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E–pub [A Slipping Down Life] ´ Anne Tyler

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A Slipping Down Life

Read ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free È Anne Tyler

This little book has a
the feel of a Carson story with the descriptive flair of Markus ZusakZusak from the Book Thief The day was gray the color of Europe Curtains Of Rain Were Drawn of ain were drawn the carTyler from A Slipping Down Life While she was waiting on the front porch clutching her books to her chest disapproval hung like a fog up and down her streetOf course this book was published six years before Zusak was born Just a good book plot characters style all combined to create a Little Gem I Read gem I ead book having failed to complete a viewing of the movie eading the book has put me firmly in the what on earth were they thinking camp It is I think the worst film adaptation I have ever encountered It succeeds on no level I suppose I suggest you watch it try to guess what the book might have been and then ead the book simply because the bad movie is tremendously strange and then strange when you ealize where it startedAs for the book it offers a window into the predicament that faced small town American teenagers in the late 60s You suddenly had youth culture and Civil Rights and ock n oll but Out There in other cities and maybe other states Whatever you did you were a failure unable and perhaps unwilling to participate in the far away and frightening zeitgeist and similarly unable to simply put your head down and become an adult in the traditional way without the sense that you were missing something We ve heard a lot about the hippies here is a book that fills in what it felt like to be one of the suares It was eally interesting to ead one of her early novels her third published in 1970 when she was 29 Crazy that she s the same age as Bob Dylan And that she s basically Peggy s age in Mad Men Anyway this was a fun ead Really fun ui. 0345478959|9780345478955 192 pagesEvie Decker is a shy slightly plump teenager lonely and silent But her uiet life is Rky dialogue the best friend Violet in particular is crazy It s even a bit zany in parts I thought an updated version of this story would be eally interesting and probably even a bit zany in parts I thought an updated version of this story would be eally interesting and probably lot darker as it deals with fans and their obsessions Would the modern day version have a Justin Bieber esue character ather than a ockstar Rock is truly dead sigh I had a lot of sympathy for the main character and her drab life and the weird fucked up
she tried to break out lives in a world where everything is hot and slow and sad and fuzzy people die in the same houses they were born in The ending was a bit abrupt and open ended but I honestly don t know what else could have happened apart from like a weird epilogue set five years in the future Overall an entertaining and absorbing ead and bonus points for being short Where has my luck gone When am I going to ise above all this Am I going to grow old just waiting If every evening lasted this long how much time would it take to get her whole life lived Centuries She pictured herself growing older and fatter in this airless dark house turning into a spinster with A Pouched Face And pouched face and zipper of lines across her upper lip caring for her father until he died and she had no one left but cats or parakeets If you are wanting to ead any Anne Tyler novels do NOT start with this one I would encourage you to check out her later works and after you ve ead a few then you should ead this and her earlier two works In an interview Tyler mentioned that she does not eally acknowledge these first three books and I can see why While they are not that great they do play a ole in helping the eader to see the evolution of a novelist In this novel as well as If Morning Every Comes and The Tin Can Tree we see Tyler exploring the narrativ. Hattered when she hears the voice of Drumstrings Casey on the adio and becomes instantly attracted to him She manages. ,

Es structures that will become paramount to her later works but she is still learning her way through the form As to this novel specifically it is ather boring I know that sounds weird to say about a novel centering around a girl who becomes obsessed with a local band and its lead singer to the point of carving his name into her forehead but it is ather boring
examines the characters to a degree but what is lacking is a further exploration of the variety of characters who surround the protagonist Tyler s strength in her later novels is her ability to examine many characters to show the complex nature of many people in the protagonist s life but in this novel they are ather flat One could argue that this is because Evie the main character is so self centered that everyone else around her does indeed appear one dimensional but that might be giving credit to her than she is due When the novel ends I felt satisfaction because I could finally move on to the next book This was a curious compelling little ead Teenager Evie becomes obsessed with a local singer Drum Casey their lives become entwined after she carves his name on her forehead or does she I m not uite clear on that Evie s only goal seems to be furthering Drum s career they seem to have a strange elationship which esults in their marriage despite the apparent lack of eal affection between them strange elationship which esults in their marriage despite the apparent lack of eal affection between them story concludes with the death of Evie s father the unsurprising to me anyhow break up of their marriage with Evie eturning to her father s home alone pregnant However this does seem to bring things full circle with Evie potentially bringing up a child alone as her father did A sad but at times sweet yet unsettling story while I liked it I can t help feeling I ve missed the point of To meet him bursting out of her lonely shell and into the attentive gaze of the intangible man who becomes all too eal.