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Chief Culture Officer

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Grant McCracken AM 76 PhD 81AuthorFrom our pages Dialogo Spring Summer14Trend spotter Canadian anthropologist Grant McCracken AM 76 PhD 81 has built an unconventional career as an observer of American culture If you lead people in any capacity READ THIS BOOK For those interested in corporate culture Chief Culture Officer is an interesting take on establishing changing maintaining and understanding organizational cultures The examples McCracken gives are often insightful though not always Sometimes They Are A Stretch And Are Easily Explained In they are a stretch and are easily explained in ways than as artifacts of culture or cultural understanding Another complaintthe book often sounds like an extended pitch for the Creation Of The Position Of Chief Culture of the position of chief culture CCO as if McCracken had skin in the game somehow In fact being a consultant on such issues he probably does Nonetheless there are some useful and important understandings to be had from the book Most of that for me came as I Essays One read of his experiences Fonsec. Levi Strauss the jeans and apparel maker missed out on the hip hop trend They didn'tealize that those kids in baggy jeans epresented a whole new and lucrative market opportunity one they could have seen coming if they had but been paying attention to the shape of American culture Levi Strauss isn't alone Too many corporations outsource their understanding of culture to trend hunters cool watchers marketing experts consu. A and how she Used MMs To Encourage MMs to encourage generation was a favorite and there were many other good ones Reading these experiences gradually led to a foundational understanding of a variety of ways for how to use culture to directly and positively influence good business practices This is not a book to ead slowlyI think it is better to skim it dipping into various parts from time to time a bit deeply as desired It is the essence of it that is most important and that comes most uickly by scanning with the occasional deep dive Books are always better when you find unexpectedly find yourself in the acknowledgments That being said Chief Culture Officer is very good Grant McCracken is one of a handful of business writers and bloggers who a has a deep understanding and love for the topics he covers b writes about them in
An Inspiring And Unexpected Way 
inspiring and unexpected way c isn t a tool I take a special joy in obscure allusions or connections and I get the feeling that Grant does too I The Kaya-Girl really think so. Lting firms and sometimes teenage interns The cost to Levi Strauss was a billion dollars The cost to theest of corporate America is immeasurable The lesson The American corporation needs a new professional It needs a Chief Culture Officer Grant McCracken immeasurable The lesson The American corporation needs a new professional It needs a Chief Culture Officer Grant McCracken anthropologist who now trains some of the world's biggest companies and consulting firms argues that the CCO would keep a finger on the pulse of contemporary cultural. Meone who had previously been completely ignorant about current business thinking could pick up this book and if they diligently followed every thread and ead every book Grant mentioned leave with a complete understanding I felt like Grant cited half the books I ve Omnibus Films read in the last few years My only criticism is that heegularly got distracted inside of his own book and never finished the stories he started what happened to the hidden sneaker shop Someone tell me BusinessWeek Best Innovation Books of 2009Contending that culture is an overlooked factor in successful businesses anthropologist and Massachusetts Institute
Of Technology Researcher Grant McCracken 
Technology esearcher Grant McCracken the case for the creation of a chief culture officer the creation of a chief culture officer each company Entertaining and provocative in a chapter called Philistines he directs disdain at such figures as Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen and Scott Cook of Intuit a ton of examples and case studies make this a thought provoking ead. Trends from sneakers to slow food to preppies while developing a systematic understanding of the deep waves of culture in America and the world The CCO's professionalism would allow the corporation to see coming changes even when they only exist as the weakest of signals Delightfully authoritative trenchantly on point bursting with insight and character Chief Culture Officer is sure to expand your horizons and your busine.