 35 stars A good read but could have used expanding to be better I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviews please visi. Gains to be madeSo when your loved ones are in danger there’s a bounty on your head and your entire city might turn out to be a lie what would you sell yourself

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Babe in the Woods

DissolutionFull review and available at My ThoughtsAs anyone who follows my reviews well knows I love a good dystopian novel For far too long I ve heard dystopian is deaddying yet incredible new stories keep flying into my inbox I still haven t uite figured out why the bookish community has written off this fascinating genre With so many uniue twists on dystopian literature floating out there I m confident there s something out there for all readersLast week I was contacted by a new indie author about a new release that really caught my eye It s been a while since I ve devoured a new sci fi dystopian but I couldn t pass this one up Could Dissolution live up to the hypeYes And then someWhile I won t go so far as to say that Dissolution was the most original idea I have read in the genre I was still engrossed from page one It s a short read clocking in at Maestro just over 100 pages on my Nook that I was able to devour inust one sitting It s fast paced and written with a fresh voice I haven t seen in some time Hawke is definitely an author I will be watching When it comes to the plot Dissolution reads much in the same vein as other dystopians such as Veronica Roth s Divergent or Sarah Negovetich s Acceptance series A futuristic society divided into factions following the story of one rogue girl looking to make a difference and change the future forever What s different Oh boy Hawke makes her mark let s ust say that Madeline our heroine doesn t mess around Dissolution is truly the first new adult dystopian novel I have read The stakes are higher and it s filled with far adult themes than other novels in the genre I have read The entire story has an incredible darkominous tone that definitely will leave you full of reflection by the time you finish While the language and content are than appropriate for young adult readers as well Dissolution is one of those stories that really begs for mature readers and thought It s truly a testament to the uniue writing style of Hawke to provoke such thought with a novel such as Dissolution The story isn t bogged down with world building or rules but Hawke still manages to give us a complete setting that is easy to follow throughout the story Definitely worth checking out for all readers looking to add something new to their TBRI m not uite sure what Hawke has planned for the future of this series but I know that this reader will be watching her career intently Don t miss this opportunity to add this incredible new dystopian read to your TBR today I am so excited to be granting Dissolution by Lee S Hawke a well deserved 4 star review Highly recommended to all fans of sci fi and dystopian you won t regret this read Source Xpresso Book ReviewsGenre Science Fiction DystopiaRating 3My ThoughtsAuthor Lee S Hawke s Dissolution asks the uestion What would you sell yourself for If Hawke s world before a person turns 18 they are put through a series of trials and testing and testing in hopes of getting bid on at the Auction But what happens when your hopes and dreams of working for another corporation goes up in smoke thanks to a silly contract that was signed by your own up in smoke thanks to a silly contract that was signed by your own Are you actually a person or are you an experiment and therefore your thoughts and desires have no bearing on what happens to you nextFull Review Posting Talk Supe Blog Link To ComePublished March 25th 2016 by Blind Mirror Publishing Read this review and on my blog I received a free copy of Dissolution via XpressoBookTours in exchange for my honest opinionDissolution is a dystopian novella that is not all that it seems Instead of it being a fun read even though it is it directly and willingly makes you uestion ideas that you may have been brought up withIn this community everyone before they turn 18 is to be auctioned off to the highest bidder For what it was not clear enough for me too understand that is one of the only things that I do not like about Dissolution When Madeline s name does not even get called at the auction she had humongous expectations as to what she was going to do and when she arrives home she finds two suits at her house see does the only thing that anyone would do she boltsDissolution is meant to be a thought Provoking Novella Which It novella which it is Throughout this entire novella it is easy to put yourself into Madeline Lee defiantly is Throughout this entire novella it is easy to put yourself into Madeline Lee Hawke has achieved something amazing Not many writers could pull off a social commentary and make it fun to read but Hawke nailed itThe story is set in the fictional city of Unilox where the people are owned by one of 5 companies ANRON HARLIN MERCE PERCO DRAYTH Which one does Madeline belong to You ll have to read the book to find outWhen you turn 18 you re eligible and reuired to participate in an Auctioning You will be sold to the highest bidder You don t get a choice Each company specialises in certain areas ANRON is medical MERCE is technology Madeline a tech head wants to be bought by MERCE But when she goes to her auctioning things hit a snagWhat I really love about Dissolution is the social commentary aspect What if you were owned What if you never really had any free will Everything seems like utopia but what if you re living a lieI love the ourney that Madeline goes on to discover the truth about her city She s an outsider and there se Now I know what you re thinking yay another dystopian to add to all the other dystopians flooding the market But trust me this one is unlike anything you ve read Yes it does have some shades of The Hunger Games Divergent and even a bit of The Giver embedded in it but the premise underneath those elements is refreshing different and thought provoking Everything a good science fiction tale should beHawke s world is dominated by corporations and a person s value is entirely dependent on how much they can give what their productivity is likely to be how their skills rank against the corporations needs They re not people they re drones slaves Licensed IP to be bought and traded and sold It s