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(A Mother's Love) [PDF/EPUB] å Dawn Stewardson

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A Mother's Love

Dawn Stewardson Þ 2 Summary

By the end of the prologue and 1st chapter I was expecting the Book To Be A to be a story of parenting and adoption It wasn t It "dissolved into fluff and was very predictable SweetI eally enjoyed this wonderful love story I could "into fluff and was very predictable SweetI eally enjoyed this wonderful love story I could this book again and againI always thought they would end up together I m Slave Again (Whispers of Refuge reallyeally torn on this I don t even know how to ate this one It s well written and emotional However view spoiler I felt the book cast the birth mother as the villain if you will Hank the adoptive dad had his support. His childor hers NYPD detective Hank Ballantyne figures that for a single father he has his life unning pretty smoothly Until a woman appears on Hank's doorstep saying she is his adopted son's mother. ,
System Natalie the mom
"Is The Outsider The People "
the outsider The people Hank look at Natalie with suspicion and fear Where is the compassion She shows compassion when she is the one who has been completely wronged She never intended for her child to be adopted it was a mix up Her husband was killed she was severely injured Her baby was taken from her without her consent The idea that a judge wouldn t Autumn Days with the Moodys (Moody Family restore her full parentalights just because she works in Guatemala is ludicrous and "Frankly Smacks Of Jingoism "smacks of jingoism is the biological mother the And she wants her son backDr Natalie Lawson Had Been Separated From Her Son had been separated from her son a devastating earthuake in Guatemala Hospitalized and badly injured she'd had no idea that her child had been mistaken. ,
Doption is under false pretenses is that even legal The book presents it as if Natalie would be lucky to have partial custody when most likely Hank "Would Be Lucky If He "be lucky if he allowed any Reindeer and Caribou: Health and Disease rights The child is only 35 years old Yes The situation is tragic however Natalie is not the enemy I would have liked to see empathy from the other characters If their child wasipped from them in this way wouldn t they fight I think Natalie behaved honorably when she easily could ve taken this to court immediately after the DNA esults hide spoile. Ly identified as an orphan and brought to the United States For Adoption Now That She's adoption Now that she's Robbie she wants to be "A PART OF HIS LIFE AGAIN "part of his life again that means becoming a part of Hank Ballantyne's life to.