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Criminally Cocoa Amish Candy Shop Mystery #35 (Free E–pub) ¼ Amanda Flower

Criminally Cocoa Amish Candy Shop Mystery #35Criminally Cocoa by Amanda Flower is An Amish Candy Shop Mystery novella No 35 Charlotte Weaver is thrilled to be in New York City with her cousin Bailey King for the filming of Bailey s Amish Sweets Bailey is creating a hand woven chocolate Easter basket using tempered chocolate when the double boiler explodes Glass and chocolate are sent flying around THE SET BUT THANKFULLY NO ONE WAS INJURED THE set but thankfully no one was injured The day Juliet Brody and her comfort ig Jethro arrive to be a Better Policing with Microsoft Office 2007 part of the show andublicity Escaflowne (Escaflowne Newtype 100% Collection, 40) photos While shootinghotographs in the Wild Pork and Watercress park a loud horn sounds which scaresoor Jethro and sends him running into the ark Charlotte is concerned that someone is trying to sabotage the show as the small incidents continue With Bailey Already Nervous About The Filming Bailey already nervous about the filming decides to investigate on her own Can Charlotte unmask the saboteur Join Charlotte Bailey Cass and Jethro on their New York City adventure in Criminally CocoaCriminally Cocoa icks up where Premeditated Peppermint ended We join Bailey Charlotte and Cass in New York where they are filming the first season of Bailey s Amish Sweets Bailey asked Charlotte to come along and be her assistant on the show Criminally Cocoa is told from Charlotte s Articles on Works by C. S. Lewis, Including point of view It was humorous to see New York City through Charlotte s eyes Charlotte grew up Amish and has yet to join the church She views things differently from Englishers I thought Criminally Cocoa was well written with steadyacing It was nice to learn about Charlotte in this story When Bailey blames herself for the explosion of the double boiler Charlotte wants to help Interracial Romance BWWM prove it was not her cousin s fault Charlotte has watched Bailey solve three crimes anduts that knowledge to use The mystery was straightforward Readers will have no Gaddafis Harem problem solving it before the reveal However it is the right type of mystery for the length of the story While the story focuses on the group in New York we do get updates on their friends back home in Harvest Ohio I especially enjoyed the addition of Juliet Brody and herolka dotted Puff pig Jethro Their anticsrovided me with Laid to Ruin (Lancelots Fall, plenty of laughs It is always delightful to read one of Amanda Flower s books I am eager to read Toxic Toffee which is the next An Amish Candy Shop Mystery This is a lighthearted transition for Toxic Toffee Fun read Dollycas s ThoughtsThis delightful novellaicks up where the last book leaves off Bailey and Charlotte travel to New York to film Bailey s Amish Sweets Both are thrilled to be Leyendas Negras part of the Gourmet Television Network Anxious and nervous for everything to go smoothly Bailey tries to do her best but a bunch of freaky things happen It seems the show may never get off the ground Charlotte makes some keen observationsroving the mishaps are not accidents and she is determined to find out who is trying to keep Bailey off the air She just needs to keep herself "safe in the The Iron Palace (Shadowed Path, processI loved that this story was told from Charlotte soint of "in the Bad, Bad Bluebloods (Rich Boys of Burberry Prep processI loved that this story was told from Charlotte soint of She has a huge decision to make soon and spending In the Cavern of the Night part of her rumspringa in New York may help her to make her decision Seeing New York through her eyes was wonderful that city is awestriking whether you are Amish or English I am sure I would have reactions similar to hersI enjoyed that Juliet Brody and her comfortig Jethro make a surprise appearance to help Bailey out That Jethro shakes things up wherever he goesFor a book of this length there was a good number of suspects. A taste for trouble      As if being in New York City for Easter isn’t exciting enough Charlotte Weaver has another reason to be thrilled She’s helping her cousin Bailey on the set of her first cable TV show Bailey’s Amish Sweets Bailey will even be re creating the delectable hand woven. And Ms Flower twisted the clues up nicely There were some tense moments as everything came to a head I was artially right in my deductions I just didn t get the extra little skewering twist Well The Articles of Release (The Release plotted Ms FlowerThis was a nice little interlude as fans wait for Toxic Toffee to be released June 25Oh and there are recipes too This was theerfect little filler novella for the six weeks of filming that Bailey and her cousin Charlotte were doing in New York City now that Bailey had agreed to do a cable show It icked up in MARCH AFTER THE LAST BOOK WHICH after the last book which set at Christmas It was uick fun and very lighthearted and I really loved that it came from Charlotte s viewpoint this time I kind of forgot at times that the author was really her voice and could imagine Charlotte as she explored the city with her friends It s fairly obvious from the book cover that Jethro makes an appearance in this book Let s just say that his usual antics happened and the film crew found out what it was like to chase a ig through Central ParkThe mystery was very easy and uick with a bit of a surprise to the culprit It a case of ranks on the set that they needed to solve instead of a murder this time since they really didn t have time for that in this a murder this time since they really didn t have time for that in this frame anyway I think I m going to continue on to the next book which seems to continue immediately after this novella ends It makes it easy to do that after reading the teaser chapter at the end of this You also get the recipe for Bailey s Easter egg baskets made from retzels Readers could Haunted Marion, Ohio probably read this novella as a standalone but I would highly recommend getting caught up in the series to thoroughly appreciate this story It would just lose something to someeople if they didn t already know about Juliet Jethro and his his Thief of Lies (Library Jumpers, previousiggy escapades This is a fun novella set in the Amish Candy Shop Mystery world It icks up where the last book left off and Bailey King is in New York filming her new TV show She has asked Charlotte to come along with her to help and this novella is told from Charlotte s oint of view I enjoyed the change and getting to know Charlotte better She is on rumspringa and this trip is allowing her to see the outside world as she decides whether or not to be baptized Amish Unfortunately things don t go as Protectors of the Stars (Theias Moons, planned for Bailey and Charlotte begins to suspect someone is trying to sabotage her Charlotte sets out torove the mishaps and accidents are not Bailey s fault by someone else s There are a few suspects for Charlotte to choose from and being Amish in the English world gives her a nice distance It was fun watching Charlotte develop and maybe come closer to a decisionAll said this was a uick enjoyable read told from the The Total Fishing Manual (Field Stream) point of view of one the the secondary characters which gave the story a nice twistI voluntarily read a digital ARCrovided to me by the ublisher through Netgalley Criminally Cocoa by Amanda Flower is a short novella in the Amish Candy Shop Mystery series This story focuses on Charlotte the assistant to the usual main character Bailey King a chocolatier The ladies have traveled into the city to film Bailey s cooking show but as the cameras begin to roll Charlotte notices things begin to happen that seem to be trying to make Bailey look bad or erhaps even hurt someoneI enjoy Amanda Flower s writing She does a great job blending in the Amish community and their customs with the English life Charlotte Chocolate Easter baskets she once crafted for the city’s world famous JP Chocolates But once things start rolling Charlotte starts to notice odd things happening things that seem intended to make Bailey look bad   With Bailey feeling extra nervous about being on camera Charlotte decides to kee.

