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Atingsickand heart breaking There were also a "Lot Of Details In The Book That " of details in the book that not included in the show And I did want to learn about the killers their scapades capture and trial I guess I did The author jumped around with the timeline and because there were so many people involved with the case and so many aspects touched on I got confused at times I m not sure if it s the writing or information overload or my fast reading but I have uestions still Who was Chelsea Was Chelsea a typo name Why was the cell mate s homosexuality a big deal I obviously missed some details I am not sure if I can The Man Without a Face ever reread this book again though It s toomotionally draining for me A good read if you re interested in the case A difficult read if you have a heart It was amazing If you "RE ONE THAT LOVES CRIME AND MYSTERY YOU LL "one that loves crime and mystery you ll it very much It s based on a true story so it makes it hundreds of times better the plot is really intriguing but you have to read it closely to understand it it kind of jumps to other perspectives uick though just to forwarn you read that last true crime so i thought i would try another dont really like true crimelol. Y one detectives found other victims the lucky ones who survived but had been too terrified to come forward "Soon the world would learn just how sick and deranged these lovers really were Beauty Killers is a terrifying "the world would learn just how sick and deranged these lovers really were Beauty Killers is a terrifying story of sex torture and murder an illicit affair between two people who discovered a desire to kil. Wow Read this in ONE "Sitting I Could Not Put "I could not put down It started pretty slow but it certainly picked up steamThis writer carefully weaves simultaneously plot strands and drops nough clues to sustain tension throughoutThe story had my motions running all over the placeit was a rollercoaster readWhile not going into the psychological profile of the killers like Ann Rule does the structure of this book than made up for thatI will def look for other books by this author This book is written in a twisted chronological pretzel jumping back and forth through at least ight years as it "tells the story of a serial killer and his accomplice a "the story of a serial killer and his accomplice a woman groomed for the job from the time she was twelve or thirteen It is a testament to the skill of the author that it is possible to read this book without becoming totally confused or lost and the method allows for a fiction worthy story arc but this is not fiction a straightforward chrono I picked this book up because the plot sounded good I didn t realize till I got home that this was a true story It is xtremely well written and really captures your attention I "Found Myself Not Wanting " myself not wanting Janeen Snyder was only fourteen when she moved in with Michael Thornton his wife and teenage daughter Michael was a successful Threads Of The Shroud entrepreneur and family man withight beauty salons and a six figure income but two years later he gave it all up to run away with Janeen At last on the road with his new young lover Michael cou. Put it down It is crazy though to hear how terrible people can be to others but i You must like true crime stories to read this book and I do like to read true crime however I found this one to be particularly disturbing I would not recommend it It s not that I liked what happened cuz I don t I think that it s absolutely horrible what they did to their victims But it is very informative and shows you how cruel people can truly be Was an interesting read but there was something missing

i m not 
m not what was missing can t put my finger on it but something was missing interesting though and would recommend Short All Seated on the Ground easy to read prose but lacking some depth Whilst I don t want all the grisly details this is the story of multiple heinous crimes and for the most part the crimes were glossed over Possible spoilers Read my review at your own risk I saw this couple spisode of Wicked Attraction and I was immediately intrigued because the main cities they refer to are near me I remember this case because of the missing girls photos I am still dumbstruck by these crimesThe book isn t written all that well but the case on it s own is captiv. Ld indulge his darkest wildest obsessions They worked together as a team luring "girls into their twisted world of violence and depravity They drugged them trained them bound them abused them And for many "into their twisted world of violence and depravity They drugged them trained them bound them abused them And for many Michael and Janeen were never caughtuntil police uncovered the body of a Las Vegas teen in a horse trailer One Beauty Killers