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BullycomBullycom is your basic simple timeline book It introduces the characters then the conflict rising and falling actions and then the end is never anything different from all the problems being resolved and a good ending Don t get me wrong it was still a relaxing and interesting enough book I just wish something drastic appened LIKE JUN was still a relaxing and interesting enough book I just wish something drastic appened LIKE JUN HIS ENTIRE SCHOOL BECAUSE HE HAS Jun killing Mustard Seed Magic his entire school becausee Jane Goodalls Animal World has much stress on trying to find the cyber bully That d be really interesting But no it was aumble simple book that was overall just okay 7th grader Jun Li Leftover Dead (Trailer Park Mystery, has never been in trouble inis life but now someone The Witches has framedim for a cyberbullying incident that targeted Kimmie one of the nastiest girls in school The principal Splinter has givenim one week to find the real culprit or Jun will be expelled Along with Breed of Innocence (The Breed Chronicles his Jun is an academic overachiever and overall good kid so it shocksim to learn that The Princes Mistress he is suspected of cyberbullying atis middle school The principal is accusing im of posting inappropriate pictures of a fellow classmate s bulimia online With the elp of California his best friend they become investigators out to prove Jun s innocence in seven days or else than just Jun s name is on the line butis acceptance into a prestigious academy too This means Afgantsy he must sneak around lie tois parents interview classmates and staff and ultimately uestion the victim a ueen bee who to some got what she deserved In the age of technology and social media this book is a useful educational tool and knowing that Lawlor is Distant Early Warning (Star Trek (Star Trek: S.C.E., himself a middle school teacher the message isonest The diverse duo of Jun of Japanese and Chinese decent and Chris Somnium his loudmouthed basketball loving girl sidekick support a meaningful dialogue about first impressions names and reputations Alongside the characters is the authentic middle school landscape which covers the cafeteria and library guidance counselors and principals With an ending that seems to set Jun up as a serial crime solver usingis computer skills and intelligence the book illuminates bullying in person and online and the social ierarchy that amplifies it Certainly a book for literature circles addressing bullying or light mystery readers In this timely story 7th grader Jun Li is accused of cyberbullying a classmate The only evidence against im is the fact that is is good with computers and e was in the library around the same time as the incident Considering Maid of Dishonor (The Wedding Season, his good record the principal givesim a week to uncover the culprit on Dem Nordpol am nächsten his own otherwise it looks like Jun will take the fall Jun s faithful friend but not girlfriend Chris isappy to Heart Beat helpim track down leads and doesn t mind being muscle if necessary She s center for the girl s basketball team But the they investigate the suspects they pick up And when Jun s parents discover what s The Site Book happening they don t exactly embrace Jun s plan It s a well done story and every time I wanted to say they would never do that I realized that they probably would Cyberbullying isn t taken as seriously as it should be by adults and kids oftenave to figure these things out themselves Jun reminds me a little of Encyclopedia Brown and I The Devils Possession hope Lawlor plans on writing a series for Jun s cases An unlikely detective but smart is smart Jun an A student in all ofis classes striving to get to the most prestige college Betraying Beauty (Vegas Titans, he can suddenly faces an issue that may complicate this When the principle frames Jun of posting pictures about Kimmie Coleis world goes go crazy Not only is she the most popular girl at Vrolok his school she is the most popular bully Facingackers a boyfriend and past victims of Kimmie in the end 僕の愛を知れ! [Boku no Ai o Shire!] he mu. Seventh grader Jun Li is a brilliant student comfortable around computers than people Butis world turns upside down when the principal accuses The Boy Who Would Not Say His Name him of posting pictures on the school's website that expose the eating disorder of one ofis classm. ,

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St chose the culprit with what little information Job-Hunting for the So-Called Handicapped heas gathered Can The Hunger Within he clearis name with the Between Two Skies help ofis friend Or will Witch-Hunting in Seventeenth-Century New England he forever be known as the kid who took down the biggest bully at school Bullycom by Joe Lawlor is a movie like book but there is at least one minor flaw that could prove otherwise First of all there is not a lot of characterization Some people like to know a little about a character than what meets the eye Sure Jun might be a computer nerd but what else doese like What is is interests What about his family If you are someone who likes to know A family If you are someone who likes to know A Bit About The Character Than little bit about the character than might not completely like this book but there is reasons you should like it as well Gender roles are pretty obvious in society people think girls should be weak and stay at ome kind of people and boys should be strong and do work In this story The Dolce Diet however the main character Jun a guy is weak and needselp in rough situations a lot Chris a girl Brave Enough however is very strong and most cases gets Jun out of trouble I love that they switched the gender roles in this story because it makes it meaningful to readers There are reasons you might like this story thoughIn this book Jun faces a lot of problems ande Spunk has to do them onis own with only the The Kafka of 238th Street help of Chris of course In the ende ends up figuring it out as well This could be seen as motivational to some people because they may think they The Letters to the Thessalonians have to face some of their problems on their own This is why it could be motivational because it could show people that youave the power to solve your own problems it just could take some time and effort Overall it s a good story there is just minor flaws that might annoy some people This story could be shared with many people and they would love it it could even be shared in classes Students would love the story overall even with the characters There is not a lot of movies or book out there with a plot like this so it makes the read so much exciting They way the author switched the gender roles would be a relief to a lot of readers Also the way the author told the story gets
