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[Betrayal in the Badlands] New ê Dana Mentink

Ed this book immensley Didn t want to put it down Dana did it gainThe Constance suspense with Twists Turns Makes This Another turns makes this nother turn by Dana Mentick She has the talent to keep the reader guessing describe the beauty dangerous of n ctual US landmark the it ll up so different than I could have guessed BadlandsBook 1Isabel Ling returns to her South Dakota home to take over the ranch her sister started fter her sister s sudden death When danger soon rrives with her she begins wondering if maybe her sister s death was murder not Mr Darcy's Cottage of Earthly Delights: Shades of Pride and Prejudice anccident Handsome ex military man Logan Price is there to protect her Though she doesn t welcome it t first Isabel soon learns that Logan may be the only man she can trustThis book is full of suspense I was pleased to be surprised with the who done it plot t the end The romance was sweet They figured out that they do get second chanceThere is slight issue with the horse s name Through most of the book the uthor called the horse Blue Boy but once in while she called him some other variation I figured it was her trying to decide what to name it then the mistake wasn t caugh. Uble Isabel brings Yet he can't deny his ttraction to her In this desolate treacherous land Isabel needs ll the protection She Can Get And can get nd the love that Logan can giv.

Dana Mentink ☆ 5 Summary

Clean Christian romancesuspense 2 12 stars The plot was OK but I skimmed lot between the exciting parts Too much introspection for too long Fast Paced SuspenceMs Mentink really knows how to keep you from
a book down I never who was the bad guy but I loved the journey If this book had been longer I would have been happy if not sleepless from staying up until I finished it This book was impressive in its creation of believable nd uniue villain Autie is properly terrifying in his insane devotion to what he has been hired to do Good mystery Isabel Ling returns to South Dakota to bury her sister nd find who killed her Logan Price pararescue soldier recovering from n injury comes to her id Predictable but pretty good The story set in the Badlands of South Dakota was Design Works: How to Tackle Your Toughest Innovation Challenges Through Business Design a definite page turner The descriptions of the setting were vividnd brought the story to life Isabel the main character was dealing with guilt estranged from her sister who died She left her home town to come back to her sister s ranch to settle her ffairs Isabel ends up literally trying to stay live with The Help Of Logan. help of Logan. Ling returned to the barren Badlands of South Dakota to bury her sister #but she stayed to find nswers no one wants to give Cassie's death was no ccident #she stayed to find nswers no one wants to give Cassie's death was no ccident Isabel. ,

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