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(Bare It All) [PDF READ] ✓ Lori Foster

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Happened immediately preceding this bookso whats her deal Why does she talk like ancient greek prophetesses who were always hopped up on opium she talked like a cross between psychic and psychiatrist with someone who seemed to be little better than total strangeryet im supposed to believe she has this traumatic past and trusts no one get your story straight Then theres the hero he mentions that she mostly gave him the cold sho 2 stars And that s on a good dayHow has this book she mostly gave him the cold sho 2 stars And that s on a good dayHow has this book four star rating is beyond meVery weak plot characters are as clich as you can get them Story development is too slow and to be honest there s not much of a story and ven less developmentDialogues are very poorly written No not a good read Slick s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews45 StarsOnce again I m blown away by another Lori Foster story this is the second book in her newest series Love Undercover but she has a crossover from her last series Men Who Walk The Edge of Honor Our heroine Alice appears and plays a very important role in Trace of Fever but we also get to see Trace again and when you add him to the already hunky cast of the Love Undercover serieslet s just say the hotness factor goes up Out of This World even higher However if you haven t read the other series you can absolutelynjoy this book as a standaloneAlice and Reese started a friendship in book one of this series Run The Risk It was a little strange and very one sided but none the less it was there I can t The Time It Never Rained even begin toxplain how much I like and admire Alice She s survived a horrible ordeal she s tried to maintain a somewhat normal lifestyle she s refused to continue to be a victim and she is not afraid to help other women she thinks might be in trouble She is The Child of the Soul and Other Stories extremely outspoken and somewhat lacking in social skills which leads to some pretty hilarious conversations I found myself totallynthralled with Reese he s a by the book police detective but in this story he proves he can see shades of gray I love how he fell so hard and fast for Alice Childrens Phantasies even though it took him awhile to admit it Every day he showed her the respect and gave her the sense of peace and security she needed While he felt the need to take care of Alice he didn t smother her and he also realized she s pretty damn capable of taking care of herself Alice proved time and time again how good she was for Reese always giving him a soft place to land and giving him advice and understanding I absolutely loved these two characters together and what they shared both in and out of the bedroomOne of the things I always love about Lori s series is that the secondary characters play such a big role in her stories This book is no different Reese s partner Logan and his fianc Pepper from book one are uite present and Pepper s brother Rowdy play an xtremely important role Besides having a huge role in breaking a case wide open Rowdy serves as a confidantsounding board for Alice Their scenes together will have you laughing mainly due to Rowdy being very uncomfortable by Alice s uestions While most people might think her uestions are inappropriate I applaud her for trying to see things from man s point of view We also see a very different side to Reese and Logan s boss Lieutenant Margaret Peterson and Logan s brother Dash stops in again as wellAs much as I njoyed book one in this series I think Bare It All was The Soviet Union even better for a number of reasons One we know the characters a little better and so immediately it sasier to jump into the story Two you can t help but love Alice After Gods and Heroes everything she s been through she s survived and come out stronger I simply can t thank Lori Fosternough for writing such strong female characters Third watching Reese and Trace basically having a pissing match over Alice made my day Sorry if that sounds crude or sexist but come onwho wouldn t want these two guys trying to figure out who can protect her better Fourth is Rowdy from the first book I Science, Technology and Culture enjoyed his character now I flat out love him He s rude crude and basically socially unacceptable but underneath it all you know there s a really great guy screaming to get out With any luck we ll get to see that happen in the next book Lori Foster s Love Undercover series started off strong but Bare It All proves that it has staying power An intriguing plot line smart and witty dialog and unforgettable characters make this book one of my favorites of 2013Review copy provided for an honest review. S Or protect her from a dangerous new threat One thing is certain their chemistry is a time bomb waiting toxplode And with no one to trust but ach other Reese and Alice are soon drawn into a deadly maze of corruption intrigue and desire and into the line of fi. ,

