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E–book [Blood Bound] ñ Rachel Vincent

G to do a horrible thing you should do it with your own hands that way you can look at the reality of your choices as you make themAfter the above happened I was like oh Rachel Vincent you are up to your usual tricks I lamented never being able to like anyone in a Rachel Vincent novel but I eventually found myself liking Liv and disliking just about everyone else It took awhile to et over the prejudice ingrained by past experiences I should really be ashamed about that than I am but I subscribe to the fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me school of thought Telling Liv she s already dirty isn t the last awful thing Cam our big romantic lead does view spoilerIn fact he fucked Anne the night Liv broke up with him and suspects he might be the father of her child for a A Beach Party with Alexis good part of the story without ever telling Liv hide spoiler 1st Read August 20112nd Read December 2017I m a massive fan of Rachel Vincent s Shifters series so I couldn t wait toet my hands on Blood Bound and as soon as it arrived it jumped immediately to the top of my to read pile The world she has created in this new series couldn t be different from the Shifters books the story is much darker but it has everything you would expect from this author strong characters plenty of action and tw You should be aware that this review is only of the first 200 pages approximately because I didn t manage to Anak Bajang Menggiring Angin get any furtherWhen I read other people s reviews of this I can t help but think that there was big exciting plot twist just around the corner waiting for me because everyone seemed to love the story I didn t care for it personally Someirls made an oath as kids that means they have to do anything the others ask of them or they will die slowly and painfully After years of avoiding one another suddenly one of them turns up on our heroine s doorstep with the reuest that she uses her skills to hunt down a killer The protagonist Liv is unable to refuse And so begins the huntLook it s not terrible it s just boring Liv can find people using blood samples so that s fairly original no vampires werewolves or zombies at least but I felt the plot was somewhat lacking in just about everything except romance and sexyness And that just isn t enough That s why I kept reading a bit longer than I normally would have I felt like it should hit me pretty soon what everyone loves about this book but after about 200 pages and nothing really appealing I decided I didn t want to repeat my experience with FeedLiv is a decent protagonist she s strong willed and not pathetically sappy or anything like that But isn t she just the perfect fit to the mold that is an urban fantasy heroine For me she didn t stand out from the crowd and I won t remember her in any way ood or bad I m not sure if it s because I ve been reading a string of Melina Marchetta novels that I m harder to please when it comes to characters but I like them to be rich and interesting I want uniue personalities that take me inside their minds and their lives But no I felt distanced from Liv throughout all the first 200 pagesAnd I also didn t like the switching of perspectives It sometimes happened mid chapter and it was really confusing there was nothing to differentiate between the two POVs no uniue styles no names at the beginning of the section and it didn t alternate eually Sometimes Liv would et 3 chapters and then Cam would Havana - Tile Designs. Les carraeux de la Havane. (1Cdrom) get 1 and then there d be a bit of both in the next one Mind boggling stuffFor hardcore UF fans this will probably tick all the right boxes for you However I ve become extremely picky with thisenre and I don t just want to read lorified paranormal romance And let me tell you I honestly thought the mystery came second to the romantic history and tension between Liv and Cam Plenty of others disagree It s like when I read Naked in Death "I Thought The Romance " thought the romance stayed on the sidelines and I was caught Up In The Murder in the murder whereas others thought the romance swamped the plot I am in the latter roup on Blood Bound and doubt I will read any of this series Definitely not as The Butterfly and the Baron good as the Shifters series which is in my top 5 series of all time This book the first in a trilogy took me 3 months to read There were times when I read it so very uickly and then I d put it down for three weeks But I finally pushed through it It s told in dual perspective but I also felt like the voices weren t very different I was often confused at which perspective we were in However I did really love this urban fantasy it was super uniue and very original though I felt there were sketchy loopholes with these powers some of the characters possessed I m continuing with the trilogy and I m hoping it llet better with each book 4 starsWow What an emotional adrenalin rush and exhausting read this book turned out to be Blood Bound is a fast paced well written creative action packed emotional and highly engrossing book I had a hard time putting it down I m not oing to recap the story s plot since the synopsis of the book does a decent job however I will tell you what worked and didn t work for me What I loved about Blood Bound was the paranormal world Rachel Vincent created It was well developed fast paced intriguing and easy to understand The cast of characters