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Defining Deception: Libérering the Church from the Mystical–Miracle Movement (EPUB)

Defining Deception: Freeing the Church from the Mystical-Miracle Movement Kindle Edition

Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, rNdling of what is a sensitive topic for some The authors use Bill Johnson of Bethel Church Redding California as an example to illustrate how deception works Next to the authors faithfulness to the biblical text the best bit for me waseading testimonies of people who have been set free from the false teaching of Word of Faith Prosperity preachers see Appendix 1 I have been chronically ill for 18 years and fell prey to Health and Wealth prosperity teaching in the early years of illness I spent many hours watching TBN and believed my positive thoughts confessions seed sowing giving and service led to high functionality I was very high functioning for 6 years but high functionality I was very high functioning for 6 years but all in 2012 I felt betrayed by God and almost lost my faithI stopped watching TBN and fell in love with the pure word of God I A Mother and Daughter Diary of Raw Food Recipes for Beginners realized that being full of faith while suffering was as miraculous as being healed physically Well meaning people have said things that have been hurtful but this book was like a balm for my heart Romans 818 For Ieckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be evealed in us I found this book to be a great disappointment It was a very superficial treatment of the subject and in general completely anti charismatic It begins with a history of the charismatic movement and its development I eally didn t buy this book for a history lesson on the movement but for some specific definition of the beliefs of the current major players in the NAR Bill Johnson of Bethel is a focus but truthfully they have such a bias against him noth As a former Charismatic the Word Faith movement was very much part and parcel of the church I attended and is full of deceptive errors Therefore this book is much needed the end of my time as a Charismatic was going to hear Benny Hinn and watch him at work I was gobsmacked at his Scripture twisting and was left feeling very much alone Costi Hinn Benny s Nephew and Anthony Wood both were part of the Word Faith movement this book plots the history and shows how via Bethany House it has gone mainstream Both show compassion to those who are in this movement and are seeking to each out with both truth and love I like that in the appendix there are a few testimonies of others who came out of this deceptive movement People with whom I have a common story family I ve given it 4 stars as it could have done with a bit proof eading I d also like to see in an expanded version an interaction with Joyce Meyer who in the UK at least is even mainstream than Bethany House May God Bless this book and use it to draw people away from the Word of Faith andNAR movement to Himself Whatever your perceptions are of the holy spirits work in the believer today not many

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books will give you a balanced informative biblical truthful and loving message that is greatly needed in the church today where discernment is sadly so often overlooked in eplace of tolerance Thank you for your passion to preach Christ as Lord and fear God than man out of love for the gospe. O have turned Jesus into a commodity It is also a call to all Christians of good faith to help those trapped by these corrupt leaders ediscover the biblical Gospel of Christ Every Christian is called to earnestly contend for the faith Jude 3 even when its controversialDefining Deception will euip Christians to do just th. .

