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EBOOK or PDF Marco's Pride ½ Jane Porter

Her First Mother (Conveniently Wed, eEsn t work out she leaves with their one year old twin daughters he lets her leave she makes a life for herself and the children he goes back to the former love interest Flash forward some two yearshe s been getting regular nooky from the former love interest who is now his fianc and due to be his wife in two months the x wife has gotten no nooky during the same two years finds out she has cancer and brings the kids for a long overdue it s time to get to know your father sessionBlah Blah BlahHe dumps again the

Fianc E Sleeps With 
e sleeps with marries the heroine then leaves her uite cruelly during their honeymoon when an nvelope shows up under their door revealing that the heroine does not have cancerShe forgives him He has to hear it from his twice spurned fianc Snowbound Bride (Harlequin Men in Uniform Miniseries) e before he admits he s been an idiotSoback to the beginning Second chance my foot He s a a hole with no regard for anyone s feelingxcept his own A very unlikable hero Trainwreck Second chance storyMarco is the ownerdesigner of a fashion house in MilanMarco. Eft him taking their two young daughters with her Two years later Payton has returned to Italy the time has for the girls to get to know their father At first Payton is deter. come for girls to get to know their father At first Payton is deter. What sweet motionally charged readlots of buried passion and a charming tale The hero was a creep granted not the biggest one in harleuin history but he has to be at least in the top twenty The hero and heroine had an affair and the heroine got pregnant He married her Things hit the fan and she leaves with the twin girls She remains loyal while he whores around with another whore It s the same story written about a thousand times The heroine might have Cancer So He Marries so he marries again then he finds out the heroine doesn t have cancer and he leaves her again Then he finally comes back and begs for forgiveness Gee Golly It just kept going back and fourth back and fourth I wanted to rip out my hair by the time it was done This uote from the book says it all ven if you were a complete barbarian today you still deserved a second chanceThe only problem is that it was like his hundredth chanceThey meet fall in love she gets preggers they get married oh he was somewhat committed at the time all this happened marriage do. When making love Marco D'Angelo was sensual and passionate But when it came to declaring his love he was unable to open his heart When their whirlwind marriage fell apart Payton Marco's PrideGilligan Unbound engaged to his princess againMarco thinks okay let s not finish this sentence because Marco never thinks He shoots his mouth off hemotes he fights unfairly he leaps to conclusions in short Marco is from another planet and still hasn t assimilated to think and act like a human It s the only reason I can think of for the black moment after the Hh view spoiler marry again and the next day hero finds out that the heroine doesn t have cancer Instead of rejoicing the hero claims she has manipulated him and cost him his marriage to the princess hide spoiler. Mined to keep her distance from Marco But on seeing him again her feelings for him can no longer be ignoredshe's forced to admit that her body still yearns for her husband's touch.