Reread on 30620 5 Smexy Stars After reading Run the Risk my xpectations were very high and Lori Foster did not disappoint I loved Reece he s right up there with my LF faves Joe Winston Say No To Joe Clint Evans Just a Hint Clint Noah Harper Too Much Temptation and Simon Sublime Evans Simon Says Reece is a smokin hot alpha and bonus he s a really good guy He s understanding patient possessive and uber
"Protective As All My Favorite "
as all my favorite hero s are Alice Appleton is a fantastic heroine and I absolutely adored herI don t remember a lot about her in Trace of Fever but I admired her honestly and backbone She was tough yet venerable the way she was totally distracted and was suddenly in a lust filled foggy daze whenever Reece s bare chest was was on display was ndearing and had me smiling hugeand naturally Reece caught on and used it to his advantage when trying to get information on her background from herI absolutely LOVED Reece and Alice Looking forward to Getting Rowdy I have a feeling Rowdy s going to give Reece some serious competition Alice Appleton took down a brutal human trafficker and now lives in fear of retaliation She keeps her past from veryone but that becomes particularly difficult when her next door neighbor Detective Reese Bareden takes a personal interest in her and her past Alice and Reese have chemistry to spare The difficult part will be finding time to xplore it while involved in a deadly game of intrigueor maybe notReading a new Lori Foster book can give me such a sense of comfort and the feeling that all is right in my world Lori maintains a sort of old school writing and storytelling style that TOTALLY works for her and which I and MANY others find thoroughly charming BARE IT ALL is classic Lori Foster and I njoyed it much than the first book in this seriesThe story itself was Whos Cheatin Who? (Thoroughbred Legacy excitingntertaining and fun It kept me reading and it also kept me guessing what was going to happen next Just an FYI I did figure it out a few times But really Lawman Lover (Outlaws, even that couldn t dampen mynthusiasm of a new Lori Foster bookThe characters in this story were a lot of fun Alice is soodd and uirky Of course she has reason to be It was amusing to watch her with Reese Pepper and Logan but City Girl in Training especially with Rowdy The relationship and interaction those two had made me smile laugh and kept me completelyntertained I almost Mystery at Kittiwake Bay enjoyed them together than I did Alice and Reesealmost Reese is such a big teddy bear of a man Macho protective alpha with just a smidge ofnlightened male mixed in Again classic Lori Foster I m not gonna lie though The dog was probably my favorite If you re a lover of Lori Foster books you ll want to add this one to your collection If you re anything like me I can t wait for Rowdy s storyARC courtesy of Harleuin Books via NetGalley One of my favorite genres is romantic suspense and Lori Foster s new series Love Undercover delivers all the Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files elements I love suspense swoon worthy heroes The set upThis story picks up the next day after thend of the previous book where Alice Appleton Reese Bareden s mousy next door neighbor saved his life along with his partner Logan Risk and his boss Lieutenant Margaret Peterson Reese s apartment is now a crime scene and he has no choice yeah right but to sack out on Alice s couch As strange as Alice behaves Reese is drawn to her physically and The Husband (Smytheshire, Massachusetts, emotionallyven though it is obvious that Reese is drawn to her physically and motionally ven though it is obvious that is hiding from something or someone What worked wellReese is 6 and feet of blond green An Italian Education eyed brawny male and makes no bones about what he wants from Alice and can t help but feel protective of her She is also very much attracted to him but something from her pastxperience is holding her back but not for too long Throughout the story you could feel that something was brewing and knew Alice s past would inevitably crash around them and converge with Rowdy Yates plans to Protecting the Colton Bride Coltons Cowboy Code enter into a risky business venture involving people connected to her past Rowdy is Logan s soon to be brother in lawWhat fell shortWhile this is an interesting story it followed the same pattern as the last book The first half is a lot of back and forth between Alice and Reese as the suspense is supposed to build But it plods instead at too slow a pace The last half of the book is muchxciting and I wish it hadn t taken so long to get there I also found Alice s character to just be bizarre one moment a frightened and withdrawn young woman and the next an aggressive tiger. A cop's craving to know about the woman next door could prove fatal in the steamy new novel from