chilling and a cautionary message to the wor. What would you sell yourself forMadeline knows She’s spent the last eighteen years impatiently waiting for her Auctioning so she can sell herself to MERCE Solutio. Kaholics of the worldBut while there is a very strong thread of social commentary running throughout it takes a back seat to the larger tale which is an action packed cyberpunk thriller in the vein of Phillip K DickMadeline Maddie has spent her entire life dreaming of escape from ANRON Life Limited pegging all her hopes on the possibility of being purchased by MERCE the technology oriented corporation where she can put her modding skills to good use and where she ll no longer be a human lab rat But after years of rigorous trials and tests competition and an interview process that feels like an interrogation than an interview she finds that there was never any chance for escape Her life has always belonged to ANRON and now they want it back They re revoking her license sentencing her to death in the name of scienceAnd she s having none of it Alone disconnected from the technology that serves as a lifeline for most of the city s denizens and on the run she learns the true difference between good and evil And in the process she discovers that the corporations aren t as untouchable as they seemBrilliant emotional and intelligent Dissolution is a highly satisfying read It is a novella but don t let that scare you off It s a complete self contained and moving tale that will challenge you to rethink your own views on corporations and technology in general It s a smart well written amazing piece of storytelling and should not be missedDisclaimer I was the editor for this title however all opinions stated are my own and were not influenced by bias or compensation AN AWESOME NOVEL YOU NEED TO READ STATFull review here future Madeline lives in isn t a bright one Toxic rivers arid deserts the world beyond the wall is beyond hope of saving But her city Unilox seems to be a beacon of life and hope minus the freedom You see the city is run entirely by corporations and being a citizen means being a part of one of them Not ust as an employee but as a purchased product what belongs to them At 18 gaining citizenship means being auctioned off and having your contract purchased by any one of these corporations Your life belongs to them and they decide your value But it s a system that works Everyone gets along swimmingly in this future there are incredibly high tech body augmentations available to everyone which allow you to have bionic eyes or to have tastes fed to your brain which make the nutrient mush you eat taste like anything you want People are healthy and happy The problem is that they all wear collarsMadeline belongs to ANRON the medical corporation They run tests on everything and her own parents have payed the cost with their own health being experimental themselves Madeline wants to be purchased by MERCE the tech industry but when she isn t even called up at the auction her hopes of reaching her dreams are shattered When she learns that ANRON never intended to give up her license and they would rather have her on a metal slab to slice her open she must make a daring escape to fight for her freedom in a world where only a handful are truly freeHawke creates an amazing world for us to fall into The world of people as products and human auctions almost feels real and somehow completely believable From the First Page We Re Pulled Into Unilox page we re pulled into Unilox we re rooting for Madeline as she nervously prepares to be sold at auction Yup we re excited for her At first glance you might think this looks like the usual YA but I m here to tell you that it s much much For one you don t have a silly love triangle getting in the way of the plot Madeline s relationship with Jake is something that both drives her and motivates her and it s healthy and heartbreaking Honestly it was refreshing to read Even though it broke me in the endThe plot is also intensely gripping Madeline s only goal is to survive and this leads her to discover the true workings of her city and realize that it s not right we can t help but cheer for We can t help but cheer for when she realizes what we ve known from the start that people are not products and that companies may have the same rights as a human being but they are only as strong as the people who make them up But this makes the read even enjoyable a clear goal a world bent on catching her Madeline s plight is something we can latch on to As a matter of fact I would only call this YA because of the age of the protagonist 18 It is so much better than those trendy books out there The plot is rich and exciting The protagonist is relatable and you want to root for her And the ending absolutely destroyed me making me feel like I ve been ripped apart It is such a brilliant way to shut the book And now I m stuck here with feels Trust me on this you won t read another book like Dissolution Pick it up on STAT Madeline is a character who would be at home in the world of Divergent The Giver or Hunger Games In fact her story starts very much like The Giver or Divergent do She is excited about turning 18 and being able to auction herself and finally have the assignment which will be hers for the rest of her life but it is as those two books set precedent for and she isn t allowed to fulfill the set precedent for and she isn t allowed to fulfill the which her whole life has taught her was the next logical step In fact her next step rather than being into adulthood is off a cliff This book flows uickly in fact at the end it was going too fast and I actually ended up flipping back through chapters to see if I had missed a section There was a lot longer novel that could have been written as there was a big ump from where Madeline meets a group of people who offer her a bit of hope and suddenly she is in the climax of the novel The book is well written the characters are ones you care about even when you only meet them briefly and the story arc does in one short book what a lot of authors take a trilogy to complete Hmmm In fact this is a book that begs for a seuel Science fiction is my Sencillamente mindfulness jam So when I run across a story with a fascinating premise and stellar characters I obviously wan. Ns Limited for a hundred thousand credits But when the Auctioneer fails to call her and two suits show up at her doorstep Madeline discovers there are far worse bar.