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(PDF DOWNLOAD) [A Soldier First Bullets Bureaucrats and the Politics of War] ✓ Rick Hillier

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Ring in the news about some of the items he discussed It was interesting to hear the other side of the story Sounds like the soldiers to be nder his command were lucky to have served with him A fantastic view of the modern Canadian military from an incredible mans career and point of view Eye opening and inspiring to service members and their families A must read for any Canadian military member or anyone wanting to enlist to nderstand the history and present day challenges the military is facing General Hillier is a leader we needed compassionate tough as nails and hilarious as a Newfie could be Really enjoyed this book can t wait To Read Hi I Found read hi I found book ite interesting As a retired Canadian Army officer I was impacted by much of what Hillier had to say I recall wrestling with trying to do my job and come p with ways to make things right for soldiers but they got *Done In The End I Think He Did A Lot *in the end I think he did a lot things right and set the stage for Walt N who followed him I missed serving nder General Hillier a couple of times and wish I hadI enjoyed the insight he provided and think that it is a worthwhile read for someone who served during this period Ever run an 85000 person company Neither have I but I got lots of insight on how it s done Personal leadership vision and hard work If you want to see what it looks like read this book And if you want to learn about leadership read biographies It s the best wa. The Defence Staff of the Canadian Forces You could almost hear the sigh of relief in Ottawa. Good read and an inside look at the Canadian army But Hillier obviously found his calling as a general not as an author An excellent chronicle of the life and ideologies of #ONE OF CANADA S FINEST SOLDIERS GEN RICK HILLIER #of Canada s finest soldiers Gen Rick Hillier the myriad of political incompetencies that once plagued the Canadian Military system and he documents the leadership role he ndertook in overhauling the flawed peacemaker system to make Canada one of the most respected combat forces in AfghanistanWritten with the systematic and tactical insight of *a military General and combined with the flair of a grassroots blue *military General and combined with the flair of a grassroots blue Newfie whose passion for the military and those who serve is evident throughout the book This book is a great read for all Canadians interested in the Afghan mission and the state of our foreign and military policy irregardless of their position about the War on Terror Excellent I don t really know any other way to describe this book General Hillier is straight talking down to earth Newfoundlander who single handily raised the morale amongst the troops he commanded He was not afraid to get his boots dirty in order to get the job done Okay i m giving p on this one There are just too many other books I m interested in at the moment I ve made it halfway through this book and have enjoyed what I did read of it Not the best written book and a little dry at times but it s a good insight behind the scenes I remember hea. R soldiers at war In the summer of 2008 General Rick Hillier resigned his command as Chief of. I have had this on my too read for a number *of and I have finally managed to eliminate it from said *years have finally managed to eliminate it from said with a good solid reading week As a Canadian this soldier did a lot to enlighten the population to the going on of our troops involved in the ISAF coalition The relation between military and government was very interesting As the title implies General Hillier discussed of the disputes and differences of opinion between the two establishments in trying to find common ground in how to approach the goal of self government in the Afghanistan countryI would recommend this novel to anyone who wants to The Indian Tycoons Marriage Deal understand the frustration of running a war on all levels of structure Really liked it The title says it allA Soldier First and a soldier to the end He really stoodp for his troops and always had their best interest at heart He Holding Tight (Five in a Bed Book 3) understood his men and women so well he knew what motivated them how to train them and always got to the crux of the matter when discussing issues He always stoodp for what he believed was right for the troops and for our country What a wonderful Canadian he is We were so fortunate to have him as the leader of our armed forces An easy read interesting because I served in the Canadian Forces during the same time frame as General Hillier mind you my experiences are somewhat different Still I recognize the issues he highlights Not my favourite biography but still interesting Canada's most popular military leader since the Second World War tells his own story about ou.

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A Soldier First Bullets Bureaucrats and the Politics of War