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[A Pirates Guide to Recess] EBOOK DOWNLOAD

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A Pirates Guide to Recess

free download ¼ eBook or Kindle ePUB ì James Preller

Play It shows a It s an all out pirate battle on the Playground At The Sound At the sound the bell the red haired
Red Dashes Out Of 
dashes out of with his imaginary gang of pirates in tow Following behind is black haired Molly with her own ship full Despite his desire to play by himself Red s scenario is invaded When he tries to order his pirates to fight off the invaders they mutiny Molly herself enjoyed playing with Red and after he calms down they make a promise to each other The almost realistic drawings of the children stand out in sharp contrast to the beautiful pencil drawings of the pirates and ships that they interact with As is appropriate pirate words in a curly font are spread about Extra words are also included on the end pages with their meanings appended to further draw kids into their own pirate adventures When the recess bell rings pirates take over the school yard Soon the stormy seas are filled with the clashing of swords as Captain Red encounters fierce Molly and her crew Clashing swords walking planks and mutinying crews fill recess with adventure I love the action filled text and the imaginative drawings that emphasize creative play A glossary of pirate terms on the end papers lead readers to their own pirate adventures Ahoy A Pirate S Guide To Recess Guide to Recess a blimey fantastic read aloud for elementary age hearties that makes reading shiver me timbers F U N Recess is just recess nless ye A Mighty Big Wish use ye re swashbuckling imagination then it s becomes a time of endless possibilities that isntil some scallywag rings the school bell forcing the crew to step to and walk the plank back to their educational servitudes The illustrations by Greg Ruth are shipshape and add greatly to the overall feel and adventure of the imaginative school yard play I also loved the pirate vocabulary in the afterward obviously This picture book filled with the clean words pirates might spout and delightful illustrations rendered in pencil Sumi ink watercolor oilstick and pastels follows the battle between two opposing pirate captains Red and Mol. G with young pirates ready for action Who will rule the stormy. ,
Would have been great for before field trips to How I Became a Pirate Would still make a nice pairing I love the index of pirate terms The illustrations seem somewhat retro but it s so nice to think of kids playing wonderful imaginary pirates Preller J Ruth G 2013 A Pirate s to Recess New York NY Feiwel and FriendsNo review source necessaryPicture Book 2013 A Pirate s Guide Recess New York NY Feiwel and FriendsNo review source necessaryPicture Book One I didn t care forThe illustrations were creative My Mother, a Serial Killer using the students in color and the pirates they were mimicking in black and white but the story was lacking There was no point or purpose the language was somewhat rude and inappropriate the students were fighting each other and tying each otherp and I didn t feel like any of these things represented what I would want to share with my students Do you know someone who enjoys talking like a pirate than just on Talk Like a Pirate Day Pirates beware there will be plenty aye aye cap ns to be heardIt s recess time at school and Cap n Red and his band of pirates rule the recess playground Join the pirates and embark on a recess time adventureThe author James Preller and illustrator Greg Ruth have done a great job teaming p to deliver the Pirate s Guide series Preller gives great voice to the pirates and Ruth does a great job blending the real with color and them imagination with pencil sketchesGreat series for the reluctant boy and will also draw in all types of readers to enjoy pencil sketchesGreat series for the reluctant boy and will also draw in all types of readers to enjoy story and illustrations At recess time the playground is full of young pirates and the rest of their crew Cap n Red and the lads keep being followed by Molly but she and her pirate crew won t give p or surrender Red wants to fight Molly to keep her away from his ship but his crew turns against their captain to avoid a fight When he refuses to play nice Red is marooned out to see When the bell rings however Molly lets him go and they go back to school with plans to play again tomorrowThis book shows the two children in full color and their pirate crews in sketches around them to show that they are part of the game Molly and Red. Ahoy mateysIt’s time for recess and the schoolyard is teemin. ,

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Ly Of course the two of them are children playing at being pirates and imagining that both of them have a full pirate crew to back them p in their epic battle for supremacy of the high seas or playground Once they return to their classrooms it s back to the books they go presumably to get lost in pirate themed literature while the ghosts of pirates from the past keep watchful eyes on the two of them This book celebrates play and imagination and reminds me in some respects of the many stories I played out with others Readers with a taste for the imagination or pirates will enjoy this title and dream of the adventures imagination or pirates will enjoy this title and dream of the adventures to come Ahoy there bucko you ll definitely want to read this treasure of a picture book double ick lest ye be a lubber on your next voyageThis adorable book is simply children playing at recess as pirates but the illustrations make it so much than that As the children pretend to be pirates there are that As the children pretend to be pirates there are of real pirates surrounding them along with their ships parrots and eye patches as they romp on the playground As the reader is drawn into the story and the playground slowly disappears entirely and soon we are all aboard the pirate ships together Throughout the text the children se many wordsphrases that pirates might and although they may be confusing to young readers there is a handy glossary on the back endpapers defining them Also the occasional gothic font may be difficult to decipher for early readers so Having Experienced Readers Around experienced readers around help is recommendedThis book beautifully captures the imagination of children from the start and is highly recommended It would be a great read aloud for Grade K which I m sure will lead to much walking the planks and swabbing the decks with jolly rogers flying everywhere Love the concept and the illustrations but the story falls a bit flat for me The kiddos were only mildly entertained and the pirate jargon became overwhelming We also didn t nderstand why all of the pirates had to be men when clearly several of them were being played by little girl. Seas of the playground Recess has never been such an adventur.