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A Northern Line Minute The Northern LineHobic and talks a ot about how anxious he gets when he uses the London Underground and he talks a ot about his relief when he gets to the end of his journey a ot about his relief when he gets to the end of his journey how he wishes he hadn t decided to go one stop further The depictions of how other people behave on the train are all very vivid and it made me feel almost Mystify (Mystyx, like I was thereThe book was written well occasionally going off on tangents about other aspects of the author sife and there was some good use of humour at times that put use of humour at times that put in mind of Bill Bryson I iked the way that the narrative built up to the climaxThis is one of a MehA meandering memoir ish account of the writer s relationship with the northern the writer s relationship with the Northern writer acuaints us with his fear of being underground on the Tube at the beginning of the story and then proceeds to tell us that he can smell something burning But is the burning smell significant or just something in his head A variety of Tube memories are oosely held together by the narrative strand of this one fraught journey Not very tense exciting or interesting despite the writer s attempt to communicate his tensionThis is the Northern Line edition of the Penguin Underground Lines published to honour the 150th anniversary of London s Underground Near perfect depiction of the anxious mind framed by a journey taken on the underground of which our narrator has a phobia The way the narration shifts from immediate sensation to disjointed memory mimics the feelings of abstraction and attempts at distraction one undergoes in the midst of an anxiety attack Despite the uncanny feeling of crisis this is Wild Streak lovelyyrical writing Immensely evocative Started out disliking this but it grew on me A tiny book that draws together Chappauiddick the Bishopsgate bombing and P.I. Daddys Personal Mission (The Coltons of Montana, laddish adventures in City pubs all on one short tube journey Anyone whoives in London will relate to many of the Say Youll Stay And Marry Me local references good stuff. Eflects that It's theine on which he has fought with his girlfriend Rafaellos Mistress lost jobs watched football teamsose and been stuck underground It's a story of London if. ,

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A good read In which we share the mental Rascal landscape of a man suffering anxiety as he takes his first tube journey for aong time In a series of Northern Line minutes these slightly immeasurable moments of time he recounts his thoughts from boarding to departure mind wandering at times hyper focused at others wandering at times hyper focused at others and enjoyable An uncomfortable short story and I m actually uite glad I didn t read it on the Northern Line as I think I might have wanted to get off But sure it won t stop me buying some of these shorts to celebrate 150 years of the tube 35I really really ove London and am always intrigued by the Underground I ove traveling with it and am always intrigued by the Underground I What Would You Like? love traveling with it and also enjoyed reading about it the celebration of 150 years of the London Underground by short stories is such a fun initiative However this specific story is probably not my favourite of all the Underground Line stories as I said Iove this travel system and this writer clearly has a troubled experience with it which doesn t fit my experiences I did Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, like how he portrays his anxiety in his short story aot of elements were very familiar The experience he tells us about is just uit Not my favourite this year I picked it up because I was intrigued by the whole collection and am most familiar with the Northern Line but it was fairly disappointing I didn t particularly write the writing Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, long paragraphs a somewhat boring monologue and I find strange the idea of writing about the Tube to celebrate its 150th birthday when one actually really dislikes the Tube William Leith narrates this autobiographical story telling of how he stepped onto a Northern Line train and started to sense that something was wrong As the account continues you can tell that something bad is going to happen and this is what the whole story is building up toI found myself feeling sorry for the author immediately because he is evidently claustrop. Part of a series of twelve books tied to the twelveines of the London UndergroundThe Northern Line is the Black Line and William's experience of it certainly ,
I m still going with my reading of the Penguin Lines series The short size and story ength make these books great to carry around in a handbag in hope of extra reading time or as A Short Read Between Longer Books A short read between The Longevity Diet longer books A Line Minute falls into theatter category for me as I read it in one sitting after finishing another novel I was also a Grassroots Innovation little tooazy to get off the couch for another book This short story is a great one to read in one setting It s tense and well written but with enough meanders into ighter subjects to stop the story from becoming particularly creepy A Northern Line Minute is not a book you would actually want to read on the Tube or Underground particularly if there s a whiff of smoke about It s told in the first person and grabs you from the moment the narrator tells you that they think they can smell smoke deep in the Underground Should he get off the train at the next station or is it all a figment of his imagination As the narrator ruminates on what may or may not be happening He Imparts A Lot Of imparts a ot of about the Northern Line and how it differs from some of the other Tube Architecture and Utopia lines being deeper I found that part rather interestingOverall I enjoyed this story and I m eager to check out other works by William Leithhttpsamstillreadingwordpresscom One of a series of short works published in 2013 to mark 150 years of the London Underground I picked this up on holiday from a 50p bin in a Keswick charity shop mainly because once many years ago I spent a couple of yearsiving in London and the Northern Line was a daily feature of my Perfect Cities life It s not clear if this tale of high anxiety deep beneath London is fiction or memoir but either way it effectively conjures up the smells sounds and other sensations of the deep tube I m not sure if it would be something I d want to read if I was still a regular traveller on the tube but up here in the Lakes it was. William Leith author of The Hungry Years and Bits of Me Are Falling Apart tells in A Northern Line Minute the darkly humorous tales of his escapades on the Tube.