New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster As the person responsible for taking down a brutal human trafficker Alice Appleton fears retaliation at very turn No on. I got whiplash trying to keep up and figure her out In the End I Just Gave I just gave bottom lineThere s plenty of steam and ultimately lots of action I really like these characters ven odd Alice the dynamics between them and the romance I plan to read the next book when it s released and recommend this one but can t round my 35 stars to a 4 because the suspense aspect just didn t meet my Daddy Wanted expectations I received an ARC from NetGalley I must say that I loved Lori Foster s Edge of Honor series and I love this series too since it s similar DI just knew that Alice will get Reese since the first time he met her It was inevitable as the tide DI loved Alice LOVE her She s the perfect mix between ingenuity and perfectly trained specia ops agent She s not a ninja or a martial artxpert but she s so observant and insightful I loved the mix Sometimes she doesn t get a clue but sometimes she just surprise Forbidden Stranger everybody with something so insightful that s incredible No wonder Reese fell for her She s straitlaced because she s hiding herself view spoilerbecause she s been kidnapped for than a year by a slaver hide spoiler ReeseI ve been a huge fan of Lori Foster for a long time so it really pains me to do this but this book just did not work for me First let me start with the things I likedReeseI knew I was going to love his character when I first read about him in Run the Risk and I was so happy that I turned out to be right Lori Foster definitely knows how to write a sexy alpha hero and Reese was noxception I mean he s Reese Bare It All Bareden for a damn good reason He s protective possessive and oh so sexyThe steamMsFoster has definitely not lost her touch here The woman knows how to write one hell of a love sceneUnfortunately that was all that I liked about this book So what didn t work for meThe main heroine Alice is really what killed this for me I could not get a clear understanding of her personality at all She was so up and down she was Snowy River Man everywhere and nowhere I got whiplash trying to keep up with the constant changes The initial hints we get about her are intriguing There s something about her It s like she s guarded Even hurt Unlike most people she s too alert too intuitive like maybe she s waiting for something to happen The reality of Alice did not live up to the hints that we get of her She is supposed to be impeccably capable of reading people due to this mysterious traumaticvent that happened in her past But when it came to Reese she was like a lost puppy She uestioned Night Moves (Harlequin Blaze everything he did and said and was always unsure of what he meant It just didn t add upThen we have the fact that at times she came off as this virginal ingenue She clearly states to Reese that she is not a virgin but the way that she acts with him when they are intimate andven other times is almost childish I take it you weren t angryAt the girls NO They were just curious because of the size rumorsSuspicious she narrowed her Les brumes d'avalon : roman eyes What rumorsSize rumorsDrawing a blank she shook her head in incomprehensionYou know am I big all over That sort of thingYou ve seen my chest before honeyShe nodded and whispered You take my breath awayIs that soYes Alice drifted her attention over to him It s the same as you seeing me without a shirt But then all of a sudden her personality switches to aggressive Enough foreplay I need you Only to go right back to unsure If I disappointed youjust say soDisappointedIn how I did she gestured you know in bed She also goes from avoiding sexual intimacy like a meek little mouse to being aggressive and initiating it after doing something stupid and attempting to distract from itI also didn t come to understand how a woman that is so concerned about her safety to the point that she has multiple weapons and avoids being seen by people would make the decision that she did halfway through the book view spoilerShe jumps in to what appears to be a human trafficking ring in order to rescue a young girl hide spoiler Oh I seriously cannot wait for this April is way too far away I was so intrigued by Alice in Run the Risk and am really looking forward to her story Love the connection to Trace of Fever After reading the blurb ixpected to really dig this book but it was really weird Im not sure if it was because i skipped the first book or something but i was really confused The blurb mentions her bringing down traffickers so i thought that was why she was on the run but that apparently. E knows about her past which is Malakai (Wicked Games, exactly how she prefers ituntil the sexy cop next door comes knocking Detective Reese Bareden thinks he knows what makes women tick but hisver lusive neighbor keeps him guessing like no other Is his goal to unmask Alice's secret. Bare It All