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Assorted Fire Events

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Means stares straight into the parts of life we prefer to leave in the dark and this collection is a haunting beautiful esult of that bravery I picked up this collection of short stories after eading Means Story Two Nurses Smoking In The story Two Nurses Smoking in the Yorker a couple weeks ago This collection feels like Two Nurses s divorced uncle The stories are driven by the same obsessions with loneliness imperfect love and blue gray semi abandoned small towns on the Hudson River However while Two Nurses is hopeful finishing on the upswing of an unlikely love these stories tend to focus on life s downswings They dwell in moments of despair the self doubt of a cheating spouse the mood swings of a grieving widow the haunted guilt of a mother who outlives her daughter These stories feel so much like a winter on the Hudson the very setting in which so many of them take place They e full of loneliness but in being placed together the stories bring each of their lonely characters together in the common struggle of living a life in contemporary America The characters are lost stuck in a living purgatory which isn t as epulsive as it may sound Instead the collection draws you in invites you to bask in the uncertainty we all feel but don t dare to acknowledge The sheer scope of a novel allows authors to develop plots and craft three dimensional characters that can stimulate eaders the short story writer denied this luxury needs to be an exuisite artist to achieve audience engagement David Means embodies this excellence in an astounding first collection of storiesThe title of this work Assorted Fire Events alludes to one of the pieces contained although it can serve as a characterisation of the work As A Whole As Many whole as many the stories deal with those events in life often destructive and dramatic that define who we at that time and whatever our intentions continue to intrude on our existence long after their occurrence This sense of being imprisoned by the past is most effectively articulated in Coitus and Sleeping Bear Lament where characters engaged in everyday activities are suddenly hit by memories of traumatic events In Coitus Means skilful writing is able to establish from the onset a profound sense of unease even before we know. In his award winning second collection David Means explores the fragility of those thin. Anything of the characters or their situation as he depicts a sex scene with factual detachment Whilst the initial thought is of a Au bagne relationship in decline as the partiesobotic motions deprive the act of any intimacy Means shows that it is the male characters guilt over two separate events a past bereavement and betrayal that leads to the sense of disengagement although with Means subtle writing the sense of a Indistractable relationship doomed can be inferred In the confines of this short piece theeader s curiosity can not be totally satisfied as a tidy Jacques Prevert resolution is not forthcoming but it is a testament to Means abilities that in the space of 14 pages theeader is stimulated to trace the permutations of the tale beyond the printed pageSleeping Bear Lament is a beautiful and moving eflection on a class outcast Sam Although set in America the sense of a school pupil who is treat as pariah because he is impoverished or in some senses different is a universal experience that cannot fail to esonate with the eader In this story the narrator is seeking edemption for some distance misdemeanours committed against the outcast to try and purge some distance misdemeanours committed against the outcast to try and purge of his past and project this better fully formed adult onto the present and seek forgiveness from Sam Whilst the sentiments of the narrator can be appreciated there is a feeling that his efforts will ultimately be futile and his guilt will never be assuagedWith the possible exception of The Grip an account futile and his guilt will never be assuagedWith the possible exception of The Grip an account a man s pride of his physical endurance and the comical What I Hope For which seems to parody tales of elentless loveliness the stories are saturated with melancholy with characters tormented or confronted by tragic events
Railroad Incident August 1995 
Incident August 1995 a disturbing depiction of urban brutality where a once seemingly successful man collides with the dispossessed What They Did is tale of corporate irresponsibility where the feelings of victims are starkly contrasted with the emotional detachment of business organisationsIn short this is an exuisite beautifully crafted collection of stories which deal with the tragedies and emotions that are a mark of human existence Means in economical but profound prose is able to establish characters and events that generate empathy sympathy. Gs that we cherish most His incomparable distinct voice often wildly humorous always en. ,

And sadness It is no exaggeration to suggest that Means if he can maintain this standard should be in the to suggest that Means if he can maintain this standard should be in the of great American short story writers An interesting exploration of where you can take short stories in terms of point of view structure etc It felt a little forced at times though A literary experimentation An opportunity for the writer to demonstrate how uniue uirky and elegant his characters view of the world was although ifonce I was in their heads it all felt too similar in Tone And Elouence And Failed and elouence and failed allow me to engage with the character on the emotional level Most of the stories somehow left me feeling d Current ead Mixed feelings I figured I was overdue for some fiction and opted for this book of short stories acclaimed as one of the best in ecent times Tbh I m not sure I agree The author certainly knows how to paint a picture but his writing style full of long sentences that just keep going like streams of words burbling and cascading on and on piling description upon description gets a bit tiresome So does the epeated theme of death which combined with this meandering Melancholic Monologue Style Of Writing monologue style of writing for depressing eading Short stories should have impact of course and these certainly do but at the same time it feels a bit easy to grab some grim topic like suicide or a fatal accident or a fatal bashing that s like 3 of the first 4 stories and leave the eader feeling eflective even uneasy I was impressed at the end of the first story but by the third or fourth it was all getting a bit old both stylistically and thematically Elouently told these stories would be a decent accompaniment for a long bus or ferry journey on a moody grey day but ight now I can t eally be bothered with any of em although unfortunately the Book Depository stork is yet to drop off my next purchase 1Again a faint breeze came He moved forward along the tracks leaving a pad print full of blood behind him on each tie Ahead of him the tracks curved farther into the darkness to his left and overhead the steel girders and chutes of the stoneworks 6The night took on vast grand proportions the night was liuid and unny stretched taut until it was no than a thin strand of hot white burning his foot and pal. Gaging has led the New York Times to call Means one of our most talented younger writer. ,

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