Anthony G. Wood,Costi W. Hinn ì 3 ead & download


Defining Deception is one of the most important books you should ead this year My wife and I were once in a Third WaveNAR Church experienced you should ead this year My wife and I were once in a Third WaveNAR Church experienced firsthand Our hearts break for the lost deceived This book sheds light on the darkness To mix metaphors this book is a bit of a curates egg and throws the baby out with the bath water From its discernment of the heinous heresies and posturing of Johnson and Hinn with which I can wholeheartedly agree it then goes on to a totally cessationist dogma As someone nurtured from an early age as a cessationist I can affirm that I was healed of a chronic crippling skeletal disease at a time when it was ordained that I believed in the healing power of the blood of Jesus Since then I have followed the instructions in James 5 and eceived healing as promisedthe authors also ignored acts healing as promisedThe authors also ignored Acts 1 4 when discussing the baptism of the Holy Spirit in the appendices The gifts of the Spirit have not ceased but there is biblical guidance on the efficacy of these gifts Rather than try to be discerning about the nature and use of the gifts the authors have condemned them outright Very good truthful concise and academic book on deception in the Church concentrating on the lunacy of the NARBehelHillsong brands Please consider eading if your Church has any links to Bethel in any form ReviewCosti Hinn and Anthony Wood have done with this book what men of education and platform have been unable to do they make a convincing argument pointing out the flaws of some teachings and beliefs of the Charismatic and Pentecostal movements They succeeded where many in the cessationist camp have failed in their eviews blogs and books Hinn and Wood did not paint with a broad brush they clarified upfront that there is a difference between mainstream Charismatic Pentecostal leaders and they did not make the assumption that ALL Pentecostal Charismatic believers were of the same belief base Most important they approached this from the perspective of love and I am particularly impressed that Costi didn t show dishonor to his Uncle or his elatives in my opinionI don t agree with everything they stated but I must say that I pray this is the beginning of a dialogue that allows for thoughtful and Christ honoring discussion in the future egarding such a critical topic Both sides of this debate should stop the belittling posts made on social media books that misrepresent facts and conferences that are eckless with overstatements There are examples of this on both sides of this argumentBackground InfoI am a believer in the continuing gifts of the Spirit I am the CEO of a business in So California and am not in full time ministry at the moment but pray to be in the next few years I am the son of a leader in the Assemblies of God and have been fortunate enough to have been brought up in a Biblically sound church My grandfather founded an AG church down the oad from Masters College and was an admirer of John MacArthur even though there was a difference in the gifts I picked up my admiration for Dr MacArthur from my Pentecostal Grandfa. The global movement of mystical miracle enthusiasts have put a modern face on historical heresies Men and women posing as prophets and apostles make millions preying on the sick poor and emotionally fragile Behind a veil of glamour many self proclaimed pastors mask their spiritual abuse with claims of special power from .
Defining Deception: Freeing the Church from the Mystical-Miracle MovementTher and I also have admiration for him as well as Phil Johnson Mark Denver Al Mohler and many other cessation Pastor s and theologians I ve also been privileged to hear some of the great ministers in the Pentecostal movement preach from my dad s pulpit sit at our dinner table and pray over my life and that of our family I ve ead the books and studies of Jack Hayford Stanley Horton Michael Brown David Wilkerson and othersI do have a concern that there is eal deficiency of sound Biblical teaching in some topics or ministries in the Pentecostal movement today I also believe there needs to be leaders within the movement addressing these issues I am of the opinion that the movement is in need of men who will speak to the movement in the same manner of David Wilkerson and call out the heresy of the prosperity gospel the trend of preaching motivational messages and the abuse of church leadership for the garbage that they epresent I am concerned that you can literally watch hours of preaching by some in the NAR movement and not hear a single eference to scripture There are too many weird crazy off the wall manifestations that have found acceptance in some circles despite the fact that they posses as much Biblical grounding as instructions for IKEA furniture assemblyOn the other hand many in the discernment business need to check their hearts Making wide sweeping and sometimes false accusations writing books and holding conferences that use these false accusations to jeer and condemn the entire movement as degenerate or false is just as wrong Although they have good feedback at times I ve also seen vengeful talk and targeting on social media that brings zero Glory to our Saviour In addition there are many topics that need correction that are being stifled because there is energy spent in the movement deflecting these often vengeful attacks while there are issues and concerns that those outside don t address or have knowledge of currentlyI applaud the approach that this book takes and should you ever find your way down to the No San Diego area would love to listen to you preach You don t eceive a tornado warning with glee and giddiness nor will this book leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside it s not supposed to It is a clarion call that especially for those directly in the mysticalmiracle movement s swath of force is meant to save lives For Christians outside of the Third Wave New Apostolic Reformation havoc this book is also necessary because as with any natural disaster we must not only consider our own safety but lovingly consider how we can help those in the thick of the crisis In other words there are no Christians that don t need to ead this book Whether it be a warning other words there are no Christians that don t need to ead this book Whether it be a warning what is happening to us directly or a heart wrenching news eport on what is happening to our loved ones denominationally abroad we are euired to know and care If I needed to ead just one book to get a clear overarching picture that is well documented and written in a spirit of love and kindness this would be the one Careful biblical ha. He Holy Spirit Defining Deception pulls back the curtain to eveal the truth behind this lucrative industry Written with a uniue blend of theology history and personal experience Costi Hinn and Anthony Wood have lovingly yet sternly exposed the mystical miracle fraud in the hope that Christians will unite against those wh.

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