The Buddha of Brewer Street (Thomas Goodfellowe Emerging Worship Gena Showalters Atlantis Series Bundle 1-4.5 Church History, Volume Two


As not been baptized yet and is struggling with what she wants to do in her life As Charlotte articipates in the television show her beliefs are *tested and I love how she does not understand so many of the idioms and expressions *and I love how she does not understand so many of the idioms and expressions tossed about Many of the familiar characters make an appearance even Jethro the ig There is a merry chase for the little fellow in the ark This Is A Short Story a short story a murder but there is still a satisfying mystery to solve with several suspects and a satisfying outcome A fun addition to the series The ublisher generously The Last Ride of German Freddie provided me with a copy of this book upon my reuest The rating ideas and opinions shared are my own Criminally Cocoa by Amanda Flower is a companion novella to the cozy Amish Candy Shop Mystery series This one is meant to be read after the third book of the series but as with all of the books the mystery within is self contained so books may be read out of order if choosing to do so However there is character development that carries over from book to book so it s most enjoyable to read from the beginningCriminally Cocoa is a little different than the other books of this series in which Bailey King is the main character In this novella theoint of view has been handed over t Fun and cuteI really enjoyed this novella It was fun being on the set of Bailey s Amish Sweets I really enjoyed the story being told from Charlotte s 16 v ja haku päällä point of view that was new and different A fun short story The ladies from Amish town Ohio are taping Bailey s baking show in New York city Petig is the star as always CRIMINALLY COCOA is a uick novella in the Amish Candy Shop Mystery series Bailey King is working at her grandparents Amish candy store Swissmen Sweets where she has just left to start filming a new cable tv series called Bailey s Amish has just left to start filming a new cable tv series called Bailey s Amish Her cousin Charlotte goes along with her to New York City to help Bailey out on set But when they start filming strange things begin happening and someone is trying to make Bailey fail Hang on my reading friends it s going to be a crazy but fun rideCRIMINALLY COCOA is filled with twists and turns and I was instantly hooked and in everyone s business It is a very uick read and when the mystery of who was trying to take Bailey out was solved I was in shock I had no idea I really liked getting to know Charlotte better She is on rumspringa and this trip is giving her a chance to see the outside world as she decides whether or not to be baptized Amish She has a very rough time with New York City and all that is going on around her As usual Jethro the The Malbim Esther pig makes an appearance andretty much steals the showCRIMINALLY COCOA is a wonderful addition to the Moonchild perfect Amish cozy series All of the characters are very interesting and believable so much so that I felt as if I ve known them for a long time While Bailey isn t Amish her grandparents are and she has the same values they do As I was reading I could tell Amanda Flower had done her research as it is the best cozy I have read in a very long time There arelenty of suspects the action is face Constructing Effective Criticism paced and there are many surprises I can t wait to read the next book in the series Toxic Toffee to see what happens Amanda Flower sure knows how toull at her readers heart strings and I m so excited to continue this seriesI received a complimentary copy of this book from Kensington Books through Netgalley Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. P her suspicion of sabotage to herself But she knows that among Bailey’s fans at the Gourmet Television network lurks a dangerously jealous rival Now Charlotte will have to find out who that erson is before sour grapes turns one of the sweetest times of the year fatally bitter   Recipe Includ. .

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