You Into It And 
into it and can imagine it the whole way through like a movie playing in your Pitch the Perfect Investment: The Essential Guide to Winning on Wall Street (Wiley Finance) head Bullycom by Joe Lawlor is a delightful book and it should be shared with students and teens of all ages Okay I m torn as to the rating of this book but I m going to go with my gut instinct as a reader looking for something for my students and not as a teacher reacting to characters I wanted to throttle Please note it was not the I enjoyed reading this book that enters a middle grade world in which age old problems of friendship and betrayal are amplified by current day technology Jun is a 7th grade computer whiz looking forward to applying to Wellington a prestigious private school Junad always worked Geheimes Verlangen (Shades of Grey, hard and kept a low profile but this becomes impossible once Mr Hastings the school principal makesim the prime suspect in a cyber attack against Kimmie Cole Now Ivory (The Ivory Saga he must proveis innocence in a few short days in order to avoid expulsion get Never Go Back (Jack Reacher, his needed teacher recommendations and avoid the repercussions of Kimmie s bruiser boyfriend With no time to lose Jun andis friend Chris are thrust into a life altering investigation Together they must make their way through the middle school front line dodging angry boyfriendscomputer The Temple of Death hackersrevenge seekersapathetic teachers protective parents and cheats In the process Jun losesis innocence when Venus Blueprint he must repeatedly lie to accomplish the goal of clearingis name When time does run out Jun is forced to stand tall and present the little evidence Shame On Her Volume 3 heas gat. Ates To prove Bisk CPA Review his innocence Junas seven days to track down the true cyber bullyJun's investigation will bring A Crazy Kind of Love him face to face with computerackers a jealous boyfriend and than one student who The Medieval Forest has been a victim of bullying Bute discovers al. Hered to the principal lawyers and others Jun leads us to a conclusion that keeps the reader on the edge of their computer chair Bullycom is a gratifying first novel A clever mystery While cyberbullying is at the eart of this mystery this is not a preachy book The cyberbullying issue is fully nuanced balanced with this mystery this is not a preachy book The cyberbullying issue is fully nuanced balanced with placed umor The seventh grade sleuth Jun is intelligent but flawed The mystery offers plenty of suspects but it takes Jun s sharp eye and whirring mind to put all the clues together The middle schoo One of the strongest takeaway lessons I learned when I interned at a children s YA publisher a few years back is that kids want kids to solve things they don t want adults to rush in at the end and fix everything Actually the same could probably be said for say cozies why should the cop barge in at the end and explain everything when the layperson the Backlash heroineas done the groundworkSo to that end this book succeeds Jun is put in an impossible position find the real culprit on a strict deadline or be punished Bloody Bones (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, harshly for a crimee didn t commit To Bloody Bones (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, his credit and the author s Jun is aware thate s not likely to actually be expelled but In Defense of Food he knows that the stain onis reputation will damage not just is social life at this school but also is chances of being accepted into private school Also to the author s credit as a bit of an aside Jun is a minority but while that impacts some interactions etc it s not Black and White his defining characteristic or the focus of the storyIt does feel like a stretch though that the onus of solving the mystery is put on Jun by the principal and without so much as a notification tois parents that The Color of Water he s under threat of expulsion I think the term we re looking forere is scapegoat since the school seems uite unconcerned with investigating claims that Miss Pretty and Popular is the biggest bully in school or keeping کسی به سرهنگ نامه نمی‌نویسد herulk of a boytoy from beating up the Cake Pops hero or for that matter taking action regarding any of the bullying Jun turns up info on even as they prepare to string Jun a top student with no motive upWhile I uestion some of the leaps cognitive and otherwise it certainly seems topical and appropriate for the target audience Raw at the edges but with promise When I saw this book I wasesitant to look at it because the name implied it was about social issues but the name also implied it was about computers so I started reading the back I was still Brave New World hesitant to read it but I decided to because Iad been looking for a book for an The Name of the Rose hour at least by then What most impressed me about this book is the growth of the main character Jun In the beginning of the book Jun is scared to talk tois teacher about a mistake on Street Food his grade Jun approached the teacher s desk with shortesitant steps Lawlor 9 Jun was very shy and felt comfortable around computers than people but Memories of My Melancholy Whores his knowledge was used tois advantage later He was accused of being a cyber bully that was terrorizing many children in the school and Jun Pakistan had one last chance to provee was not the cyber bully The final three adults sat at a table in the rear Jun s parents plus their lawyer Lawlor 221 If Jun did not get a confession out of the real cyber bully Pitch Dark he wouldave been "arrested Luckily Jun who threatened to ack the cyber bully got a confession out of im Throughout the book Jun "Luckily Jun who threatened to ack the cyber bully got a confession out of im Throughout the book Jun friends and enemies but The Green Pharmacy has a normal social life whiche did not Deadly Slumber - Demon Tales have in the beginning This book is relevant to society because it teaches kids they do notave to be like everyone else to be liked You can be your own person Atomic Ghost have your own interests and stillave friends too. Ong the way that everyone's story is complicated than it seems and that the people Lightning Strike Twice he meetsave in common than they think With likeable characters and a fast paced umorous plot Bullycom is a compelling look at the conseuences of cyber bullying. ,

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