were fascinating flawed and authentic I was easily drawn into their complex world Now for what bothered me While it s true the author excelled in creating an intriguing and developed world I felt there was little to no emotional response from the characters as they dealt with the conseuences of past decisions that ultimately had catastrophic ramifications Conseuently I felt I was the only one experiencing what should have been their emotions therefore it became difficult and frankly frustrating to understand and connect with them While the ending was clever and whets the reader s appetite for the next book due out this summer I personally prefer endings that are wrapped up in a nice neat bow which this book did not deliver That being said I truly enjoyed reading this story and highly recommend it That ending That ending just killed me I realized that I d rather die with you than live with someone else I am seriously impressed with the world building and how much well written action this book contained It was fast paced and just plain fun to read Sometimes the urban paranormal enre Taras Song gets bogged down in explaining every little detail of the new world and it is either boring or confusing but this was fairly easy to follow along Olivia Warren and Cam Cabellero used to be happily in love until a secret forces them apart and Liv hasn t seen Cam in six years Liv is now a bloodtracker Give her a sample of anyone s blood and she can hunt them down no matter where they hide She is the best in the business and works independ. Y tells that she and Cam will be the death of each other yet Liv's tired of being a slave to destiny She's ready to play the forces controlling her world at their owname No matter what the cost. G Cam breaking down Liv s walls piece by piece If this book is any indication these two are sure to become one of my most favorite couples ever I d rather die with you than live with someone else I loved Liv from the very first page She s an amazing badass fierce loyal honest and lovable heroine It is extremely easy to relate to her despite the vast difference between her situation and an average reader s Cam is a lot like Marc but I never felt as if Vincent was trying to Atlas of Anatomy give us a copy of the latter just to make this book likeable or whatever the running theme seems to be these days Cam is an amazing character in his own right and I absolutely love him And when the shit with Cam went down my heart was literally pounding I think the last time it did that while reading a book was back when I read Shadowfever In other words it s been a really long time and I m solad that Vincent still has the ability to make me feel like thisI adore this book and I adored reading it even which as I ve learned recently are two different things I didn t particularly like the ending but hopefully it won t lead to a seuel that ruins even the first book It feels like you ve been waiting in line forever There it stands before you the craziest rollercoster ride you ve ever seen You uickly climb into the seat and make sure your strapped in tightly just waiting for that sudden take off and off you Dont Let Go (Tyack Frayne, go you can t seem to take a breathe as your mind is twisted screaming out your lungs fearing for your life on the next twist or sudden sharp turn and when you open your eyes take aood look ahead of you you see that your just starting Blood Bound pretty much felt that way for me from start to finish Rachel Vincent never Under Crescent and Cross gave the reader a chance to catch their breathe before sheave you another twist in the story that had you in a state permanent surprise Oh and don t think you can just drop this book and walk away oh no like a rollercoster ride your strapped in with the need to read one page one page until the very end Lack of sleep won t be uncommon if you pick up this book and Atlantis, Alien Visitation Genetic Manipulation going through a range of emotions is aiven Rachel Vincent create a world where people like Liv Warren are skilled Vamped (Vamped, givenifts to track anyone around the world to Seers who can see into the future to Binders whom can bind your tighter then any iron clad contact Liv is pulled into a world of Egomaniac gang politics between worlds of those of power and those whom are skilled that at times frustrated me but wondering how the character could wiggle themselves out of this binding or tight spot When our title tracker Livets a call from her childhood friend a binding made as children Liv must answer to the call to save her friend daughter and the hitch she must work with Cam who wants answers to why Liv left him so long ago leaving him heartbroken Things Backyard get even troublesome when Liv runs into two of the biggest crime lords that rule the city Liv shares the stage with Cam but as the points of views switch between the two your never left feeling disoriented or confused Each areiven The End of the Hunt great voices and many secrets that are slowly revealed throughout the story Now don t think each have a heart ofold no their very human with very human flaws but you never hate them but hate what happen to them and how things could have been different but as events are shown your thinking changes perhaps events are playing out for a whole bigger reason Even character is iven a lot of background and ever monster maybe "lurking under a human shell Your left with a cliffhanger a choice to be made " under a human shell Your left with a cliffhanger a choice to be made what would that choice be or lead to The twisted ride that is Blood Bound is stunning and I can t wait to continue of this crazy rollercoster ride Occasionally I trade books with a friend and we force each other to read things we believe the other person will like but wouldn t ive a chance on her own I Bikini gave my friend A Monster Calls on top of a stack of books in line with her standard tastes Sheave me Blood Bound and a whole list of rehearsed reasons one of which actually piued my curiosity It s like Holly Black s White Cat but with an adult slanted If she hadn t said that I probably would have shamelessly hidden this book under a stack of to reads I m really Facilitation Made Easy glad she used that selling point on me and now I moing to use it on you I think if you liked White Cat then you ll like Blood Blood Bound takes place in an alternate universe where a small percentage the population is skilled The Izmeklētājs. Būris gifts areenetic and run in families Our main character Liv is an exceptionally Dirty Dealing gifted Tracker who works best with blood There are two ways to track blood or a person s nameIn this universe it s very easy toive away your free will with or without meaning to Like with fairies your full name is important and you shouldn t Arnhem 1944 give it away freely You can be tracked by your name Dripping blood somewhere is even worse Yeah you can be tracked by a blood sample but that same blood can be used to seal a contract that you re just notoing to want sealed because aside from Trackers there are people skilled with Binding It s very easy to accidentally ive away your free will A couple of drops of blood in the hands of a skilled Binder and you could end up a sex slave You still have free will the ability to say no but the punishment is your body shutting down and dying a painful death in slow or fast paces depending on what you re saying no to and how powerful the contract isBefore Liv knew what she was she signed a friendship pack With Her Three Childhood Best her three childhood best It was sealed by a little irl who didn t know she was a Binder The pack said they d always help each other no matter what If you ve seen the movie Now and Then think that but with a or you ll die compulsion The Finding Reason girls eventually made another binding where they agreed to never ask each other for anything until one day Anne one of Liv s childhood friends shows up in Livs apartment and asks for help killing the person who murdered her husband She burned the contract and now Liv has no choiceThis is where I experienced some annoyance because despite Liv being extremely reluctant to kill Anne forces her to anyway It s one thing to ask a Tracker friend for help they might haveiven you freely It s another thing to demand someone commit murder for you on pain of their own death That s not friendship To make matters worse the male romantic lead Cam tells Live to just do it because her hands are already dirty and Anne s hands are or less clean Oh ho If I had an irritation thermometer it would ve shattered at that point Kill someone else because your soul is dark already And how are Anne s hands clean if she s ordering a murder I m sorry but if you re forcing someone to kill against their will than you re even worse than a murderer If you re Sniper (Women of the United Federation Marines, goin. Ne Trust no oneBut when a friend's daughteroes missing Liv is bound by a potent magical oath She can't rest until the child is safeAnd that means trusting her dangerous ex CamA sinister prophec. Blood BoundReally cool 45 starsFinally a paranormal book without a single vampire were or other paranormal creature Yes it can be done I loved the concept of this bookBlood Bound has a rich and extensive world This is a world where a single drop of blood holds the power to expose one s whereabouts and where a full name allows a person to be tracked In Blood Bound people with specialized Skills are highly sought after commodities Many different Skills exist Trackers Binders Seers Readers Travelers Blinders Jammers etc Some Skills are desired than othersThe crime syndicates stepped in collecting people with these Skills Most Skilled people are affiliated either with Ruben Cavazos or Jake Towers syndicate These syndicates play dirty and their recruiting methods are cruel but effective The Skilled often find themselves bound to years of service to these syndicates They are bound with tattoos that signify their rank and length of service These bindings ensure that no one disobeys direct orders A clever Skilled person always finds the loopholes in their binding and uickly learns how to be creative I loved the main characters Liv and Cam Both are Trackers and they have a history together even though they had been apart for a while They are very much attracted to each other but they find themselves in opposing syndicates Cam was wonderful I loved how devoted he was to Liv Liv was such a contrast to Faythe in the Shifters series Liv behaves like a mature young woman carefully weighing all of her options She is smart resourceful and stands up for herself against Cavazos abuse While there is a romance between the main characters I did not find it first and foremost to the plot Yes I was rooting for the main characters Who doesn t love sexy times The focus of this story was not the romance but finding the missing child The secondary characters were interesting Ruben Cavazos made a ruthless crime lord but by the end of the book I was uite impressed with his character Michaela was Ruben s unbalanced and vindictive wife uite scary Liv s friend Anne was a Reader a human lie detector while her other friend Kori was a Traveler a person able to travel from one place to another through shadows The book is written in first person point of view I did find the change in point of view a little confusing at first but I did enjoy the book I was surprised to learn that the book only spanned a few days It is jammed packed with action flashbacks and information I really could not put the book down This is a The Pleasure-Dome great start to the Unbound series and I highly recommend it The next book in the series is Shadow Bound Can t wait toet my hands on that bookReview posted at Badass Book Reviews Check it out YES I m done I can t believe how difficult it was for me to finish this Looking at all the 1,000 Gluten-Free Recipes good reviews this book has made me wonder why on earth I didn t like it Since I don t want to be unfair or moody or God knows what s wrong with me these days I said I ll take a piece of paper and a pen draw two columns one with the things I liked and one with the things I didn t like So I did just that and placed my likes and dislikes there drew the final line and compared results Since I m a niceirl I will share those results with youThings I didn t like Liv is annoying Cam s POV ruins the Theodore Roosevelt, Hero to his Valet guess the dude s feelings for the chickame The book tends to The Stoic Theory of Oikeiosis go towards marriage counseling and not action packed adventure The desperate look Cam has each time he lays eyes on Liv For an unknown reason itot me sleepy each time I was trying to read it My total fell asleep while reading this number ended up being four Seriously is this normal Do you remember Tom Tom Jerry not wanting to fall asleep and using matches to keep his eyelids up I m oing to try to fetch and image if I can find one lucky me I didThat s exactly what I m doing right now My eyes are betraying me I m not a fan of s exactly what I m doing right now My eyes are betraying me I m not a fan of story I didn t like it Switching between the characters POV ot confusing at times Too predictableThings I liked Cam was a nice hero Not the best but ok Interesting concept Who needs chips when you can rack a person by bloodOmg right Those are the things I liked Not coolClose to the end I was stuck between Zen Nikki Ozu Yasujirō giving it one star or two stars So I said if I solve the who s the father puzzle I llive it one star If I don t I ll The Hollywood Connection give it two stars Check the rating I m thatood Cedo nulli I yield to no oneFor the past few months I ve been feeling rather down because of my apathy regarding nearly all of the books I ve read recently I simply couldn t bring myself to care for or feel the characters At first I blamed myself and tried extremely hard to lose myself in a book When that didn t work I blamed the books for being redundant and alternately read a CR HR PNR and UF novel in hopes of the The Beginner's Photography Guide: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Manual for Getting the Most from your Digital Camera (Dk) genre being the problem When even that failed I seriously considerediving up this obsession of drinking in books like water and taking up another hobby Thankfully I still had a few highly anticipated releases to et through Before My Heart Would my heart would moving on Most of those releases left me with this expression But I am so so lad I didn t ive myself a break from books before reading Blood

because then I might never otten around to it which would have been tragic since this book is what has made me fall in love with reading again Liv is a freelance Tracker specializing in tracking down people through their blood She can tell the age background powers and location of a person based on his blood and that s why she s hired by extremely dirty blackmailers powerful men to hunt down and sometimes execute people Cam is her ex who she broke up with at a party in front of everyone right before he planned on proposing to her without a single reason or explanation He s still in love with her after all these years and through some careful maneuvering manages to convince Liv to work with him on solving a case involving a mutual friend all the while hoping that he ll finally convince Liv to tell him why she left all those years agoThe entire book spans just two days and that s part of what makes Blood Bound so captivating Vincent does an excellent job of moving the plot and romance alongside each other without slowing down either The mystery in this book was actually interesting as opposed to simply boring I even loved reading about the criminal and all the details pertaining to his crime I admit I saw than half the plot twists coming way before they happened but that didn t bother me too much It only increased my joy even because it meant that I was actually becoming involved with the story and characters How exciting The depth of love between Cam and Liv is breathtaking I love Cam s devotion to her and Liv s loyalty to him Their relationship is wonderfully well developed I loved seein. Bound by blood condemned by fateAs a bloodtracker Liv is extremely powerful And in a world where power is a commodity that can et you killed Liv's learnt to survive by her own rulesRule number

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